Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which centre backs and full backs you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode.


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How to choose the Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


In this article we will suggest the best defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your club. Keep in mind that the best players for us may not be for you. It depends of your club, other players, formation, transfer budget, wages budget, play style, preferences, etc…

To select the best players, we have mainly into consideration their stats, potential and age. That’s why a few old players are not in this list. Someone who will not be playing for more than two seasons in our club is not such a good buy as someone who will play for five or six seasons.


In our website we suggest defenders of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Decent defenders that you can find at good prices or ending their contracts.
    Best Young
    Young defenders with great growth. Potential future top players.

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Best Centre Back for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Club (first season): Real Madrid
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 89
Age: 22

You are asking why we picked Varane and not Thiago Silva or Sergio Ramos, for example. Well, it is true that Varane is not the best centre back in the first season but you do have plans to play more than one season, right? He should be the first buy in any major club.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: JÉRÔME BOATENG

Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Bayern
Rating: 87
Potential (1): 89
Age: 27

If you can’t wait until Varane reaches the maximum potential, then you will need someone like Boateng: he’s fast, tall and has amazing stats.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: MATS HUMMELS

Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): Borussia Dortmund
Rating: 86
Potential (1): 88
Age: 26

Hummels has been accused of not being a fast centre back, but in FIFA 16 this is not so important. He is not as good as Boateng, but you can play with him at the highest level for at least more 5 seasons.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Paris Saint Germain
Rating: 88
Potential (1): 88
Age: 31

In the first season, he is the best defender. He can’t get better than that. However, Silva is already 31 which means that he will stop playing in a few years. A younger centre back may be a better choice.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): Real Madrid
Rating: 87
Potential (1): 87
Age: 29

If you are playing with Real Madrid, then you just need to keep your centre backs because you already have the best of the best. Sergio Ramos is a beast. He is one of the fastest and also scores a lot of goals. Who doesn’t want a player like him ?


Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Rapahel Varane
2. Jérôme Boateng
3. Mats Hummels
4. Thiago Silva
5. Sergio Ramos
6. Giorgio Chiellini
7. Stefan De Vrij
8. Shkodran Mustafi
9. Mateo Musacchio
10. Vincent Kompany



Best Right Back for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Our Choice: DANILO

Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Real Madrid
Rating: 81
Potential (1): 87
Age: 24

Danilo is not an ordinary player. It is very hard to find top-quality players with so balanced stats. He simply can’t play bad. In a near future he will be undoubtedly the best right back in the world.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: CARVAJAL

Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): Real Madrid
Rating: 81
Potential (1): 85
Age: 23

Is it possible for a club to own the two best right backs? Yes, it is. Carvajal is strong, fast and defends well. He should be your second choice.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: DANI ALVES

Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 84
Potential (1): 84
Age: 32

Everyone knows Dani Alves. This fast right back is who attacks the best. However he is already 32, which means that you will need someone else if you plan to play for several seasons.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: England
Club (first season): Liverpool
Rating: 81
Potential (1): 85
Age: 24

He is already one of the best RB’s in the world at the age of just 24. Imagine how he will be when he reaches his maximum potential.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Manchester United
Rating: 81
Potential (1): 85
Age: 25

Darmian is not as fast as Clyne but he defends better. If you are looking for a RB good in the attack and in the defence, maybe you should give him a chance.


Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Danilo
2. Carvajal
3. Dani Alves
4. Nathaniel Clyne
5. Matteo Darmian
6. De Marcos
7. Igor Smolnikov
8. Séamus Coleman
9. Mário Fernandes
10. Pablo Zabaleta



Best Left Back for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Austria
Club (first season): FC Bayern
Rating: 85
Potential (1): 88
Age: 23

This one is easy. No one is better than Alaba and no one will be better than him. You will need to pay a good money for him, but that’s natural when you are signing with someone of such high quality for the next ten seasons.

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: JORDI ALBA

Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 84
Potential (1): 88
Age: 26

Alba is perfect for who wants a really fast full back. And his pace may grow up. What a player!

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: LAYVIN KURZAWA

Nationality: France
Club (first season): Paris Saint Germain
Rating: 80
Potential (1): 88
Age: 23

He is the type of player everyone loves. Balanced, young and with a great potential, he is probably already in your list, right?

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Juventus
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 86
Age: 24

It is not normal to see so many young full backs with high potential. Alex Sandro is just one of the best examples. With him in your team you don’t need anyone else. Hype!

Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Switzerland
Club (first season): VfL Wolfsburg
Rating: 83
Potential (1): 87
Age: 23

Another young amazing left back. He is not as fast as Alex Sandro but he defends very well and crosses like almost no one else. You will need someone for assists, right?


Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. David Alaba
2. Jordi Alba
3. Layvin Kurzawa
4. Alex Sandro
5. Ricardo Rodriguez
6. Marcelo
7. Azpilicueta
8. Fábio Coentrão
9. Emiliano Insua
10. Leighton Baines


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(1) Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.


