FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be

FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be


FIFA 15 is coming and everyone want to know how the game will looks like. There are lots of speculation. We have selected the best FIFA 15 rumours and we have made a huge research to know if they are true or not.

Here are your ultimate stop for FIFA 15 rumours.



August 20th, 2014
There will be a transfer market on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. Now, it is official.

August 12th, 2014
Zidane and Beckham were not announced as new Legends in the Microsoft XBox Gamescom conference.

August 7th, 2014
Turkish League will be included in FIFA 15

FIFA 15 Rumours – #1




As you probably now, Legends were a new addition to Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 14. EA Sports signed a 1-year deal with Microsoft for the FUT Legends exclusivity and there are lots of speculation if FUT Legends will feature on PlayStation and PC platforms too next season.

What Will Happen:

In fact, Legends cards will not be released in other platforms besides XBox One and XBox 360. We have no official confirmation about this, but probably EA Sports has renewed the agreement with Microsoft. If you look to the FIFA 15 pre-orders XBox covers you will notice a “Legends only on XBox” bagde. The Playstation and PC users will have to wait another year…

FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be


FIFA 15 Rumours – #2




Legends were a good addition to FUT 14 but gamers are not happy with the players chosen as legends. They want more. They are asking by Ronaldo, Maradona, Beckenbauer, Eusebio and Puskas.

What Will Happen:

The infographic that EA Sports has released during the ‘5 years of FUT’ week, shows that Legends is a permanent addition. They know that gamers want more legends and it is a easy task for them. In FUT 14 there are 42 Legends. There are high chances to see Zidane added in FUT 15. And David Beckham too, who knows ? Why we say that ? Just look to the first seconds of the following adidas commecial video and you will find out yourself.


FIFA 15 Rumours – #3




This is a top suggestion of every FIFA wishlist. Every year it is the same: the community ask but the EA Sports delays to the next year.

What Will Happen:

EA Sports producers already have explained in previous years, that this is a hard addition to implement. They would have a lot of work to do because the physics would be different, it would affect collisions, and also because it requires new models and hair styles. However, there are some chances to women’s football league make its debut in FIFA 15. First, because the french journalist Elise Chassaing has twitted three pictures showing her at the EA’s Motion Capture lab in Vancouver as you can see above. Then because Nick Channon, the senior producer on FIFA 15, hasn’t denied when asked by X-ONE: “It’s something that we’ve been asked quite a bit, and something we very seriously consider, but we don’t have any news on it today. But it is definitely something we considered and continue to do so…”. And finally because in FIFA 15, player models have new hair physics and that’s something that could make things easier to include women in the game.

FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be


FIFA 15 Rumours – #4




The Ignite engine was the EA Sports FIFA 14 game engine for the next-gen consoles Playstation 4 and XBox One, but not for PC. PC gamers want to play FIFA 15 running Ignite Engine.

What Will Happen:

This is not a rumour any more. EA Sports has officially announced at the E3 venue that Ignite Game Engine will be running on FIFA 15 for PC. It is something good for PC gamers but remember that it will require a better machine to run FIFA than in the previous years. Check in the following picture the system specifications. If you want to know more about this subject, click here.

FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be


FIFA 15 Rumours – #5




You can play with the largest selection of realistic leagues in FIFA but not the most important competition: the European Champions League. In fact, UEFA competitions are the most valuable resource of Konami which has the exclusive license to use it in Pro Evolution Soccer videogame.

What Will Happen:

There are many rumours saying that EA Sports have made a 3-years agreement to get the UEFA Champions League and Europa League licenses. However, it don’t seem to be true. All these rumours have the same source: proevolutionsoccerbrasil website. In our opinion it is not a trustful source because they have publish different news in a couple of days about the same subject. We have made some research and we discovered that Konami has renewed with UEFA the exclusive license for these competitions for one more season. According to Adam Bhatti, PES European Brand Manager, ECL and Europa League will not be included in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be


FIFA 15 Rumours – #6




EA Sports knows that fans around the world want to feel free to play realistic matches with any team. That’s why including new leagues is almost a ‘must to do’ for FIFA 15 producers.

What Will Happen:

The question is not if FIFA 15 will include or not new Leagues. The question is which leagues will be included. There are many strong candidates, as the Jupiler League (2nd Dutch league) or the Chinese Super League. However, according to our research, Uruguayan, Paraguayan and Ecuadorian leagues have the higher chances to be part of the new game. It is known that EA Sports is trying to add many South American leagues, in way to add Copa Libertadores as soon as possible. This information was confirmed by Sergio Jadue, the Chilean FA president. Until now, there is no signs to see Turkish league included in FIFA 15 but Fenerbahce fans may have better luck. According to their Vice President Omer Temelli, the team will return to FIFA franchise this year to be part of ROTW section.

FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be


FIFA 15 Rumours – #7




The popular gaming journalist Silvio Teixeira has alerted the community that EA Sports may be thinking to remove the market from FUT 15.

