Turkish League may be included in FIFA 14

Turkish League in FIFA 14


Will the Turkish League be included in FIFA 14? It is not confirmed yet, but it seems that there is a good chance to happen.


August 7th, 2014
FIFA 15 will feature the Turkish League

July, 2013
Turkish League will not be in FIFA 14. The new leagues will be the Argentine, Chilean, Colombian and Polish.
Three months later of the date that we published this article, EA Sports gave up of having the Turkish League on FIFA 14. Fenerbahce and Besiktas have been banned from European competition next season over a domestic match-fixing scandal. As it happened on the past, EA Sports has dropped this league. They have stopped the negotiations with the clubs in July.

Turkish League can be included in FIFA 14

EA didn’t say nothing about it but it seems that Turkish League can be included in FIFA 14.

First it was a Fenerbahce agent who has revealed negotiations with EA to have the semi-finalist of Europa League in the new game. Everybody thought that it means that two turkish teams will be in FIFA 14 “Rest of World” section (Galatasaray is the other one).

Now, the rumour is even stronger after Turkish Union of Clubs marketing department has answered a fan about if it is possible to have the Turkish League in FIFA 14:

“We are at the contract signing stage with EA Games. Deal will be done in few days. Our league will definitely be included in the game.”

Can we expect to have the whole Spor Toto Süper Lig licensed in FIFA 14? Maybe. We will know it soon.


Turkish League can be included in FIFA 14


Turkish League left FIFA games after the match fixing scandal. Thousands of fans expect to have this league back and full licensed.

In the Turkish League play some great players as Didier Drogba, Wesley Sneijder, Reto Ziegler, Anton Ferdinand and Mamadou Niang.

The Süper Lig is one of the top leagues in the UEFA confederation. Eighteen clubs compete annually, where a champion is decided and three clubs are promoted and relegated to and from the 1. Lig. Galatasaray SK, the club with more titles (19), won again this season 2012-2013. Fenerbahce, the second club with more titles (18), and Beşiktaş, the third club with more titles, got the second and third place of the current season. Burak Yilmaz (Galatasaray) was the top scorer.

If you want to know more about the Turskih League on season 2012-2013, click HERE.


128 thoughts on “Turkish League may be included in FIFA 14”

      1. “big ton” what makes u say small greek league with not any success in any european cup is bigger than the super lig
        are you kidding us
        greece and also has not even money 😀

    1. Yeah you’re right we prefer watching Olympiyacos not Galatasaray or Fenerbahçe because they have world stars like Drogba,Kuyt,Snejder or Meireless or Bruno alves. we prefer Avram papadopoulos and Anastasis Papazoglu, Be realistic man!

  1. OMG yesss I can finally enjoy Fifa and Ultimate team with my FENERBAHCE!! 😀 These past fifa games (12+13) has not been enjoyable for me without my favorite team.. Especially Career mode… I would make new career mode games without even finishing two seasons..

  2. I hope Turkish will come to 14.
    Btw .. In the Turkish League play some great players you forgot SOW,BRUNO ALVES,Fernandes etc..

  3. drogba sneijder dirk kuyt raul meireles moussa sow bruno alves manuel fernandes taiwo uche babel these all players in super lig

  4. Hi did ea sports comfirm about turkish league on fifa 14 ???because my favourite besiktas and my favourite fernandes

      1. Here’s the thing super toto lig has a history of fixing games also this year fenerbahce nd besiktas might get disquilafied from the euro/champion leagues . I remember there was same debate for fifa 2012 and 13 they said turkish league was most likely going to be included but wasn’t. But I’m not going to lose hope maybe it will be in fifa 14 if it is it would add a ver diff atmosphere to the game because turkish league is very diff nd unique. Turkleri takmiyolar sikine arap ligi koymushlar amk super lig Yok:(

    We are waiting for the new Galatasaray-Stadium. It have been built three years ago and the world decibel record was broken at this stadium. The atmosphere is fantastic. Please add the TT-Arena in Fifa14

    1. Hahahaha nerd besiktas has broken the world decibel record with 141db. That only with fans. Galatasaray did it with stadyum mic and fans and they only had 131 db. Shut up plz

