Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


You are building your squad but you are not sure about which midfielders you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode.


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How to choose the Best Midfielders

In this article we will suggest the best midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your low, medium or large budget club. Keep in mind that the best players for us many not be for you. It depends of your other players, formation, budget, play style, preferences, etc…

We will suggest midfielders of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Midfielders with nice potential rating and that you can find at decent prices.
    Best Young
    Young Midfielders with great growth and that will be top players in the future.


Best Centre Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode (CM, CDM and CAM)


Best Centre Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Our Choice: INIESTA

Nationality: Spain
Rating: 89
Potential: 93
Age: 29

If money is not a problem to you, buy Iniesta. He is the best player in his position and he can get even better despite his 29 years old.

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: MARIO GOTZE

Nationality: Germany
Rating: 85
Potential: 92
Age: 21

If you are looking for someone younger, Mario Gotze is a must buy. He fits in every team and he has an enormous potential. Bayern will ask you a fortune by this player.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Denmark
Rating: 82
Potential: 88
Age: 21

This CAM is a great great player. You should try him. He ends the contract with Ajax at the end of the first season and if you control a top European team, it is easy to sign him. Diego, Keisuke Honda and Blaise Matuidi also end their contracts in 2014.

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Chile
Rating: 73
Potential: 83
Age: 24

Ronaldinho is free but you probably need someone younger. You can get Aránguiz now and he will help you in a near future. If you are thinking in a long term, you may also take a look to Portillo, Bibras Natkho and Bruno Zuculini. All these players are out of contract.


Best Young Centre Midfielders in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Promise: PAUL POGBA

Nationality: France
Rating: 79
Potential: 87
Age: 20

Everyone knows that Pogba will be one of the best players in his position. His problem is the same of Jack Wilshere: the investments are a bit high for less popular clubs. If you can afford, buy them both. If you can’t try Bernard, Mateo Kovačić or Marco Verratti.

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: LEON GORETZKA

Nationality: Germany
Rating: 68
Potential: 86
Age: 18

Goretzka is a bargain. It is a good sign for any team. But the list of cheap good and young players in this position is extremely large: Ángel Correa, Adryan, Lucas Piazon, Junior Malanda, Giannelli Imbula, Tonny Vilhena, Oliver Torres, Nathaniel Chalobah, Fred (Shakhtar Donetsk) and Levin Öztunali.


Best Right Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode (RM, RW and RF)


Best Right Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Netherlands
Rating: 88
Potential: 88
Age: 29

If you want someone to help you win the first season, you will need Arjen Robben. He is the best player of the world in this position but you will need to spend a lot of money to bring you to your club. And don’t forget that you are not buying a player for the next ten years…

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: JAMES RODRIGUEZ

Nationality: Colombia
Rating: 83
Potential: 89
Age: 22

James Rodriguez is a awesome player that can make you happy for many years. If you have a fat wallet, you can also look to Thomas Muller, Xherdan Shaqiri and Erik Lamela.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Deal: NANI

Nationality: Portugal
Rating: 83
Potential: 84
Age: 27

Nani is a great player that ends his contract with United at the end of the season. You should try to sign him, especially if you like skills. He is the best player in his position which contract ends on 2014, but there are other good players in the same situation: Patrick Ebert, the pacey Jonathan Biabiany, Aiden McGeady and Marko Arnautovic.

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Russia
Rating: 75
Potential: 78
Age: 27

It is very hard to find quality players for this position that are out of contracts. Ryazantsev is one of the few. His speciality are the crosses.


Best Young Right Midfielders in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Promise: LUCAS

Nationality: Brazil
Rating: 82
Potential: 90
Age: 21

The PSG’s champion has good chances to be one of the best players of the planet in the future.He is really fast, has an amazing dribbling and a fantastic ball control. Everything he needs as a right midfielder.

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: ZAKARIA BAKKALI

Nationality: Belgium
Rating: 73
Potential: 90
Age: 17

Don’t miss this one. Buy him now and you can thank us after a few seasons. This is the true wonderkid of FIFA 14 Career Mode. If you want more cheap young players for this position, you should try Kelvin, Mohamed Salah, Pablo Sarabia, Federico Cartabia, Shaquille Hunter, Jacob Murphy and Adnan Januzaj. But none of these players is as good as Bakkali.