What Will Happen:

More than a game, FIFA 15 is a business. And the most important thing in any business is the profit. EA Sports feels that coins stores, autobuyers and scammers are reducing the margins profit of the company and they want to stop them. The best way to do it is to close the transfer market. In fact, we suspect that it is the reason why FUT Web App is unavailable for so long. They are testing if the they can remove the market from Ultimate Team or not. The greatest test was made with the free expansion FUT World Cup in which cards are all untradeable. Let’s see if they realize in time that many gamers only play Ultimate Team because they love to trade.

FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be


66 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Rumours: Find out how FIFA 15 will be”

    1. I also was hoping for the greek league but Ea still seem obsessed with adding these south american leagues to boost sales there. Would love to play with OFI or olympiakos in the greek league!

  1. Has anyone else seen the error in the requirements for PC?

    The Nvidia cards are in the wrong places; as a GTX 460 is certainly not more powerful than a GTX 650.

    I’m happy Ignite is on PC now, but i think the online “Ultimate team” focus is too heavy, and they’re neglecting the Career, and “Be a pro” modes.

  2. Hope for more European leagues, like Greek and Turkish Super League. I cant understud why EA ignore these leagues.

  3. I pass all the minimum requirements for the pc specification only the RAM I have 3 GB do you think it will make problems even if I keep the game on low quality. I really hope not.

    1. The recommended is 8 Gb. 4 Gb is the minimum. With 3 Gb RAM you may have problems to run the game even with low quality.
      It is the first time a FIFA game is being powered by Ignite, so it is impossible to say if it will work fine or not. We suggest to try the game before buy it.

  4. Hi,

    Any news about the south american leagues? Any chance to have them all?? Not just the 3 you mentioned before but the Peruvian, Bolivian, Venezuelan etc..

  5. Sir, how long do you thinyk they will have Career mode? more than 15 years? Maybe 20, 25 maybe even 30 like how the old NCAA games used on their dynasty?

  6. Ok sweet. One last question. Will they have option for 45 minute halves to make it more realistic, as well as time always going and not stopping say for a goal kick or toss in?

  7. I was wondering if there were any other career mode rumors, I know its early but i’m hoping there’s something features that are new and likely which will be in place in FIFA 15.

  8. Archisman Duttagupta

    Is the rumour about dutch 2nd league n chinese league true??and what are the probable south american leagues being added???

  9. Yiğit Özongan

    Hi, I would like to know the chance of to see Champions League and Europa League in FIFA15 if it’s not, Are they (EA Sports) wants to get licence for FIFA16?

  10. Any new update on the south American leagues? Specifically the Ecuadorian league? It’d be awesome to have the copa libertadores in fifa

  11. Hello Rodrigo, rumours has it that there will not be a Liga do Brasil for FIFA 15 this year due to licensing issues. Is it true?
    As well, are there any confirmed national teams yet? I’d love to see more national teams than the usual Costa Rica for example,Honduras, any other national team? No offense to the lads from this country but I was surprised to see India? I know India must have a lot of FIFA players but India? I think that’s a national team most if not all of the gamers who play FIFA used. So it’s just like a waste of space. I would love to see Japan but I know there’s another football game that might have rights for that one.

    1. Yes, it is true. Probably it is not a rumour any more. It is a fact now.
      Brazil will be one of the national teams in FIFA 15. About new additions, as you said, it is a question of market and licenses. That’s why India is there and other countries with better football history aren’t.

  12. fernando van overdyk

    hello rodrigo seems that finally we will have the Paraguayan league in FIFA 15 for sure EA will add more South American leagues in fifa 15

  13. Rodrigo are the players from this new leagues, will have pictures of themselves, last year for example Colombian league didnt have that many players or none with there picture, its kind of a let down. I didnt even bother researching those players.

  14. This isn’t a rumour but rather a question. Is it possible that the National teams might have classic kits as well? Just like the clubs do?
    Personally I’d love to see France with a 3rd or alternative classic kit being the France ’98 kit. It was such a fantastic kit. Would like to see the national teams having classic kits.

  15. Hey Rodrigo..
    Is the Turkish league, the only new league?
    Will the FUT 14 Legends be on the CLASSIC XI team?
    Can we play with the Brazilian clubs in Rest Of The World?

    1. Hi.
      Yes, it seems that the Turkish League is the only new league.
      Don’t know if FUT 14 Legends will be on the CLASSIC XI team or not.
      It is not confirmed, but it looks that tehre are no Brazilian clubs on ROTW.

    1. is Costa Rica going to be in fifa 15 the last time they were wad in fifa 2006. I really want them to be in it this year

  16. Wil Bolandres

    Is there any chances for manager mode for manager to talk to the players during the game or practices.

  17. I mean, not in FUT, but the team Classic XI..
    And will FIFA add the Indian Super League, there are so many legends 😮

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