  6. As a big fan of fifa game series, I kept buy annualy fifa manager from 99 untill 13- and I was in the official language team to translate it from english to turkish so players enjoyed their game in turkish (2007)
    I decided to wait for the clear news whether they will have turkish league or not, and personally wrote a long letter to turkish football federation, and try explain what kind of advantages they will have if they will put some afford to let EA add turkish league to the game,
    They was polite enough to respond back and they said dont get us wrong we are the one who really pushes ea to put it back. so I will wait untill the game release, and if there will be no turkish league, I will not buy fifa series anymore,

    ps: in console online games was ridicilus and butt load of bugs. so again if there will be no turkish league, after 15 years, I wont pay any penny to EA anymore. lets hope they will introduce turkish league back.

  7. hayirda-sanane

    if there is no turkish league again, we are going to miss really important players in fifa 14

  8. Fenerbahce: Joseph Yobo, Moussa Sow, Dirk Kuyt, Raul Meireles, Bruno Alves, Michal Kadlec, Emmanuel Emenike
    Galatasaray: Felipe Melo, Wesley Sneijder, Didier Drogba, Burak Yılmaz, Aurélien Chedjou, Fernando Muslera, Emmanuel Eboué
    Beşiktaş: Manuel Fernandes, Pedro Franco, Hugo Almeida
    Trabzonspor: Jose Bosingwa, Florent Malouda, Didier Zokora
    Kasımpaşa: Ryan Donk, Ryan Babel, Kalu Uche, Andreas Isaksson, Sanharib Malki,

  9. Ea will lose many customers if the turkish League is not in the game, so for everybodys best i hope the turkish League can join fifa 14

  10. Hi,

    Do we have to wait until the release date or is EA going to confirm this case before the release date?

    If they are going to confirm, when will it happen?

    The fact makes me sick to know, that there is just one month till release date but still nothing official confirmd from EA or TFF.

    I thought that Saudi League was announced earlier for FIFA 13.

    Thanks and regards

    1. Hi.
      They will announce it before the release date. We don’t know exactly when since they are providing the news very slowly. Maybe on Gamescom (August 22nd to August 25th). Maybe not.
      The really important is to have that league included on the game.

  11. do you know when champions league contract is ending with PES, I heard it was ended and if it’s true then why EA Sports not signing new contract with champions league

  12. are you affiliated with ea sports for fifa 14?

    How do you know turkish league will be in fifa 14?

    I hope it is..

    1. No, we are not affiliated with EA Sports.
      “Turkish League may be Included in FIFA 14”. We never said that this league will be included. In fact, due to the domestic match-fixing scandal new episode (Fenerbahce and Besiktas have been banned from European competition next season) we think that EA Sports will drop (again) their intentions to include this league in FIFA 14.

  13. Hi,
    The official twitter account of EAS FIFA has announced today that there will be 33 licenced leagues in FIFA 14.
    I’ve counted all leagues in FIFA 13 and there are 29 leagues.
    And again the official account of EAS FIFA has confirmed today that the chilean league will join FIFA 14. so we have 30 leagues.

    As I’ve heard Hong Kong and Luxembourg are going to join FIFA 14 too.
    So then we have 32 leagues.

    Do you know which league the 33rd could be – is there still a chance that the turkish league could join the game?
    The twitter account doesn’t want to answer this questions – and that’s the reason that there is still a hope.

    Thank you and best regards,

    1. Hi Ali!
      29 + Chilean + Argentinean = 31
      We think that the Colombian will be there and maybe another South American league. Or the Blue Square League. Or none of them… 🙂
      But it will be too difficult to have the Turkish League after what happened…

  14. EA’s facebook page says that the Argentinian legue wil be included. So that must be 33?

    There is just one thing that i find unfair. The Italian legue did still be in FIfa while huge mach fixing happend in Italy. Fifa is being hypocratic as always.

  15. The Italian legue did still be in FIfa while huge mach fixing happend in Italy.fifa is so unfair the turkish community has been waiting for 2 years now.they put argentinien and brazilian leagues and blue square leagues. but turkish league is way better.

  16. They might add more than 4 leagues! They might take out some pointless ones like Korean, Saudi, and polish leagues!

    1. It may happen. True.
      But there are also good reasons to keep with those leagues. The Saudi, for example, was introduced last year. They included a beautiful stadium and we don’t believe that they will drop it now.

