Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which attackers you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best strikers and forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode.


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How to choose the Best Strikers and Forwards


In this article we will suggest the best strikers and forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your club. Keep in mind that the best players for us may not be for you. It depends of your club, other players, formation, transfer budget, wages budget, play style, preferences, etc…

To select the best players, we have mainly into consideration their stats, potential and age. Someone who will not be playing for more than two seasons in our club is not such a good buy as someone who will play for five or six seasons.


In our website we suggest strikers and forwards of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Decent ST and CF that you can find at good prices or ending their contracts.
    Best Young
    Young ST and CF with great growth. Potential future top players.


Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Uruguay
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 90
Potential (1): 90
Age: 28

You can use Messi or Ronaldo in this position, but if you want the best native striker, then you will need to play with Luis Suárez. No one will be better than him until he retired.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Poland
Club (first season): FC Bayern
Rating: 87
Potential (1): 89
Age: 27

Lewandowski is the best alternative to Suárez. However, if your club is extremely rich why not having both? Goal machine.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE

Nationality: France
Club (first season): Olympique Lyon
Rating: 84
Potential (1): 88
Age: 24

He was one of the players who has developed better in the last year. He is ready to play in any club.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Club (first season): Atlético Madrid
Rating: 83
Potential (1): 89
Age: 24

He will not stay in Madrid much longer. Griezmann is pure class. In few seasons he may be as good as Ibrahimovic is now.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Club (first season): Real Madrid
Rating: 86
Potential (1): 88
Age: 27

Yes, another French striker. This one is older and much more experienced. Benzema is a very balanced and solid striker who can reaches overall 90.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Bayern
Rating: 86
Potential (1): 88
Age: 26

Thomas Muller is the only centre forward of this top 10 which means that he is different from the other ones. Instead of be only a finisher, he assists his team mates very well.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Argentina
Club (first season): Manchester City
Rating: 87
Potential (1): 87
Age: 27

He is the best Barclays Premier League striker but is only in the seventh position. That’s because he will not become better than he is now while most of other players will.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): Chelsea
Rating: 86
Potential (1): 87
Age: 26

Costa’s fair play isn’t good in real life but since it is just a game you can buy him without be afraid of suspensions. He is slightly worse than Aguero and he always will.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: England
Club (first season): Liverpool
Rating: 83
Potential (1): 86
Age: 26

He is fast, has good shooting and dribbling. If you find him at a good price, buy him. Don’t hesitate.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Belgium
Club (first season): Liverpool
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 86
Age: 24

Where’s Ibrahimovic? It’s true that FIFA 16 seems to be be made especially for him but, in our opinion, he is too old to justify the investment. You will need someone younger to play several seasons and that could be Benteke.


Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Luis Suárez
2. Robert Lewandowski
3. Alexandre Lacazette
4. Antoine Griezmann
5. Karim Benzema
6. Thomas Muller
7. Sergio Aguero
8. Diego Costa
9. Daniel Sturridge
10. Christian Benteke


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(1) Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.


173 thoughts on “Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode”

  1. My 1st team with Liverpool with overall:-
    Mignolet (79)
    Clyne (82)
    Skrtel (82)
    Varane (83)
    Ricardo Rodriguez (83)
    Berardi (81) AWSOME
    Rakitic (85) AWSOME
    Henderson (81)
    Roberto Firmino (81)
    Coutinho (84)
    Sturridge (84)

    I am looking forward to buy Griezmann and Petr Cech

    1. lucas moura, potential 89 cost 20-30 million
      verratti, potential 89 cost 20-30milion
      tielemans potential 90 cost 25-40 million

      1. I’m in my second team with Tottenham Hotspur and here is my squad, and I am lookin for a new member to purchase
        Gk- loris
        Lb rose
        CB verthonghen
        CB alderweireld
        RB walker
        Lm eriksen
        Cm alli
        Cm dembele
        Rm jese
        Cam Isco
        St kane
        Who should I get

        1. You have a very balanced team. It’s not easy to see where you should improve first. Maybe you should find a replacement for Rose, like Gayá or Jetro Willems

          1. Mate get either kurzawa or Luke shaw for the LB

            Also get josh kimmich from Bayern you’ll get him cheap and he grows nicely
            Here’s my team 4th year