78 thoughts on “Best Defenders for FIFA 16 Career Mode”

          1. Hi Rodrigo,
            GK: Neuer 92
            LB: Alaba 87
            CB: Varane 84
            CB: Ramos 88
            RB: Danilo 82
            CM: Kroos 86
            CM: Özil 87
            CAM: James 88
            LW: Ronaldo 95
            ST: Messi 95
            RW: Bale 87

            Navas 80
            Najar 75
            Pjanic 84
            Jese 79
            Marcelo 83
            Pepe 84

            Do you have any suggestions of who I can buy or replace? Or buy for reserves?

          2. Rodrigo Lopes

            Yes. You have the best players of the world, but most of them are getting old. Maybe you should buy young players like Dybala, Renato Sanches, Donnarumma…

  1. Is it only me but I see that the pictures are messed.

    Is tgus only for gold players? I had Bellerin and Chambers and RB

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      Yes, it can happen:
      Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.

  2. Is it just me or it looks like you’ve literally picked all of the highest rated near enough that’s it other than varane and danilo but surely everyone with the game knows them

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      It’s just you. 🙂
      We analyzed several factors, like potential, age, stats, in-game behaviour, price, etc…

  3. GK:Neuer(92)
    CB:Boateng(87), Javi Martinez(84)
    CM:Vidal(86), Matic(84)
    LF:Lewandowski(89), Ibrahimovic(89)
    What can I do to get better? (Obviously I’m a huge Bayern fan)

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      You may be a huge Bayern fan but Javi Martinez is not good enough to play in your team. Why don’t you buy Varane ?

  4. Hi Mr Rodrigo I have a question even though its not related with the defender thing who do u think is a good young pacey skiller.

      1. Hi Rodrigo, any suggestions on how to have a realistic and enjoyable Manchester United career mode? Sell who, buy who? They are my favourite team and I always play career with them but always end up getting bored. Thanks

        1. Rodrigo Lopes

          Sell Rooney, Varela, Lingard, Romero, Fellaini, Valencia and Young. Keep with Regan Poole, Marcus and Sam Johnstone.
          Buy Varane or Laporte, Perin, Matic or William Carvalho, Tielemans, Gonçalo Guedes and Lacazette or Griezmann.
          Good luck

  5. Just started a career with Bayern and I bought coutinho, Dani alves, and aguero. Any suggestions of players I should buy.
    Another young amazing striker is Angel Correa, he has a lot of potential

  6. Hart 86
    Alaba 88
    Darmian 82
    Kompany 86
    Otamendi 85
    Calhanoglu 81
    J.Rodriguez 92
    Neymar 91
    Ronaldo 94
    Suarez 93
    Bale 88

    Is there any improvements I can make ? Any one to buy

  7. Jetro Willems is an absolute beast he was at 87 in my 2nd year of my career in Schalke. Absolute disgusting left back.

  8. Never 92
    Alaba 88
    Varane 87
    Marquinhos 85
    Pogba 90
    James RodrigueZ 89
    Depay 84
    Messi 95
    Suarez 93
    Bale 89

    And my bench is
    Y. Teilemans 83
    De gea 88
    Danilo 84
    Falcao 79
    Sterling 87
    Zouma 80

    Is ther anyone left I can use to improv my team ( except for a replacement for Falcao

    1. Jimenez Rodriguez, cb age is 24, five seasons in and has an 86 rating had him in my old club before moving to Man U now my old club is selling him for over 100 million

  9. GK: Diego Alves (91)
    LB: Alaba (88)
    CB: Varane (87)
    CB: Bernardo (86)
    RB: Danilo (86)
    LM: Reus (88)
    CDM: Kroos (90)
    RM: De Bruyne (90)
    CAM: Pogba (89)
    LS: Griezman (87)
    RS: Agüero (89)

    Any suggestions

  10. I’m a big fan of manchester united..i can’t sell wayne rooney ..i need a really good & young RW ..CDM ST CB ..suggest some players

  11. Mr Lopes
    I use Arsenal on my CM and follow your guides, so here is my squad
    GK: Courtois 86, Sczezny 79
    CB: Laporte 85, Sule 84, Koscielny 83
    RB: Chambers (81) and Bellerin (77)
    LB: Gaya 81 and Gibbs (80)
    CM and CDM: Tielemans 83, Ramsey 84, Wilshere 83, Danilo 79
    CAM: Ozil 87
    RW and RM: Campbell 81 and Chamberlain 80
    LW: Alexis 87 and Depay 83
    ST: Dybala 85 and Embolo 79
    I like to swap my rw and lw so I use alexis on lw and depay on rw. If ozil is tired i change the formation to 433 holding or 433 and replace him with danilo or other CM
    Who should I buy and who should I sell? Thank you

  12. 4-2-4

    L.Shaw LB
    Boateng CB
    David Luiz CB
    Marcelo RB

    Modric LCM
    Robben RCM

    Cr RS
    Ibrahimovic ST
    Cavani ST
    Hazard LS

    This is my FIFA online 3 team. Any improvement?