  17. there is probably no Turkish league because EA no competitions will support championship bought by bribes, you would then wonder why the Italian comptetitie there is in it, this is probably due to the great Italian influences in the Champions League and Europa League

    Moreover, I have used google translator XD

  18. Hi guys. How many leagues are now definitely? I think 32 or …? Luxembourg will not give my opinion. This means one is missing, the 33 league. What do you think?

    1. Yes, we think that only miss one. Brazilian is not complete so it must be another one.
      We really don’t know. But, for us, there are four options: another south american league; Ukrainian league (they added a new stadium); Blue Square Premier League (the most probably one); or a new Central-East European League.

  19. there are still four weeks to start. why does not EA just YES or NO? Say no and end this discussion

  20. I cant believe that we wont have Turkish League in Fifa 14!

    No offence but, Turkish clubs are way way better then African or Arabian ones! Cant EA or FIFA see that? How many players you can count from Arabian League?

    Turkish League has :

    Didier Drogba
    Dirk Kuyt
    Wesley Sneijder
    Miroslav Stoch
    Felipe Melo
    Milos Krasic
    Joseph Yobo
    Burak Yılmaz
    Raul Meireles
    Selçuk İnan
    Mehmet Topal
    Emre Belözoğlu
    Moussa Sow
    Nordin Amrabat
    Bruno Alves
    Manuel Fernandes
    Hugo Almeida
    Michael Kadlec
    Hamit Altıntop

    AND A LOT OF PLAYERS I DONT REMEMBER! THESE ARE ALL HIGH CLASS ONES. I mean, can you point any player who is like DROGBA in those leagues? OR DIRK KUYT?

    Fenerbahce was so close to winning a EU CUP last year, eleminated at semi finals second leg!

    And Galatasaray as you well know, have beaten Real Madrid…

    Matchfixing is the only probem? Well if it is, what about Italians, French? What about Milan?! Juventus, Lyon.. FIFA always talks about “Racism” but what it is if its not racist? Also, there is much misery behind Fenerbahces matchfixing scandal, they say its only attempt, no match has been fixed, and FIFA is not sure about matchfixing because the observer they sent to Turkey stepped back and they changed a lot of things and replaced new reporters etc etc. This court is not fair. I will not buy FIFA this year. They have too many faces.

  21. Hello admin,

    It looks like turkish leageu will not be included in the fifa 14. 2 months i have been searching about it and all i see is the turkish leageu will PROBABLY be in fifa 14 but my hope is gone… I did not have read a official news from ea/fifa so i guess the turkish leageu will not be able in the fifa 14 (again). I am really sad bout this and really sorry for ea because many of my turkish friends here in the Netherlands and also
    In Turkey are saying to not buy fifa anymore…. Thanks to this ea lost some fifa buyers and fifa fans.. But i want to tell that i am going to buy fifa 14 anyway cuz you are doing great jobs with this game!! Only sorry for the turkish leageu fenerbahce and besiktas are 2 years banned from
    Europe but next year i want to see turkisj leageu in fifa definetly no matther what is going on!! Thank you and
    Hope to read my comment!!

  22. Cas has made the decision about Fenerbahce, found true match fixing scandal i think.and now it is impossible to see Fenerbahce in FIFA 14 ? and another Q Fenerbahces bantime is two years so i think we cant see Fenerbahce FIFA 15 too?

  23. Italian clubs made this but they are in th game like forever but when it comes to our teams they decided to ban us. I’m buying this game since 99 buut if ea wont add us then i’m not gonna buy it anymore ever. They force us to download not to buy. Ea’s lost.

  24. EA sports will have a good reason. The point is, why should u not buy the best football game ever, only because there is no turkisch league… There will be more than 600 teams and over 17.000 players in fifa 14. And if you realy want galatasaray or fenerbahces in career mode… Take a look on the fifa creation centre, i’m sure that someone made those teams. If not, you can make them. You just have to play in an other leage.