            GK De Gea (90)
            Rb aurier (86)
            CB Tah (83)
            CB Brooks (84)
            LB Alaba (87)
            CM Teilmans (82)
            Cm Gomes (85)
            Cm Barkley (84)
            LF De Bruyne (87)
            RF Rues (88)
            ST alcaecer (84)

            PS. I have trained 85% of session (rarely sim)

  2. i need a good striker and rb for real madrid that has a good rating and potential
    budget-85,000,000 for both
    my team
    Gk-De gea
    rb-( )
    Striker-( )

    1. Assuming that you are in the first season, Lewandowski would be perfect. If they ask you too much money and if you plan to play several seasons, you may also look to Griezmann or Lacazette.
      If you sold Danilo, then you lost the best RB you could have. Nathaniel Clyne may be a decent replacement.

    1. From this page:
      Where’s Ibrahimovic? It’s true that FIFA 16 seems to be be made especially for him but, in our opinion, he is too old to justify the investment. You will need someone younger to play several seasons and that could be Benteke.

  3. Juan David Vergara

    Hey, I’m in career mode with arsenal, i haven’t done anything to the squad. I have £50.5 M. What should I do???

  4. Giancarlos Rivera

    I suggest looking for a striker, someone like Benzene or Lacazette, also for a CB. Someone 25-32, so they could last you a couple of years.

  5. Vangelis meletopoulos

    My 1st team with Arsenal with overall:-
    GK:Cech 87
    LB:Alaba 87
    LCB:Boaten 87
    RCB:Hummels 87
    RB:Dani Alves 82
    LCM:Pogba 88
    RCM:Matuidi 86
    CAM:Ozil 88
    LW:Neymar 89
    ST:Suarez 90
    RW: C. Ronaldo 94
    I am about to sell ronaldo toy take another one rw which is the best player to buy?

  6. I havee aguero in my team, you say he will not become better. Thats not true, because he is 91 right now and still growing

    1. Once again:
      Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.”

  7. Stoke city fourth season
    Kepa(78)(21 years)
    Fabinho(85)(24 years)
    Sule (82)(22 years)
    Giménez(81)(22 years)
    Willems(80) (23 years)
    Sandro barbosa(84)(22)
    Berardi (82) (23)

    Anything to improve with 60 m you would reccomend?

  8. Luke McDaniel

    Wolfsburg 2nd Season:

    ST: Dybala
    LM- Konoplyanka
    RM- Mastour
    CAM- Draxler
    CDM- Gustavo
    CDM- Tielemans
    LB- Rodriguez
    RB- Danilo
    CB- Dante
    CB- Naldo
    GK- Courtois

  9. Ok so I started a new career mode with Chelsea,Here’s my squad:-
    Gk Courtois
    Rb Azpilcueta(He’s good over there)
    Cb Laporte
    Cb Terry
    Lb Alaba
    Cm Fabregas
    Cm Gotze
    Rm Lucas
    Lm Hazard
    Cam Oscar
    St D Costa

    I have rotators for the mid such as Xhaka and W Carvalho.Im willing to sell begovic in the next window because hes not accepting the rotation role and I dont want to play him most of the time like courtois.Any suggestions?I have 40m budget left.

  10. Hey I in my second season with man utd but I bought kane but he aint finishing his dinner ( he ain’t scoring goals) and I’m playing on legendary and I need a good striker who can finish and have there pace like around 80 to 90 any suggestion?

  11. My squad:
    wolfsburg fourth season:
    LCB.jetro william(86(
    RCB.Kyle walker.(84)
    LCM.Adma traore.(86)
    RM.Goncalo gudes.(84)
    RS.Paco alcacer(85)

  12. Hey man.#need ur help
    Been following ur fifa blogs quite a while
    So thanks for them big help
    My squad is based on Ligue 1 I.e Lacazette as he is highest rated player in my team for other strikers..i have Fekir and Beauvue..both of his Lyons teammates
    But now, I want better striker along his side..i have Sturridge and Griezmann bith but can’t decide whom to keep although Griezmann is French and better chemistry but I also can’t ignore Sturridge raw, according to you which one I use alongside Lacazette,fekir and Beauvue also I have another French striker Remy from Chelsea..what are ur views regarding him and also I am going to add Di Maria in team in few days..can’t afford Ibrahim and Cavanni is not that good imo for his price..
    ur opinion welcome!