Best Left Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode (LM, LW and LF)


Best Left Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Belgium
Rating: 85
Potential: 90
Age: 22

It is obvious that if you want the best player you will need to buy Ronaldo. But, in our opinion, Hazard is a great player that can give you many wins for several seasons and that will let you buy another players.

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Italy
Rating: 81
Potential: 87
Age: 21

Another great player for this position is the Milan’s El Shaarawy. He is one of the favourites of the players. If you want someone with more experience and probably cheaper, you can try Arda Turan. He has some amazing stats and a very nice potential growth.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Argentina
Rating: 75
Potential: 85
Age: 23

Except the players that are ending their careers, there is not any top left midfielder ending his contract on 2014. But it doesn’t mean that you can not close some good deals. Take a look to Diego Perotti, Christian Atsu and Hélder Barbosa. They are good players that can be yours without having to pay anything.

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Free Player: ALAN KASAEV

Nationality: Russia
Rating: 77
Potential: 82
Age: 27

Kasaev is probably the best free player you will find for this position. He is fast but if you want someone faster you should try the famous Jonathan Pitroipa. The player from Burkina Faso is one of the fastest of FIFA 14 and also ends his contract in 2014. If both transfers fail, try Joãozinho.


Best Young Left Midfielders in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Promise: BRUMA

Nationality: Portugal
Rating: 75
Potential: 88
Age: 19

Bruma is so young but already is an amazing player. In the right hands he can be one of the best players for this position. You definitely should try him!

Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: VIKTOR FISCHER

Nationality: Denmark
Rating: 74
Potential: 86
Age: 19

Fischer will be a great player. In your team or in another one. But there are several unknown players that you should look with attention: Adrián Centurión, Juan Manuel Iturbe, Jean-Paul Boëtius, Jack Grealish, Josh Murphy and Dale Jennings.


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236 thoughts on “Best Midfielders for FIFA 14 Career Mode”

  1. Good stuff always love reading career mode articles for those of us that like playing single player and not FUT or online clubs. I usually start with low league 2 teams so need the deals with limited budget and scouts with crappy judgement haven’t helped but the young and bargains should that you listed . Thx keep up good work

  2. Dude thanks, you saved alot of time for me.
    Do you think you can list young potential players due to the country they are born in?
    My internest is Swedish youngsters(if they have any good future)
    Other wise , thanks for this fifa bloog.
    Keep up the and update us! ✌

  3. Sign lucas piazon i got him up to 90 in 2019 i think he is just 26, robert firminio 27 and 90, lukaku 91, eden hazard 91, thorgan hazard 90, pogba 90, and they still grow!!

  4. how is marco reus not on here wtf, he can play LM or RM, and he’s a killer if you put him at CAM, he can even play striker and he has a 90 shot power and 90 shot accuracy, amazing free kick taker & he’s only 24 at the start

    1. Reus is a really good player. But he will not be much better than he is on the first season. In our opinion, Hazard is better and with a higer potencial growth. That’s why we picked him.

  5. Thanks for the info it all came in handy. Although no one mentioned that if I bought Pogba and spent three seasons developing him into a 89 rating player that he’d ask to be traded and break my heart lol

    1. I developed RW bakkali and LW ceturion into an 87 and 85 overall and they both asked to be transferred 4 days apart!

  6. For center kids, I would say get Gundogan and Schweinstager. They are both really good and grow a lot. What about Wiltshire and Matic?

  7. I had Pogba and a player named Asamoah, and had them for 4 seasons, then they both asked to get traded. -.-. Really great players all around

  8. Whaaattt! where is leandro paredes? He is very good plyer just 18years old but hv good ball control and shoot power.. you should sign him from boca junior at first season

  9. why isn’t julian draxler mentioned? he is brilliant, two seasons in for me and already 85 aged 22.+ he doesn’t cost that much £11 million and in my opinion better than Hazard, Turan :S also congrats on the win against spurs( arsenal fan) 😀 speaking of benfica lazar markovic is pretty good to 😀

      1. hahaha (Y) the first decent serbian midfielder in a long time and will be expensive probably around 25-30 million, unfortunately i don’t see arsenal getting him :/

      2. I am getting 40 million for oscar. Should i sell. Already have Shweinsteiger in my team. What is team and individual chemistry? How does it affect my team?