    (Sorry for my english)

  25. its not the same when you do it on Creation centre or take it from there ea does the best, they do their skills, looks and Everything right so it`s not the same brother

  26. Im buying the game every year just because of the fut and i prefer to play with brazil and epl league teams but this year if tehy dont include my team that means i will play with almost the same teams actually worse than 13 because there is no tevez, bale , balotelli and balotelli dont have an alternative also bale to that means i have an brazil team if i decide to buy fifa 14 ok i get it our football federation made it hard for ea and they dont have a chance to add all league at least they can include fenerbahce because when you try to make a team with turkish players you dont have good alternatives i should able to add some players from fenerbahce. No matter what people say everyone wants to play with their team if im gonna pay 60$ then they have to add my team. After 3 years without fenerbahce i think i deserved it

  27. A lot of clubs r involved in match fixing and still in fifa games,i dnt understand the double standards when it comes to turkey, ive been getting the game every year since fifa 98 but really just not the same without my fav. team in it, gets boring after half an hour so im gona try PES this year to see if i can get used to it, whata shame…

  28. F..k the UEFA, they are nothing but corrupt, racist m….f…..s, why is the serie A never banned? I read a couple of days ago that a couple of dutch teams were involved in matchfixing in 2009, why aren’t they banned? Did they ever missed one year in fifa games? NO Platini go f..k yourself with your own dickhead.

    Another customer lost…there is only one soccer game, with or qwithout the Super League and that is KONAMI’S PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER! And there is one club, with or without the FIFA and that is BESIKTAS!

  29. I think this is the wrong topic but…

    For all belgian fifa players, you can get fifa 14 in pre orden for 28, gamemania.
    Ofcourse there are some conditions, you can read them on their site. All you need is 3 games for xbox360 or PS3, you don’t need anymore

    Again, sorry for my english

    Voor alle belgische en eventueel nederlandse fifa spelers, er is een actie in gamemania waarbij je fifa 14 in pre order maar 28 euro betaald, je hoeft alleen 3 oude spellen voor xbox of ps3 in te leveren,

    Actie tot 25 september,

  30. Even the Polish league is included in Fifa 14, but the Turkish league is still not included….

    I think, from now the Turkish league won’t be included in Fifa 14…. Do you guys know something about it?

      1. how r u sure polish league is d last one???fifa 13 had 30 leagues out of which brazilian,polish and portugese leagues werent licensed.So that means fifa 13 had 27 licensed leagues,this year argentine ,chilean,columbuian and polish ones added.so count goes to 31.till bahia gets licensed,brazilian league till now is unlicensed.And the page at fifplay claims czech league and hungarian league to be added.and btw fifa 14 is having 33 officially licensed leagues,nt just 30 leagues in total.so there is chance of unlicensed turkish league even now

        1. Hi.
          On the back cover of your FIFA 13 copy you can see that the game has 29 leagues. It was our starter point.
          But you may be right. In that case, the new leagues would be the four that we already know, the Turkish and the Ukraine according to some sources. Not the czech league or the hungarian league.

  31. I think they will lose many turkish and maybe other cuntry supporters fifa, i think the most turkish people going to change too pes 14 there its more turkish teams there, so EA will lose many customers. They are not the same to other teams but when its turkish teams they delete them from the game shame on EA.
    I hope every person who support turkish League and want it on fifa, buy pes instead fifa so that fifa learns how important turkish League is.

  32. turkish League supporters buy pes instead, then EA going to understand how important turkish League is. sorry for my English

  33. Can you confirm if the Ukraine League will be included in Fifa 14?

    If not will Dynamo Kiev be included in the Rest of the World category?

    Thank you.

  34. Would Trabzonspor be in Fifa 14 after winterstop?
    I need Malouda Bosingwa and Zokora and Onur and Adin in my Ultimate team

  35. Will Trabzonspor be in Fifa 15? do you have any news about the license? why didn’t they put Trabzonspor in fifa 14 what was the problem?

  36. Yeah but TRABZONSPOR has nothing to do with match fixing like Galatasaray.
    Fenerbahce And besiktas are the match fixers. Is ea lazy to take a license for TRABZONSPOR?

  37. Galatasaray will sure be in the game, but I have heard they will add Besiktas, Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce also to the game, is this right?

  38. Congratulations Trabzonspor will be 100% in fifa 15.
    Trabzonspor his chairman said it on Twitter, EA will go to Trabzon to take the license for the game fifa 15.

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