      1. I know that’s what the facts say especially on cards but if u have to choose one of them which one u think would be better for squad?
        Griezman has better dribbling skills but not pace that much as sturridge and also passing better Remy is faster among them with better heading and Jump..thats why i am confuse
        And my other strikers are Lacazette, fekir and Beauvue (all Lyons strikers)
        Which one according to you is better in combination with these 3 strikers

  13. Rodrigo, I play FUT 15 all the time. What formation and players ( under 15k) would you suggest?. I like playing on the wings and posession.

  14. I’m on my second season at Arsenal looking to buy a cm and striker
    Budget 90 million
    Gk cech 90
    Lb alaba 86
    CB varane 85
    Cb koscielny 84
    Rb bellerin 77
    Cm Isco 85
    Cm tielemans 79
    Cm Özil 88
    Rw bale 89
    St coman 80
    Lw Sanchez 87

  15. In my fourth season with Liverpool FC and my team is:
    GK: Timo Horn (80)
    RB: Clyne (81)
    CB: Vertonghen (86)
    CB: Laporte (84)
    LB: Moreno (81)
    CDM: Bender (83)
    CDM: Parejo (83)
    LW: Neymar (90)
    CAM: Gotze (84)
    RW: Lucas (84)
    ST: Sturridge (88)
    Have you got any suggestions on who to buy next? (Only just bought Horn so not too keen on buying a GK but open to suggestions)

  16. I am looking for a striker under 23, over 6 feet tall, who is fast. It seems like all the elite tall strikers are old, and all the good young ones are short, or don’t get that good. Which players except for lukaku and embolo would you recommend?

  17. My current squad

    GK – ter stegen

    CB – Gaya
    CB – Varane
    CB – Aurier

    LM – Neymar
    CM – Pogba
    CM – Busquets
    RM – Rodriquez

    CF – Messi
    ST – Suarez
    ST – Lewandowski


  18. I need a striker for ac milan I already have Lacazette andbbacca but im looking for a good goal scorer any thoughts?

  19. Ambarish Belani

    Hey Rodrigo, I have started my Juventus career mode here is my squad (first season)
    GK: Buffon (87)
    LB:Alex Sandro(83)
    LM:Koke (83)
    Whom should I buy???

    1. You will need a GK if you plan several seasons. You should buy Perin as soon as possible, while he’s still cheap.
      Varane and Griezmann could be good additions too.

  20. Hi! I am playing my 4th season with Barcelona and here is my team
    Goalkeepers : Manuel Neuer , Courtois
    Defender : Gaya , pique , mascherano , alba , kompany , thiago Silva , vermaelan
    Midfielders : Busquets , gotze ,reus , iniesta , Roberto
    Wings : Bale , hazard , robben , Pedro
    Forwards : neymar , messi , lewandowski
    Anything would you like to tell to me to improve,I have 30m budget left

  21. I just started an Arsenal career mode. I bought Marquinoius 81 rated( He’s solid and 21 years old). I have around 65 million in the bank. I made offers to Griezzman,Ibra, Benzema. They all accepted. Which one should I sign?

  22. try Clinton N’jie his rating is not perfect but his stats and gameplay is amazing he can score 20-25 goals in the league per season (if you simulate). I also suggest Renato Sanches and Gabriel Jesus they are young pacey and agile and have outstanding potential.

  23. Just started a career with Chelsea
    GK:Courtois (86)

    LB:Gaya (80) (only 20 v.good buy)
    CB:Laporte (84)
    CB:Zouma (81)

    CM:William Carvahal (82)
    CM:James Rodriguez (88)
    CAM:Oscar (85)

    RW: Salah (82)
    ST: Morata (83)
    LW: Hazard (89)

    Any suggestions

  24. Hello there sir Lopez.
    Im in newcastle. Currently in rebuilding and in late 3rd season now.
    My team sheet have 2 form. 1 for the rookies (im using it against weaker team and cup fixtures), the other one is a star team wich include Oscar, and Volland that ive bought at the start of the 2nd season. And currently a great scoring machine.

    Recently, ive sold my young CF Ayoze Perez. Ive trained him from 77 to 82 ovr and leading assist. And inter milan caught their eyes on him. So I gave em £67.500.00. His price is only £21.000.000. I thought they’ll passed on the price. But somehow they just agree with it.

