FUT 13 TOTS Release Dates

TOTS Release Dates


Do you want to know what are the FUT 13 TOTS Release Dates ? Check it here.


FUT 13 TOTS Release Dates

EA is always trying to move to FUT 13 what is happening on the pitch. That’s why they release special In Form cards at the end of each season. These blue cards are called TOTS (Team of the Season). The players of TOTS have attributes and rating much improved.

Usually these cards are released in May / June into seven TOTS. This year, it will be eight. The first one is to the gold players that played well the whole season but never had the luck of getting an IF card. The second one is also to the most consistent players but from bronze and silver levels. The best players of the Barclays Premier League are selected to the third TOTS. In the fourth are the players that played better in Bundesliga and the fifth in Serie A. The sixth TOTS should the one that is build with players from the French League. The players from Netherlands and Belgium will be in the seventh TOTS. The last Team of the Season to be released in FUT 13 will be the Liga BBVA.


FIFA 13 TOTS Release Dates

Messi will be in the last FUT 13 TOTS


EA has confirmed the release of these eight TOTS. Here are the TOTS release dates:

[accordion_item title =”Gold Most Consistent but Never IF”]Available in packs: May 8th 2013[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title =”Silver / Bronze Most Consistent but Never IF”]Available in packs: May 8th 2013[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title =”Barclays Premier League”]Available in packs: May 15th 2013[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title =”Bundesliga”]Available in packs: May 22nd 2013[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title =”Serie A”]Available in packs: May 29th 2013[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title =”Ligue 1″]Available in packs: June 05th 2013[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title =”Benelux”]Available in packs: June 07th 2013[/accordion_item]
[accordion_item title =”BBVA”]Available in packs: June 12th 2013[/accordion_item]

174 thoughts on “FUT 13 TOTS Release Dates”

    1. It seems that EA will announce and release the TOTS on the same day. Which means that the first TOTS will be released on May 1st. At least, it is what we expect.

    1. Hi.
      Last years EA only released these six TOTS and we believe that they will do on the same way in FUT 13.
      They only release TOTS to the most popular and most lucrative leagues. Players of MLS, Brasil and Australian leagues can only fit on the “Most Consistent” TOTS. And some of those leagues have a different calendar which could be a problem too.

    1. Hi.
      Nobody can know. We think that their prices will drop something like 15%. But it is only a suggestion. On August, their price could drop up to 50%.

  1. Hi,

    It doesn’t seem that the TOTS will be released today is there any possebility it will still be released today?

    1. We don’t know. It will for sure before the next TOTW.
      We think that it will be Friday, 3rd. But there are people that are saying that it will be on Monday, 6th. Our guess is Friday.

  2. A couple of questions. Do you think TOTY players will go below 300k exclude Ronaldo Messi? Also are the packs for sure going to be week after week or 3 days like TOTY. Lastly what are the chances of TOTS Aguero and Emenike

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment.
      We will try to answer you the best we can but there is no officially information about the second one.
      1) There will be lots of TOTS players that will cost more than 300k. If you look to the TOTY players’ prices you will find that none is below 300k. On TOTS you will find some players bellow this amount, but most of them will be higher.
      2) We think that will be week after week.
      3) Less than 2%. They are not even on the TOTS shortlist. Tévez probably will not be there too but he has better chances.

  3. Hi, do you think the TOTS will come out by next weekend? Also are there any pages that will tell us who will be in the TOTS? Also will most of the TOTS players be over 1 Mill?

    1. Hi.
      1) We really don’t know since EA has changes their initial plans: released it in May 1st. They probably delay it for one week which means that could be released in May 8th. But it is pure speculation. We are almost sure that it will be released until May 8th.
      2) No, there isn’t. But we will try to publish it tomorrow.
      3) You can have a idea of the TOTS prices looking to the TOTY. The players of best TOTS (BBVA, BPL…) will cost more than 1 million. But we do not believe than Most consistent TOTS players reach that amount.

    1. Hi.
      We really don’t know since EA has changes their initial plans: released it in May 1st.
      They probably delay it for one week which means that could be released in May 8th. But it is pure speculation.
      We are almost sure that it will be released until May 8th.

  4. Is it likely that the most consistent tots will come out tomorrow (bank holiday Monday?) If not will it be out before the next totw?

    1. Hi.
      We really don’t know since EA has changes their initial plans: released it in May 1st.
      They probably delay it for one week which means that could be released in May 8th. But it is pure speculation.
      We are almost sure that it will be released until May 8th.

