Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which goalkeepers you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode.


Best goalkeepers for FIFA 17 Career Mode can be found here


How to choose the Best Goalkeepers


In this article we will suggest the best goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your club. Keep in mind that the best players for us may not be for you. It depends of your club, other players, formation, transfer budget, wages budget, play style, preferences, etc…

To select the best players, we have mainly into consideration their stats, potential and age. That’s why Petr Čech, for example, is not in this list. Someone who will not be playing for more than two seasons in our club is not such a good buy as someone who will play for five or six seasons.


In our website we suggest goalkeepers of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Decent GK that you can find at good prices or ending their contracts.
    Best Young
    Young GK with great growth. Potential future top players.


Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Bayern
Rating: 90
Potential (1): 90
Age: 29

For most football fans, Neuer is currently the best goalkeeper in the world. He may be an expensive player, but he is worth every pound. If you want the best for your team, you need to buy him. However, if you want someone younger there are other good alternatives.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: THIBAUT COURTOIS

Nationality: Belgium
Club (first season): Chelsea
Rating: 86
Potential (1): 90
Age: 23

The Chelsea’s goalkeeper is a bit slow but he has another great stats. The Belgian player is the only one that can reach Neuer’s level. He is very young which makes him a nice buy to a medium term too.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: DE GEA

Nationality: Spain
Club (first season): Manchester United
Rating: 86
Potential (1): 89
Age: 24

De Gea was once again the best Manchester United player last season. And he will keep growing. He is, undoubtedly, the third best goalkeeper of the game and the good news is that he is almost running out of contract. Do you think you can be faster than Real Madrid was?

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): Bayer 04
Rating: 84
Potential (1): 88
Age: 23

Leno has quality to play in any club. Bayer 04 will not be able to hold him for much longer. For whom they are going to lose him? Will it be for you?

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 88
Age: 23

It’s impossible to talk about this player without comparing him with Leno. Ter Stegen is more expensive but Leno is globally better. Don’t worry if you already bought him. He will be one of the best goalkeepers in a couple of seasons.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Portugal
Club (first season): Olympique Lyon
Rating: 81
Potential (1): 86
Age: 24

Anthony Lopes is probably the most consistent goalkeeper of Ligue 1. He is so important to Lyon that recently he has extended his contract until 2020. Lopes has a long career to be played.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Club (first season): Tottenham Spurs
Rating: 84
Potential (1): 84
Age: 28

Everyone knows who is Lloris and how good he is. A good example that a goalkeeper doesn’t need to be very young to be in our shortlist. If you want someone to play now at the highest level, he is your man.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: German
Club (first season): PSG
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 85
Age: 25

Yes, another German goalkeeper. Sirigu is the reference in the PSG goal but Trapp is the one that will replace him in a near future. You will see…

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Dutch
Club (first season): Ajax
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 85
Age: 26

You will need to have a good budget to buy any of the goalkeepers we made reference in this post. However, you don’t need to spend all your money to buy a good goalkeeper. You can buy Cillessen.

Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: French
Club (first season): Saint-Etienne
Rating: 83
Potential (1): 84
Age: 28

Ruffier has great stats and he is also an affordable player for most of the top clubs. His quality leaves Joe Hart out of this top 10


Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Manuel Neuer
2. Thibaut Courtois
3. De Gea
4. Bernd Leno
5. Marc-André Ter Stegen
6. Anthony Lopes
7. Hugo Lloris
8. Kevin Trapp
9. Jasper Cillessen
10. Stéphane Ruffier


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(1) Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.


52 thoughts on “Best Goalkeepers for FIFA 16 Career Mode”

  1. Can you tell me a good keeper for leicester city in 2nd season for fifa 16? I have 32 million sterling

    1. Leno and Anthony Lopes are my suggestions. If you need a GK just for a few seasons, you can also try Handanovic for free. In other hand, if you plan to play many seasons, Perin and Oblak are the best choices

    1. That’s because his potential is 84.
      As we published in the end of the article:
      Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.

  2. id take handanovic over any of those players …neuer doesn’t even have to play half the time in bundesliga!

  3. Joe hart is at least top five. I have played with eight of these keepers and he is far more consistent than most of them including Nueur. How is he not in the top ten…

    1. In our opinion he is not good enough to be on top 10.
      First of all, he is not as young as other top GK, like Courtois, De Gea and Leno. Then, he will not be better than he is now (except in rare cases). Even now, he is not better than most of the other GK.

  4. Richard Cavanagh

    Personally, I’ve just started my second season with Arsenal and Petr Cech finished the first season with 88 OVR, so I don’t know why you think he doesn’t improve.