    So the problem is, im lacking young star to improve at the front end. Im sending 4 scout but no luck. Who do you suggest to replace his possition? I didnt mind a 70 ovr young players cus i can train them. But i need a good young blood with great assist instinct.

    Thank you very much for your attention.

  25. Hi I have a budget of 108 million dollars in am psg my formation is
    Def: Rb ( ) CB Silva CB Luiz Lb ( )
    Mid CDM matuidi cm di Maria Lw morata Rw bale
    Att Ibra and cavan I like you can see it need an rb and a lb who can I buy

  26. Billy Stevenson

    Rodrigo I have just started a Arsenal career mode I have this team but don’t know what team to play

    Cm-renato sanches
    Gk- cech
    Bench elneny,Ramsey,embolo,Welbeck,cazorla
    Wilshere, Walcott
    Reserves:ascues,emam Oxford iwobi maitland niles gnabry Adelaide
    Who to sell who to buy? 2million money

    1. Hi.
      You have an amazing team. Ozil could give you a good money that you could use to buy James or Isco.
      Try to see if PSG sells Kurzawa for a good price.

  27. Hey guys, I bought Messi in the first year of career mode. I swapped him with Griezmann and paid 32 million in addition. He agreed to sign for 850,000 pounds per week

  28. Hi Sr Lopez,
    I am looking for a left defender. Who can be a good player?
    My only options to buy for now are Marcelo or Varane.

  29. I have the best team ever with Man city just completed my 4th season and did not lose a single game in the league and did the tremble. My team is

    Never (93)
    Araba (87)
    Varane (87)
    Otamendi (86)
    Clyne (88)
    Carvalho (91)
    Pogba (91)
    Ronaldo (92)
    James (91)
    Bale (90)
    Suarez (90)


    Hart (85)
    Danilo (85)
    Gaya (83)
    Sule (82)
    Verrati (92)
    Tielemans (82)
    Dybala (87)
    Embolo (85)

    Best ever possible

  30. Hi plz im in mu firdt season in west ham in the january transfer window and i need a good midfielder to replace kouyaté
    Any suggestions

  31. My 3rd year team with Liverpool after summer transfers :-
    Neuer (92)
    Clyne (83)
    Varane (85)
    Laporte (84)
    Stones (84)
    Alaba (87)
    Moreno (80)
    Messi (95)
    Berardi (82)
    Verratti (87)
    Pogba (89)
    Kroos (89)
    Ronaldo (95)
    Depay (82)
    Coutinho (90)
    Gotze (86)
    Griezmann (87)
    Morata (84)

    Planning to buy James in the near future and will mostly sign Neymar for free on pre-contract in Jan.
    Any more improvements needed to be made according to you?

  32. Hey mr lopes
    I bought batshuayi to replace caroll in west ham cz u told me i had to replae him so i did
    Batshuayi is amazing he scored 2 goals in his first game but he got injured too

  33. Hey mr lopes
    This is my team in the third season in liverpool career mode. Any thoughts?
    GK: Leno
    RB: Clyne
    CB: Laporte
    CB: Sule
    LB: Gaya
    CDM: Ruben Neves
    CDM: Can
    LM: Coutinho
    CAM: Roberto Firmino
    RM: Berardi
    ST: Dybala.

    Alaba is available on a free transfer in the summer… should i sell Gaya?

  34. My 4th season with Liverpool,
    GK: Leno, 85. He saves just about everything.
    RB: Clyne: 85.
    CB: Varane 89. Excellent
    CB: Laporte 84.
    LB: Moreno 84. Very quick, but I need a replacement
    CM: Tielemans 87. Very good
    CM: Henderson 84. Replacement needed
    CAM: Coutinho 86. Love him
    RW: Promes 85. Very good
    ST: Griezmann 88. Good but I can’t seem to score enough with him.
    LW: Neymar 91. Excellent but I need a good player to rotate him with.

    I have other replacements for some positions, like Embolo, Wendell, Prib (Lahm’s Regen). But what I really need is a pacey striker that can beat defenders and score.