  13. Master Metcalfe

    I have £90,000,000 and £320,000 Wage Budget, But I don’t know who to buy my team is solid. (Season 3)
    GK – De Gea
    LB – Erik Durm
    CB – Marc Bartra
    CB – Sokratis
    RB – Ginter/Piszczek (Piszczek plays amazing even at 32)
    CM – Gonzalo Castro
    CAM – Isco
    CAM – Ousmane Dembele
    LM – Reus
    RM – Mkhitaryan
    ST – Lewandowski

  14. Khalid Prasetya

    I enjoy play the CM using Leicester City, and here is my squad:

    Gk: Butland; Schwarzer
    Def: Bellerin; Eric Dier; John Stones; Janmaat; De Sciglio; McNair
    Mid: Ramsey; Calhanoglu; Xhaka; Brady; Mahrez; Kapustka; Andreas Pereira; Robbie Brady
    Att: Fekir; Milik; Alexandre Pato; Embolo

    I do need your opinion to improve the squad especially in mid and def area. And also suggestion for players to buy and sell. Thanks

      1. This is my squad
        De Gea 93 27
        Smalling 88 26
        Varane 90 25
        Laporte 88 27
        Pogba 94 27
        Veratti 89 26
        James Rodriguez 92 27
        Neymar 95 26
        Tielimans 93 23
        Griezmann95 28
        Morata 92 23
        Lacazette 90
        Perin 88
        Eric Bailly 85
        Isco 87
        Embolo 88
        Danilo79?No Growth?
        Halilovic 81. No Growth…
        Neves 80………… No Growth
        I will sell the No Growths for Eric Asensovic he is a fake player he is 82 rated and 17 years old beast also I will sign Alaba still Only 50 million and Danilo dunno why he is 1 million and 88 rated……. Last season he was 39 mill…….

  15. My career mode team out of all academy players
    Gk Tama Usenta 86
    Marco Paretinni 84
    Xin Hao Leung 86
    Alexander Elekivic 90
    Dennis Effemlem
    Denniho 92
    Alfae Nigullinho 78
    Mirisint Acalqcalavacavic 91 serves right for a looooooong name
    tennenniho 76
    Bennenenniho 83
    Denisov de markoert 83

    second seasons any suggestions?

  16. My team De gea Varane Laporte Smalling Pogba Veratti Neymar James Rodrigues Isco Lacazette Griezmann Second Season Man Utd Any suggestions

  17. GK:De Gea
    Douglas Costa
    Kevin De Bruyne
    Sergio Ramos
    Any Suggestions

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      I think it can not be improved!
      However, try to buy a few young players to replace the older ones in the next seasons.

  18. My team:
    Joe Hart
    David Luiz
    Adam rami
    My subs: ozil,griezman,sneijder milne,kolarov
    Should I make any Improvement.?

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      First time I see someone with CR7, Lewa and Ibra in the same team. You don’t need any improvement. Just be sure to find a good young CB to replace Kompany or David when they retire.

  19. My team
    Gk loris de gea
    Rb alves caravajal
    Cb pique javier Hummel Marquinhos
    Lb jordi balley
    Cm Sanchez tielimans ivan busquet
    Forward msn resus bale
    Any comment

  20. SL Benfica Team:
    GK Cesaer 83
    LB Gaya 80
    CB Blind 80
    CB Jerdel 80
    RB Tete 77
    CDM Youri 77
    LM Rafa 80
    RM Salvio 81
    CAM Pizzi 80
    ST Jonas 84
    ST Volland 80
    Any Suggestions???

    1. Rodrigo Lopes

      Well, that’s the team I support which make this easier.
      You need to find a new goalkeeper (JC is old!) and a new CB. Guedes is a wonderful player and can be sold for a good amount of money. Use it to improve your squad.

  21. Navas 82
    Alba 84
    Varane 82
    Mathieu 83
    Carvajal 82
    Isco 84
    Koke 85
    Parejo 82
    Vela 81
    Griezmann 95
    Knonoplyanka 82
    ( Any suggestion for my team , I don’t have a good support for Griezmann and I concede goals in unexpected movements ) .

  22. My Team:
    GK:De Gea
    Juan Mata
    Kevin De Bruyne
    Any Suggestions???

  23. junaid Manappuram

    Alves. Boateng. Godin. Alaba
    Ozil. Pogba. Modric
    Messi. Suarez. Cristiano

    Sub: Nuer. Carvjal. Chiellini. Ramos. Marcelo. Kroos. Busquts. Bale. Neymar. Reus. Hazard. Greizman. Abmyng

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