  10. Hi im playing manager mod of fifa14,milan. I will probably make my team champion of the year but el shaaraby said he wants a transfer and Barcelona offer 31million$ I might just sell him but without him I might lose championship of year I wanna buy a better lw but im not sure, what do you prefer? (I only have 500.000$) I got manzukic(bayers st) and robben (bayers rm)

  11. Adryan for CAM is the best all round player I’ve used on the game, next to Pogba. Yes, he’s THAT GOOD!

  12. I’m selling ribery as he is getting old now. I play with bayern with a diamond wide formation. I would like to replace him with someone who is similar to him. Someone fast and who will score for me and who can do great crosses for cavani and mandzukic to head in a goal. I already have reus but just need a back up

  13. Arsenal manager. Looking for a solid defensive mid option that is big and tough. Kind of like a Patrick viera type player. I have money to spend. Is there someone besides pogba that I should sign as a replacement for arteta

  14. First I want to say this page is wonderfull! @rodrigo lopes! But what about Dennis Praet and Massimo Bruno (both playing for rsc anderlecht – belgian competition) … why are they not mentioned! Especially Bruno…. he’s already 84 at an age of 24 in my career mode? 🙂

  15. Khaos Gamingx

    What about Angel Correa he is a good young player ive had him for 2 seasons and he went from an 84 to a 90

  16. Ibrahim Hasan

    Thanks alot for this information, really helped me!!
    I have been to many pages like this one, and I fail to realize why no one ever puts up Jese Rodriguez, that guy is an abosulute beast and you can get him for around 4 mill in the first season.
    I buy him in every team I start with, even big teams and he always is in my first 11and easily scores around 20-30 goals a season(World Class Difficulty incase you were wondering) amazing dribling and ball control, good finishing, pacey and even is decent enough in header…. You really should give him a shot!

  17. what about ola john?? he is a dutch.. he is too young than other famous midfieldes. he is such a beast.. after 1st season he reached at 88.. he is such a beast nd he is always my first choice for LM position.. U should check him.

  18. in my manager mode hazard’s overall does not grow .it stays 85 no matter how much i play him.why????

  19. You should try Zakkaria Bakkali (RW), Anthony Martial (ST), Villalva (ST), Hector Villalba (ST) all of them are having a super potential growth. They reach 87 or above.

  20. Mr Rodrigo, I’m in the season 2026 and I’m looking for a RB, I realise that they randomly generate but what would you suggest to find the best to complete my Liverpool squad of all 84+.

    Many thanks in advance

  21. Is there any good young LM in the first season who has an initial rating of 70-79 and a potential of 85 or above
    Note:- The player should ONLY be a LM not a LW or LF

  22. Is it a good choice to replace oscar with rodriguez, ramires with busquets and luiz with hummels/pique?

    GK: Courtois
    LB: Cole
    CB: Varane
    CB: Luiz
    RB: Azpillicueta
    CDM: Verratti
    CDM: Ramires
    LM: Hazard
    CAM: Mata
    RM: Oscar
    ST: Lewandowski

  23. Love your posts. I am playing with AS Monaco (Colombian, James Rodriguez has been my favorite player though he’s been unknown up till the World Cup so I’ll follow any club that buys him) I’m entering my fifth or sixth season with Monaco and have stuck to signing mainly French and Portuguese players (since they appointed Jardim I attempted to keep the shortlist the way his would be represented) and trying to keep the overseas international players limited to 3 other than that i stick to UEFA players. James is 28 going on 29 now and I’ve come to the realization that pretty soon I’ll have to find a replacement for him as he is getting more and more attention on the transfer market and is beginning to refuse contract renewals. I have signed Thorgan Hazard (Chelsea wanted an early signing i made of Alessandrini, so i offered him and 4.5m sterling for T. Hazard) and i feel like he is a decent replacement. However, what i love about James is his ball movement, penalties, and most importantly ability to play CDM CAM LM and RM whenever i please. I’m not sure who a solid replacement would be as i would like them to be no older than 27 when i sign them at the time. I would really appreciate any help you can deliver or anyone who reads this comment.