  5. Trapp is good too when he reach 30 years he will be like 87 ovr and i sell it to r madrid for 125.000.000$
    When his value only25.000.000$ not long after that his ovr is 92

  6. What about my Sqaud?

    GK’s : Courtois , Bürki , Dragowski
    Defenders : Jetro Willems , Gaya , Varane, Laporte , Zouma , Vallejo , Rodriguez , Darmian
    Midfielders : Calhanoglu , Halihovic, James Rodriguez, Pogba, Tielemans, Baozer, Rafinha, Veratti
    Forwards : Correa , Dybala , Embolo , Bertrand Traoré

    Playing 4th season Juve. got left 21mln €. i sold Isco for 88mln€ to PSG and Bought James for 120€ 😛 , worth.

  7. How is my squad, it is organized in a 3-3-4 (I know very offensive but I like it that way):
    GK: Anthony Lopes (86)
    Defenders: Alaba (86), Hummels (88), Boateng (87)
    Midfielders (CM) Pogba (87), (CAM) Reus (86), (CAM) Sanchez (86)
    Forwards: (LW) Neymar (89), (RW) Bale (89), (CF) Messi (95), (CF) Aguero (89)

    This is in 2019. Thanks for the opinion

  8. I suggest buying James Rodriguez his potential is 93 and in that formation he will score tons of goals for you, as well as create them. Place him in the CAM and replace Sanchez.

  9. abdelrhman gbr

    What about my squad ?

    Gk. Mandanda . Oblak
    df. Ramos . Zouma. Miranda
    Lb. Flipe luis . Fabio countrao
    rb. Walker . Juanfrane
    cdm. Bosquets. Gabi
    Cm . Isco. Thiago alcantra.hamsik
    fw. Griezman. Cavani.lewandwiski.cuadrado.higuan

  10. Rate My squad (Arsenal 2018)
    GK: Lloris Donnaruma
    DF: Carvajal Bellerin Varane Marquinhos Laporte Hummels De Vrij Willems Gibbs
    MF: Pogba Wilshere Ramsey Bazoer Sane Reus Lucas Bale
    ST: Lewandowski Embolo Welbeck

  11. Hey can tou tell what i need for my squad
    Bvb 2021

    Gk: all of them depart the club – i want buy ter stegen and leno
    Rb: matteo darmian – mattia sciglio
    Cb: tony jantschke – sule – hummels
    Lb: digne -fabinho

    Cm: kroos – xhaka – alli

    Rm: mkhitaryan – erik lamela
    Lm:dennis suarez – dennis praet
    Cam: mario gotze
    St: griezmann – aubamyang

    I have 78M could you give me some advice to buy some players?

  12. My team in 4th season. In 4-3-3 formation.(man. United)
    GK : Victor valdes (84), Romero (79)
    RB/LB: Luke Shaw (80), Dani alves (83),bellerin (79)
    CB: Kompany (87), Hummels (86), jones(81), smalling (82)
    CM/CDM : Pogba (88), Rooney (88), Tielemans (83), Schweinesteiger (85), Khedira (84)
    LW/RW/ST : Ronaldo (94), Hazard (90), Bale (88), Robben (87), Douglas Costa (82)
    Now at start of 5th season in August I have 86 mil. £(Sterling). SO ANY COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS?

  13. where is Petr Czech I had him for two seasons and he rose from 85 up to 89 unbelievable but in average I would say he rises up to 88.

  14. Halfway thru my third season as Man U and Da Gea has demanded a transfer. I have Kepa as my number 2, should I hand him the reigns and let him play his way up (78 overall) or buy?

  15. My squad
    GK: De Gea, Buffon
    Def: smalling, laporte, Darmian, hummels
    Mid: Muller, Mata, Bale, schwanstinger, verrati
    For: Rooney, Ronaldo, lewandoski, ibra n morata

  16. Ernesto Gutierrez

    Can you rate my squad and any suggestions

    Defense: Bellerin, Varane, Koschielny, Gibbs, Marquinhos

    Midfield: Xhaka, Ramsey, Conquelin, Rafinha, Ozil

    Attack: Walcott, Sanchez, Lacazzete, Breel Embolo, Jesé, Campbell

    Arsenal 2016

  17. Celtic team after 5 years (Including OVR due to development):

    GK: Leno/87
    Def: R.Rodriguez/87 Tah/86 Varane/88 Bellerin/85
    Mid: Januzaj/88 W.Carvalho/87 Halliovic/87 Hulk/86
    Att: Dybala/87 Rooney/88

    I quite enjoyed the game, I got most of the money from consecutive Champions League victories and my bench just consists of 70-77 rated youngsters from the academy. I would replace Rooney with Rashford as in my save he is developing quite well. I wonder what you think Rodrigo as I put quite a bit of effort into it and your guides have been of great help in moulding the galacticos. Thank you!!!

  18. My team : (1st season) (4-5-1)
    cb: sule mustafi
    Rb: Clyne
    Cm : can
    Rm : salah
    Lm : promes
    Cam: calhanoglu firmino
    St: lacazette
    I have around 16 million with 250k wages and I want to replace mignolet

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