New FIFA 14 Screenshots

New FIFA 14 Screenshots


EA Sports has posted a batch of new FIFA 14 screenshots.


New FIFA 14 Screenshots

EA Sports has revealed the new FIFA 14 official gameplay trailer and showed to the community eight new screenshots. You can see all the images on the gallery above.

As you can see, the FIFA 14 screenshots are from actual matches, focusing on teams like Manchester City, Spurs,
Paris Saint Germain, Olympique Marseille, LA Galaxy, Wolfsburg, Bayer Leverkusen, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona and Valencia.

The pictures were official published HERE.

You can also check the first screenshots of FIFA 14 HERE.

Stay tuned for more FIFA 14 news.


New FIFA 14 Screenshots


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  1. Simon Van Doren

    Stupidity of cut scene stills. Absolutely of no use in terms of the game and capability. after an hour with the game you will be screaming frustration and skipping passed these turgid relics of gaming gone by.

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