  5. Javier hernandez

    Will the statistics on the tots cards be better than the toty cards? So for instance will tots ronaldo be better than toty ronaldo

  6. You have got the team names wrong, its:
    Most Consistent Gold
    Most Consistent Silver
    Ligue 1
    Serie A
    Liga BBVA
    Barclays Premier League

    1. Hi.
      We don’t have sure if our TOTS are right, since there is nothing official. Did you have any official source?
      It is strange to not see the best players of Liga Portuguesa, Eredivisien, Belgium League, etc… We don’t think you are right.

  7. question time

    hello, how will the TOTS work will it be like the TOTY and the defence/GK will be released on one day. midfield the day after attack day after that? or will the whole team come out at once. also will there be subs for all the teams. also will the gold and silver most consistent come out as one team or two seperate? (sorry for the amount of questions haha)

    1. Hi.
      We are here to help you.
      EA didn’t said how it will work. We can try to guess but it may be different:
      1) TOTS will not work as TOTY. The whole team come out at once;
      2) There will be subs and reserves for all the TOTS (23 players for each one);
      3) gold and silver/bronze most consistent but never IF will come out as two separate teams.
      According with what happened last year and with what some EA members said, we almost sure that it is what will happen.

    1. The FUT 13 TOTS of the Most Consistent but Never IF was released on Wednesday May 8th and is available in packs between May 8th 6pm (UK time) to May 15th 5:30pm.

    1. The FUT 13 TOTS of the Most Consistent but Never IF was released on Wednesday May 8th and is available in packs between May 8th 6pm (UK time) to May 15th 5:30pm.

  8. question time

    hello, is it going to be 1 TOTS everyweek (every wednesday?) if so does that mean it will take 2 months for all TOTS to come out?

    1. Hi!
      Yesterday were released two TOTS (gold and silver/bronze). It means that are 6 TOTS to be released. We think that will be one new TOTS every Wednesday. Probably it will take more 6 weeks (ok, almost 2 months). But EA did not confirm it.

  9. So, next week, the squad will be from english leagues, right?

    When do you think that the prices will be lowest, during the english tots or during the spanish tots?

    Thank you

    1. Hi.
      It isn’t official but we think that the next one should be the English Leagues TOTS.
      When the prices will be lowest? It is a good question. Nobody knows. English and Spanish TOTS are the most expected. We think that the players prices will be lowest during the Spanish TOTS. But it is only our opinion.

  10. question time

    Hello, i have set all my money aside and bought 2 cheap teams for the meantime. i am planning on buying a TOTS striker/attacker from either the english spanish or french TOTS when would you say i should buy this team/player so i dont loose much money/i get it cheap? also what time of the day/week would you say is the best (cheapest) to buy a team?

    1. Hi.
      A ST from english, spanish and even french league will never be cheap. 🙂 It isn’t easy to know when they will be less expensive but probably not on the first two days after the release.
      Usually it is easier to find good deals at the weekend. There is a amazing article of another website that helps you to know the best times to buy and the best times to sell: click HERE.

  11. question time

    is there any predictions of who will be in all the other TOTS? also do you think there will be a TOTS aguero? also will a good tots striker/attacker be under 1.5?

    1. Sorry for the delay in our answer.
      Our prediction to English Leagues TOTS, that should be released on May 15th, are:

      -Goal Keepers
      De Gea (Manchester United);
      Petr Cech (Chelsea).
      Leighton Baines (Everton);
      Patrice Evra (Manchester United);
      Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea);
      Ashley Williams (Swansea City);
      Jan Vertonghen (Spurs).
      Gareth Bale (Spurs);
      Juan Mata (Chelsea);
      Santi Cazorla (Arsenal);
      Eden Hazard (Chelsea);
      Steven Gerrard (Liverpool);
      Yaya Toure (Manchester City);
      Marouane Fellaini (Everton).
      Robin van Persie (Manchester United);
      Luis Suarez (Liverpool);
      Carlos Tevez (Manchester City);
      Wayne Rooney (Manchester United).

      We don’t believe in a TOTS Aguero.
      The best ST should be higher than 1.5: Ibrahimovic, Messi… Under this price maybe only players as Robert Lewandowski, Cavani and Falcão.


    1. In our opinion it is in the week of the TOTS of your league.
      For example: if your team is based on BPL, and the TOTS BPL cards are be releasing now, then in our opinion you should buy back right now.
      You can get more informations about it HERE.

  12. question time

    hi, im planning on buying TOTS suarez who seems to be 1.02m on the xbox. do you think that i should buy it tonight due to friday night bargains. or when should i wait until?

    1. It is hard to say. Usually the prices tend to drop in the first days. The other TOTS players are getting cheaper along the time. IF Suarez is a special case since he is getting more expensive. We think that he will be cheaper next week but it’s only a guess.

  13. Leeroy matuff

    I’m planning on buying tots gerrard and tots fellaini. When do you think their prices will drop and how much?

