Best Ways To Make FUT Coins



Best Tips for FUT Coin Wins

FUT coins are always in demand but making them by grinding is far from the only (or best) way to make a bundle. Here are some quick tips and tricks for trading to increase the FUT coin stash in your coffers.


What are FUT Coins?

For anybody brand new to playing FIFA games and wondering what FUT coins are and what they can be used for, here’s a quick definition. FUT coins act as a virtual currency within the game that can be used to buy bonus content. Every time you play a game in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) a small number of coins are won, but this is not the most efficient way to have your virtual wallet brimming with them. Legitimate methods that are more effective (no hacking, of course) will be discussed below, to get you started in the best way.


Easy Silver – Exploiting SBCs for Beginners

SBCs are Squad Building Challenges. Complete a squad, and you get rewards. However, these SBCs also helpfully distort the market slightly in a way that can be exploited if you know what you’re looking for. And this can make for an easy and reliable way to make coins by looking at players who might otherwise not be on anybody’s buying list.

These players are desired not because they’re especially great but because they fit the criteria necessary to fulfil the challenge. This means they can be sold for more than would otherwise be the case, so if you can buy them on the cheap then there are plenty of profits to be had. This can be particularly useful for beginners who are not starting out with a stack of coins to spend. Focusing on silver quality with a maximum price of 700-1,000 is a good way to filter the results so you get the kind of players that fit with this method.

Before buying, compare the prices of the player to see how much they can be sold for, obviously aiming for the biggest gap possible. If you can double your money or get 500-600 coins then that is great. When it comes to buying, this can be done more efficiently by bidding as low as possible, but if you do not have the patience or time for that and there’s a sizeable gap between the buy now price and the sale potential then you might prefer to spend more to rapidly secure the card.

On the sales side, do not be too greedy. You can set the price sky high but if nobody buys then all you’ve done is spend coins rather than make them. The best shot of getting a sale is by matching or just undercutting the current lowest price. Incidentally, there’s always a chance you won’t sell a card so it’s as well to buy multiple different players so that your profits on various sales exceed the potential cost if one or two don’t get bought. Using this reliable and lucrative method you can then increase your price range a little, rinse and repeat.


Opening Preview Packs

This is not a way to make a fortune but it is an easy way to get a few extra coins, and that is by opening preview packs. If there’s a player whose value exceeds that of the pack then by all means buy the pack to effectively get that player on the cheap either to use in your team or to sell. In rare circumstances, you might even get a Messi or Ronaldo who you can sell for a bundle.

The ability to preview is a huge advantage as now you do not need to gamble by buying the unknown, and can even look forward to sometimes having a great deal for certain.



Premier League Riches

Do not underestimate the importance of filters when it comes to making your way from a few hundred or thousand all the way up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins. The popularity of FIFA over the years is a reflection of the huge public appeal of football. Likewise, the biggest leagues in the world (the English Premier League standing out) can have the most interest and this means more desire for players, which equals more potential profits.

How does this work when it comes to amassing FUT coins? Well, set your filter up so you’re looking at Premier League silver cards. The buy now price should be something like 500-600 (if you can get it lower and still have something to buy that’s great but the odds are around 500-600 being the lowest that works). Compare the prices of the sale so you can see where the biggest potential profit is (tripling your money is eminently possible), and stack up on cut-price cards where it’s hard not to make some kind of profit margin. This approach can also apply to other leading leagues, of course, such as La Liga, and is a great way to get more FUT coins without spending too much.


Fast Action on Special SBC Challenges

The way to make coins on regular SBC challenges using cheap silver cards was covered above, and this can apply further down the line too. Special challenges with far higher prices (tens of thousands) can be a more mid-tier/high-end way of making significant sums. The key to focus on here is player supply. If the market is flooded when new promo packs come out then the price will be low (scarcity drives prices up, of course).

And if you happen to be online when a new challenge appears this gives you the perfect opportunity to swoop in and buy a bundle of players (even the same card over and over) which you can then sell for thousands of coins advantage a day or two later. Even a few hours can make a difference of thousands for five-figure cards and tens of thousands for six-figure cards. So, keep your eyes peeled and be ready to buy swiftly.

Making plenty of FUT coins does not need to be arduous, so long as you make smart buys and sells, and follow some of the tips in this article. And don’t forget to always make more than 5% on every single sale to account for the EA tax.

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