  35. am in my. 4th season with manu. Gk degea. Cb. Varane. Rb laporte. Rcb marquious. Lb alaba. Lm. Draxler. Cm pogba. Kimmich lw neymar. Cf suarez. Rw. Sterling. Need replacement for kimmich

  36. hi rodrigo 2nd season with Southhampton
    GK : stekelengburg
    RB : Cedric
    CB :Sule
    CB:Fonte (should I replace him with Rugani)
    LB: Bertrand
    LDM : Rabiot/Bazoer
    RDM :Wanyama
    LM: Mane/muriel
    CAM :swapped tadic for ben afra
    RM: Ihenacho
    CF: batshuayi

    who should I buy and where should I strengthen my team. what so you think of my team and any young goal quality goal keepers n I dint want embolo or tielemans

  37. My griezman only 83 overall season 4 2019.then my lacazette want leave from my club .who should i buy?

  38. Monojit Biswas

    In 2020 after summer trasfers–my barcelona team is as under:-
    GK- Nuer, S.Pal
    LB- Marcelo, Alaba
    CB- Botaeng, Godin, Laporte, A.Mondal
    RB- Danilo, Chambers
    CM- Sergio, Pastore, Rafina, Vidal
    CAM- Gotze, Messi(c)
    RW- Bale, Sanchez
    LW- Neymar, CR7
    ST- Agureo

    Should I change anything??
    and,, I am facing problem with my current formation 4-3-3(attack),, kindly give suggestion about new formation that will be useful with this squad……

  39. My team:
    Oblak (tots)
    Sergio Ramos
    Thiago Silva
    Jerome Boteng
    David silva
    Ben arfa (tots)
    Sanchez (in form)
    Looking forward to buy robben and sell sanchez. Any opinions.

  40. My fifth season with PSG
    5-2-3 (Trying to get my best players to the starting eleven)

    De Bruyne(89)
    Pjanić(89)(Refused Contract)

    I have 4 others but there not really good and I don’t play them a lot
    Any Suggestions?

  41. Career with Man City
    GK Neuer
    CB Boateng,Kompany
    RB Yedlin
    LB Alaba
    CM 2 created players(99)
    LM Hazard
    RM De Bruyne
    CAM Pogba
    ST Aguero


    Any changes that I should make?

  42. hi Rodrigo First season Barcelona my team
    Gk- De Gea (86)
    CB- Laporte(83)
    LB- Alaba(86)
    RDM- Sergio busquets(87)
    CM- Pogba(87)
    LM- Hazard(89)
    CAM- De Bruyne(86)
    RM- Turan(83)
    ST- Suarez(90)
    RW- Messi(94)
    LW- Neymar(89)

    Any improvements to my team

    My formation is 2-5-3

  43. Hey, I am having a bet with my brother on whose team is better:-
    Team 1 (Liverpool) :
    Neuer 95
    Cech 89
    Courtois 90
    Dragowski 78
    Clyne 87
    Bellerin 86
    Sule 85
    Boateng 90
    Vallejo 87
    Stones 89
    Alaba 88
    Gaya 86
    Messi 95
    De Bryune 91
    Ousmane Dembele 86
    James Rodriguez 94
    Verratti 90
    Kroos 91
    Pogba 93
    Tilemans 86
    Renato Sanches 85
    Coutinho 93
    Halilovic 92
    Hazard 90
    Neymar 94
    Griezmann (LW) 90
    Dybala 88
    Andre Silva 86
    Iheancho 87

    Team 2 (Arsenal) :
    Neuer 93
    Cech 90
    De Gea 87
    Dragowski 76
    Carvajal 88
    Bellerin 85
    Varane 88
    Stones 86
    Marquinhos 85
    Vallejo 84
    Alaba 89
    Wendell 86
    Messi 96
    Walcott 84
    Chamberlain 83
    Wilshere 83
    Ramsey 86
    Verratti 89
    Ronaldo 93
    James Rodriguez 95
    Pogba 92
    Neymar 94
    Sanchez 89
    Labidi 87
    Coutinho 90
    Ozil 91
    Griezmann 90
    Dybala 89
    Kane 88

    Note:- We both are in year 2021

  44. Kristian Hansen

    Why is lacazette number 3 and griezmann number 4 if griezmann can be 1 better then lacazette?

    1. Good question.
      Our choices are not only based in ratings and potential. There are many other factors, like price, age, stats, etc…
      In this case, Lacazette is already better than Griezmann, which means that he will be keeping the best one during more time. His stats are much better for a striker: more pace, shooting, weak foot and physical just to mention the basic ones.