  24. Also, i know this has been a long post but i use Alexander Lacazette as more of a CAM than a striker in my formation, and i have a youth player that plays well enough to play against mid-table teams but will be no where close to a starter. I have Kovacic as well he is good but his technique is difficult to control. I have Thomas Ince and his valued at 16 million and I wish to sell him as I have to many RM/RW so money is not an issue when it comes to replacing James.

    1. Check out de bourne , he’s 20 years old in 2014 and he plays for chelsea, and also got an awesome stamina and balance

  25. Marcelo Moya

    Thank you for the quick response, I just looked him up and his contract expires in 5 months and he was injured for 3 weeks so I guess Bayern wasn’t planning to extend it, I got him on a free transfer and I bought Pogba as a trade with Kongdobia and about 12 million which I think is fantastic, but I prefer to keep him in a CDM position and let him take the long shots rather than up front at CAM, thank you for the advice and will see how Gotze does in the next season. I’m in second place behind by 2 points to PSG and Marseille is behind me by goal differential so hopefully I can fend them off till then. Thanks again for the help I appreciate it!

  26. Which is the best formation for bayern munich? I bought Suarez and Benzema in the summer transfer window.

  27. Nandan Dubey

    i m making a team of all young players who are good in potential…and m choosing arsenal as a team..m a arsenal fan…suggest me 16 such players according to position..i prefer false 9 formation.

  28. i am playing as valencia right now i have a budget of 32 million euros. i can i have recommendaitions of good young players, every position in general.
    And can i have a good formation for valencia cf


      1. Which is the best formation for VFL Wolfsburg?
        Rodriguez Knoche Tah Trasch
        Malanda Luiz Gustavo
        Kevin De Bruyne
        Bakkali Sterling (I could not find Bruma)
        What do you recommend to strengthen the composition?
        I’m sorry for the mistakes, I wrote the translator

  29. Good Players in (Young, somewhat cheap)

    GK – Bernd Leno (Unknown but Beast)
    RB – Rafael (He’s good but there are better than him)
    CB – Marc Batra (Beast. Got him up to 86 in 2016)
    LB – Luke Shaw (The Best LB)
    CDM – Kroos (Not cheap, but best)
    RM – Bakkali (No Doubt)
    LM – Greiezmann (Best Young Talent!)
    CAM – Barkley (Awesome Young Talent)
    ST – Lukkaku (Tough choice. But he’s great)

    What do you say, Rodrigo?

  30. Simon Rønne Rischel

    You should really try Mpoku (LM) – currently in 2020 and he’s 89, but been great all along. Strong, fast, fk sp., whole package.

  31. Thanks for the quick reply. How do you replace Sterling for Adnan Januzaj? And can you recommend me another left midfielder? Thank you. 🙂

    1. You can’t underestimate the importance of individual chemistry.
      Replace Chiellini and Reus. Cahill TOTS and Hazard, for example. Hazard 9 is better than Reus 3 for sure.


    Bought Ramos for Varane but he has a chemistry of 3 only. Reus has a chemistry of 9 so will it be better to replace hazard with reus? I was also thinking to buy rodriguez as a regen for robben but he also has a 3 chemistry. Whom should i buy for robben?

    Also, i need a sub for javi martinez.

  33. Im doing manger mode and i want to know what the best formation for my team would be
    M. Neuer
    J. Mascherano
    A. Robben
    Cesc fàbregas
    A . Sanchez
    L. Messi

    1. What a great team !
      You should choose your team by your play style and not by the players. Your team has a RB but not a LB. There is no formation for that !
      3-5-2 could work for you…

  34. U scouted Germany and i found many good players a very good LM. Marco Reus he is only 24 and has a overall of 85 he is very fast but expensive

    Jacob błaszczykowski is a RW for a decent price 28 years old overall is 83 and all of his agility sprint and balance etch is high 80s low 90s

    Jefferson Farfàn is 29 with a 83 overall and he is good as well and when scouted he has a lot of room to grow as it says he has that special something

    Łukasz piszczek is 28 years old and also bery talented with a overall of 83

    Just wanted to let u know so u can look into them please thank you for your time it is a big help and is appreciated

  35. Christian eriksen is a free agent at 26 in my game I’m negotiating with him selling Vidal moving Kroos from cam to cm