    1. It is hard to say. In our opinion, their cards will be cheaper on Wednesday. That’s what happened with the Most Consistent TOTS. Players tend to sell their cards to have coins to buy the players of the new TOTS.
      We don’t know what will happening in the future (probably in September they will be much less expensive). But we think that, if you really want to buy them on these days, Wednesday will be the right time. You can expect to pay less 10% to 15%.
      It is only our opinion.

  14. If i have a SIF handanovic should i sell him before the serie A TOTS since i am planning to buy him back? or will his TOTS card boost the informs price?

    1. Hi.
      First of all you don’t know if he will get a TOTS version. There is not any Serie A TOTS. Just a Southern Europe Leagues TOTS, which means that only 6 or 7 players of Serie A will have a TOTS version.
      It isn’t easy to say what will happen. In theory prices should decrease. But sometimes it is different.

  15. question time

    is there going to be any 100k packs while TOTS are in packs, alsodo you think tots suarez will go below 950k?

    1. Thiago Silva TOTS should be on a Ligue 1 TOTS for sure. The only question is: “there will be a Ligue 1 TOTS?”. We think that the answer is “yes” but we are not sure. The next one could be Serie A. Let’s see…

  16. question time

    i was bidding on suarez yesterday for around 810-815 (the price which he was) then all of a sudden in the space of an hour he went up to 900k as soon as he went out of packs, do you think this is just temporary due to people not knowing wethter to get a bpl striker or bundesliga striker, or do you think this will be the permanent price of suarez

    1. Hi.
      We already wrote in these comments “if you really want to buy him on these days, Wednesday will be the right time. You can expect to pay less 10% to 15%.”. That was true. Now, it isn’t easy to know but the price should rise a bit.

  17. Leeroy matuff

    Do you believe that Ibrahimovic will get a TOTS card. If so what price do you think he will be?

    1. Almost 100% sure that he will get a TOTS card. He was the Ligue 1 top scorer with 29 goals, won the title and was superb.
      His TOTS card will costs a fortune. Probably more than 2 million coins.

  18. Leeroy matuff

    Thanks for answering all my questions. You are very helpful. I have another question though. I hated my BPL team and because Ibrah tots will cost so much I wanna make a bundesliga team. I’m planning on buying robben, Ribery, and tots players. When do you recommend buying those players?
    Also when would it be a good idea to buy regular bundesliga players like Lahm and Neurer

    1. Hi. Thanks.
      The best time to buy regular Bundesliga players was before the Bundesliga TOTS release. Now the prices should raise a bit. These cards will be cheaper probably in some weeks.
      About the TOTS cards it is more difficult to know. The TOTS cards from other leagues are almost at the same price. We don’t know what will happen with these ones.

  19. question time

    Thank you for answering all my questions, you have been very helpful. i bought tots suarez yesterday and in a day he dropped by 100k, ive sold him now and am planning on buying ronaldo, i know liga BBVA TOTS will be in 2 weeks, he should have a TOTS correct? and also when should i buy him? this week or next week or the wek after

    1. Hi.
      Ronaldo and Messi will have a TOTS card for sure. And yes, probably the BBVA TOTS will be in 2 weeks.
      When you should buy it is a very difficult question. Do it on Tuesday our Wednesday when the prices are lower. In which week? Maybe in the next one. We have no sure about it.

    1. We didn’t think about it but there are some players that will be for sure in TOTS Serie A: Cavani, Barzagli , El Shaaraawy, Pilro, Buffon, Hamsik, Totti and maybe Walter Samuel.

    1. Hi. It is the first time we heard that. We have no idea.
      We still think that Serie A is the next one. But tomorrow we will find out.
      Sorry to do not give you the answer you want but EA is making all this thing a big secret.

  20. Leeroy matuff

    Who do you believe will get a tots card that’s in ligue 1? I know they might not have their own tots but will any ligue 1 players get a tots card?

    1. We hope so. We think that Ibrahimovic will get one. Almost sure. Maybe Mathieu Valbuena get one too, since he was the only Ligue 1 player to get 3 TOTW cards. Thiago Silva and Jonathan Pitroipa are other players with good chances. It depends if Ligue 1 will have their own TOTS or not.

  21. @ASAP_PapiChulo

    Noticing that Mandanda has a second inform card already, do you think that he will get a TOTS card? If so, will the SIF card’s will go down if his TOTS card comes out?
    I meant will Mandanda’s second inform card’s price go down?

    1. He is the only GK from Ligue 1 with a SIF. So, there is a good chance to get an IF card if EA release a Ligue 1 TOTS.
      Mandanda’s second inform card’s price should go down but not everytime things happens as we expect.

  22. When do you think that i should buy my ligue 1 team becuase there Will be a tournament when the new tots is coming. But when do you think is best to buy the player so i dont lost money?