  45. My Real Madrid team:
    Formation: 4-1-2-1-2
    Gk. De gea (86)
    CB. Boateng (89)
    CB. Laporte (85)
    Lb. Alaba (87)
    Rb. Danilo (85)
    Cdm. Pogba (89)
    Lm. Ronaldo (95)
    Ram. Bale (90)
    Cam. Kevin De Bruyne (88)
    St. Griezman (86)
    St. Lewandowski (88)

  46. Foot Monkeez

    4th season (1st in the BPL) with Portsmouth:
    Formation: 4-2-3-1
    GK: Lafont (from 70, now 85)
    LB: Jacobson (from 67, now 72)
    CB: Clarke* ( 66, now 81)
    CB: Whatmore* (60, now 74)
    RB: Webster ( 63, now 76)
    LCM: Fellaini (77)
    RCM: McDonald (73)
    LM: Chaplin* (from 60, now 77)
    CAM: Nathan ( now 78)
    RM: Ayuk (62, now 74)
    ST: James Wilson (69, now 74)
    *: Great players who start with Portsmouth

    Need a lot of improvement, can you please help ?

  47. Thibaut Courtois
    Marco Verratti
    antoine griezmann/ ALEXANDRE LACAZETTE

  48. Lloris. Gk
    Rodriguez. Lb
    Anber. CB
    David luiz. CB
    Bellerin. Rb
    Di maria. Cm
    Insigne. Cam
    Reus. Lm
    Neymar. Lw
    Ibrahimovic. St
    Aubameyang. St(but put him in rw)

    An suggestions on cb’s or cm’s??

  49. GK begovic 82
    rcb baba 78
    cb laporte 84
    lcb zouma 80
    cdm verratti 84
    rm morata 81
    cam Rodriguez 87
    lm hazard 89
    lw felipe anderson 80
    st griezmann 83
    rw lacazette 86

    bench: traore (young beast), van ginkel, mastour (short loan with option to buy at season end), william carvalho, leighton baines (free kick beast), pedro, aurier

    reserve: kenedy, coleman, atsu, lucas piazon

    Who should i buy for season 2, i have started a career at chelsea
    i am getting david de gea off pre contract and carrilo as well as joel matip. I have like 10 people out on loan as well. Salah being one of them. Also who should i sell to make room for anyone and what area of my team needs to be upped

    1. You already have an unbeatable team.
      However, a new LW and GK would be perfect. It depends of your budget. De Gea would be a good addition. Is Neymar too expensive for you?!

  50. Comment:my team 4th year with Chelsea. i need a good young RM willian is getting old and won’t get better

    GK-courtois 87
    RB-Jung 83
    CB-D.Luiz 86
    CB-Zouma 83
    LB-Gaya 85
    CM- Fabregas 88
    CM- Alaba 88
    LM- Hazard 90
    ST- Costa 89
    ST- Tevez 90
    RM- Willian 83

  51. My team is real madrid n here is my squad
    Cf: leo messi
    lw: Ronaldo
    RM: Bale
    Cdm: semi khedira
    cam: isco
    Cm: toni kross
    LB: jordi Alba
    CB: Thiago silva
    CB: Pepe
    RB: Carvajal


  52. My team ia Muenchen I have a budget +- 100 M dollars I want to have a striker with a sprint Speedy more than 90 also Left winger

  53. my fourth season with liverpool
    gk, de gea
    rb clyne
    lb, j alba
    cb ramos
    cb laporte
    cm koke
    cm coutinho
    cm firminno
    cm barklery
    st sturridge
    st aurgruo
    st kane

  54. Hi i m playing my first season with manu n my team is

    Alexis s.


    Any change???

  55. No, for FiFA 16 strikers. I have Sergio Aguero as my main striker and I need a second one for my squad using the 4 1 2 1 2 formation. Chemistry wise, both Higuain and Aguero are from Argentina, and I have Di Maria as my RW. Both Diego Costa and Aguero play for the BPL league, also. So who is the better striker between Gonzalo Higuain and Diego Costa?

  56. And I thought you meant midfielder by “CM.” But no, not career mode. It’s for FIFA 16 ultimate team mobile!

  57. gk, pickford
    rb danilo
    lb, bernat
    cb lucas hernandez
    cb koulibaly
    cm kante
    cm pogba
    cm modric
    cm saúl
    st messi
    st sané
    st lacazette

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