  36. Hi Rodrigo..
    I played with arsenal
    Third season

    Gk ochoa
    Lb bruno indi
    Cb hummells
    Cb de vrij
    Dm flamini
    Dm khedira
    Rb debuchy
    Aml james rodriquez
    Am ozil
    Amr walcott
    St sanchez

    Ospina gk
    Gotze (not contributing much)

    What do think? Any changes

          1. Well I’m FC Barcelona with iniesta at lam and Götze at ram and Götze is playing better than iniesta

          2. Sure. But it depends of many factores: your play style, preferences, formation, etc…
            Besides that, it doesn’t mean that it will work the same way with other players. Potentials are different from game to game.

    1. Ur wrong rodrigo I’m still in first season and ur best player is iniesta yet he’s only 86 and Götze as the alternative is 88 and he’s 21 iniesta is 29

  37. Aston Villa on manager mode

    GK T.Courtois
    RB S.Aurier
    CB P.Jones
    CB T.Vermaelen (c)
    LB L.Shaw
    RDM P.Pogba
    LDM F.Delp
    RAM R.Sterling
    CAM J.Rodriguez
    LAM M.Depay
    ST D.Sturridge

    GK S.Given (need a better sub)
    CB k.Zouma
    RB Rafael
    LM A.Januzai
    RM A.Oxlade-chamberlain
    ST C.Benteke
    CF G.Agbonlahor

  38. 1. Aston Villa on manager mode
    GK T.Courtois
    RB S.Aurier
    CB P.Jones
    CB T.Vermaelen (c)
    LB L.Shaw
    RDM P.Pogba
    LDM J.Wilshere
    RAM R.Sterling
    CAM J.Rodriguez
    LAM M.Depay
    ST D.Sturridge
    GK S.Scuffet
    CB k.Zouma
    RB Rafael
    LM A.Januzai
    CM F.Delph
    RM A.Oxlade-chamberlain
    ST C.Benteke
    GK S.Given
    CB A.Ogbonna
    CB J.Okore
    LB R.Bertrand
    CM M.Kovacic
    CF A. Weimann
    CF G.Agbonlahor
    ST H.Villalba
    RW Z.Bakkali

  39. Dont u guys have problems with james stamina??? I love him personally but i dont know how to make the best of him,.. PS : i goft cr7, neymar, honda in the team, where do u suggest i put these guys?

  40. Does cristian tello have a high potential ? And if I do Levante UD for one season then I get 43 million ? Sorry if the second question is not relevant to this topic.

  41. Bernard in my opinion the quickest and good passer in the CAM position. Not one person has mentioned this..

    Im in my second season.. Team as follows:

    Gk Oblak
    Rb carvajal
    Cb Varane
    Cb balanta
    Lb Alaba
    Rm shaquiri
    Cdm pogba
    Cdm Kondogbia
    Lm de griezeman
    St Morata

    And got plenty youngsters on the bench

    De steglio
    Luke shaw
    Insigne 🙂

    Depth in future funds 😉
    Started with Portsmouth in football league two. I injected financial take over and i was set 😉
    Looking forward to the next few seasons

  42. bale,neymar attack
    varane,alaba,dishiglio def
    i want sell pogba who is better than pogba ?

  43. I need a replacement for Philip lahm, someone not so you like de sciglio, someone between 24-28 but really good, who do you suggest ? I’m playing with real Madrid by the way om legendary mode.
    P.s. I love you man! Great post like always.

  44. My team everton.





    Ter stegen
    Ricardo rodriguez

  45. i highly recommend people to use these players in career mode… Dominic Oduro, ST with 94 pace. Memphis Depay, High Potential and he gets goals, Zakaria Bakkali, an amazing player, only 17 and Luton Shelton, an amazing ST with 94 pace, him and Dominic Oduro are a lethal partnership

  46. What about julian draxler got him in first season at 80 and age 19 next season 86 and 20 years old should best choice, or at lest second choice.

  47. i use bakkali as my right forward, he is so good, in 2nd season he is 83 now, for CAM i think if you want young player Coutinho is the best, i use Oliver torres as my alternative. El shaarawy and bruma at left, lucas and shaqiri right.