  23. Leeroy matuff

    That is when is the best time to buy messi in the next 3 weeks? I don’t want to wait longer than that. Thanks

    1. Hi.
      We have exactly the same problem. We want to buy regular Messi and we have no sure when it will be the best time to do it.
      The best time should be in the day of BBVA TOTS release. But no one can be sure about it. Sometimes market don’t work as we expect.
      We will try to buy him by 850k in this week.

  24. Will i lose money if i buy ligue 1 informs (like if mandanda) now when the ligue 1 TOTS is out ?
    Im doing a ligue team and want to do it good but dont want to lose money. Or is it better to buy the new TOTS ?

  25. If im doing a ligue 1 team can i buy informs now when the TOTS are out. Or is it better with TOTS if i want to lose as little money as possible?

  26. Isnt the IFs and TOTS price gonna drop so i Will lose money when i sell my ligue 1 team?
    But what is best a a team with IFs or a team with TOTS or just regular ligue 1 players?

  27. Why do you think that the BBVA will be released two weeks after the ligue 1? Isnt it more logical that the BBVA will be released on Wednesday the 12th of June? Because the Benelux tots will be out of packs by the 10th, and the Ligue 1 will be out of packs by the 12th.

    1. You are absolutely right. We forgot to update the date. Now it is OK. Thanks.
      Everybody though that the last TOTS would be released on 19th but EA released the TOTS Benelux on June 07th, reducing the TOTS season in one week. Now, the last one should be released on June 12th as you said.

    1. With this thing of E3 2013, we didn’t have time to think about it. First of all, we are not sure if it will be Iberian TOTS. It is only our guess. In that case we think that it will be buid by 14 to 15 players from BBVA and 3 or 4 by Liga Zon Sagres. From the Portuguese League we believe in Jackson Martínez, Salvio, Licá and Rui Patrício. From BBVA it is easy to believe that Messi, Ronaldo and Falcão will be there but the others we still don’t know who will be since the “Marca” poll isn’t finished.

  28. Please answer

    hello, i have just recently bought the special 91 messi (with 99 shot) i got him for around 1.4mil. I know that BBVA will come out tomorrow but i have no idea wether or not to sell the messi or keep him, do youthink i will loose a lot if i keep him or make money if i keep him. also will this messi be a 99 rated (better than toty) or 97 rated (worse than toty)

    1. Hi.
      We will start by the end. It makes no sense, to us, to have a better Messi TOTS than Messi TOTY.
      About the price, it is too hard to say. We have a regular Messi and don’t know what to do. In theory the prices of regular Messi should drop with BBVA TOTS release. But the market not always work as we think. Some of the regular cards prices of TOTS players are raising.

  29. Please answer

    so what would you advise, surely he cant go down to 1.1-1.2. he is the only player with 99 shot

    1. As we said the Messi TOTS is lower than TOTY. About the price, we think that all the Messi cards will be more expensive during this week. But it is only our opinion.

  30. Ronaldinho gaucho

    Will there be a liga do brasil tots and do you rekon Ronaldinho and neymar should get one?

  31. Please answer

    i sold my messi for 100k more than what i bought him for, but now i am looking to either buy Messi TOTY or TOTS, however i am not looking to spend over 2mil. last week i saw TOTY Messi for 2.2mil. how much do you think his TOTS and TOTY will be next week?

    1. Hi.
      We also sold our regular Messi for 100k more than what we bought him for. Nobody can be sure but we believe that the prices of his TOTY and TOTS cards will not drop in the next week.

  32. I still think there should be more TOTS released. There is plenty of time to do it and I have not been interested in any of them apart from the community TOTS which I got a few players to add to my teams. I’d love a Liga do Brasil TOTS, I’d personally buy every one of them. Also wouldn’t mind a Liga MX or a K League TOTS aswell, as these are my main 3 leagues I player with 😛

    1. Unfortunately only were announced 8 TOTS. The BBVA was the last one.
      The only thing that could happen is the release of a special kind of MLS TOTS as it happened last July.

    1. No. Unfortunately not. It is hard to believe that EA didn’t release a TOTS with other leagues as the Portuguese one. They have some wonderful players as Jackson Martinez, Moutino, Gaitán, Sálvio, Cardozo, Garay, Matic, James Rodriguez and others. We are also a bit frustrated with their choices…

  33. MLS gets a TOTS team when the MLS All-Star game against AS Roma happens (it happened last year so i assume it will again)

  34. Hey is there gonna be another tots teams available in the packs i have lots of coins and i can’t wait to open new packs i am just waiting for tots players to be available please reply

    1. Hi.
      The TOTS are over.
      However, last year EA Sports released in end of July / start of August a very special team: the MLS dreamteam. It works almost like a TOTS but it is not called “TOTS”. They will probably do it again in FUT 13.

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