  48. I hear you all guys but try KP Boateng.According to me the BEST CAM in 2014.I can even make him a striker………..

  49. Hey guys here is my Barcelona line up, Any fixes ???
    GK- Marchetti
    RB- Dani Alvez
    RCB- Cheillini
    LCB- Pique (c)
    LB- Bonucci
    RM- Rakitic
    CM- Ineista
    LM- Fabregas
    RF- Neymar
    CF- Suarez
    LF- Messi


  50. Hey Sir. i have a question, When playing with barcelona, there is not really a reliable CDM like on the “makalele” position if u know him. busquets is good but he is slow & full of unsuccessful tackles. Any destroyer u recommend ? Without spoiling the build up play ofcourse !

  51. Hey Rodrigo, I am coaching Barcelona and Neymar is 23 & has a rating of 89. He has a 5 year contract & 210,000 € wage. when is a good time to sell him because i am salivating over the prices of & PSG. And who is a good replacement ? (Age inclusive) !

    1. He has potential to be an even better player so my suggestion is to wait one or two seasons more before you sell him.
      El Shaarawy is a good replacement but if you want to try someone cheaper, you can go for Bruma.

  52. Hey rodrigo, tnx for the tip on neymar ! Just another question, I am running with the mostly current barca squad & my forwards are messi, suarez &neymar. actually, they are also furious on the game !!! scored 86 goals together for 1 season on professional mod ! Any young triplets i can replace them with for the future ?

  53. Comment: team
    mangala -88
    David luiz – 86
    pogba – 87
    Lucas – 90
    Cristiano Ronaldo – 95
    bale -90
    neymar -90
    lewandoski – 90
    kaya -87
    courtoius- 84
    Rodriguez- 88
    Oscar -90

  54. Comment: A.Morata got upto 89 In my career mode , but he has a low potential , and his value is $55 Million . How? He got such a good rating

  55. Comment:hi….am in tottenham which formation is best for…lloris,walker,subotic,badstuber,alaba,pogba,ozil,fabregas,lucas,reus,jovetic subs kroos,pato,sanchez,mvilla,javi martinez and who should be in first 11

  56. Your doin some great stuff Rodrigo.Can u help me out in this matter: I have eden hazard with ovrall 91 and el shaarawy with ovrall 92 (IN THE YEAR 2017).Now shaarawy’s my hero but hes requesting a transfer.Whom wud u prefer as a left winger? (CONSIDERING HIS AGE).

  57. Hai Rodrigo can you suggest to me what team should i choose for player career ( Marco Reus ) …. Many time i restart and delete my account before end the session …. When arrive in the middle session my team like not consistant play in the home sometime it hard to wins … Fade up …. Help meeeee

  58. hey man i just started my season with liverpool…….this is my squad
    mignolet gk
    jhonson def
    skrtel def
    lovren def
    jose enrique def

    hazard lm
    lallana rm
    coutinho cam
    henderson cm
    lucas lieva cm

    levandowski st

    i bought lewandowski and hazard(btw both are beasts)….,where do u suggest i make my next change?

  59. will gotze suit my fast coubter attacking style. ?.
    and could u pls suggest any full backs who can reach 90+.
    i wanna make a team of all 90+/

    My current team
    de sciglio/azpi marq/humm zouma/terry digne/alaba
    pogba/reus james/lucas bakkali/shaqiri
    bale/bruma balo/luk neymar/piazon

    and pls suggest any changes in my team. i am in my 3rd season.

  60. in my third season with liverpool and my team is

    neuer gk

    marcelo lb
    david luiz cb
    sergio ramos cb
    skrtel cb
    glen jhonson

    pogba cdm
    hazard lm
    lallana rm
    bale cam

    lewandowski st

    where should i make my next change ps what should i do with pogba as his overall has been stuck on 81 for nearly 2 seasons?

  61. i just bought ronaldo instead of lewa and ronaldo has already scored 14 in 9 ill be looking to buy di maria as rm .will that be fine?

  62. my team(3rd season)
    ramos,pique, kompany,varane, montoya,marquinhos
    iniesta,hazard, james,pogba, wilshere,lucas, bakkali,alexis sanches,kovacic
    any suggestion?

  63. I need a good young replacement for Sergio Busquets as he has become old in my fifa 14 barca career mode can you a good player please i know it’s way long ago you replied but please reply now please

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