Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which attackers you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best strikers and forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode.


Best strikers and forwards for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best of the Best
Best Deals
Best Youngs


How to choose the Best Strikers and Forwards

In this article we will suggest the best attackers for FIFA 15 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your low, medium or large budget club. Keep in mind that the best players for us may not be for you. It depends of your other players, formation, transfer budget, wages budget, play style, preferences, etc…


We will suggest strikers and forwards of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Decent Attackers that you can find at good prices or ending their contracts.
    Best Young
    Young Attackers with great growth and that will be top players in the future.


Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Argentina
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 93
Potential: 95
Age: 27

Messi is one of the best players of all time and the best thing is that he still has chances to be even better. If you have plans to buy him, you will need to choose a millionaire club.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Alternative: LUIS SUÁREZ

Nationality: Uruguay
Club (first season): FC Barcelona
Rating: 89
Potential: 91
Age: 27

If Messi is too expensive to you and you still want the best of the best, why don’t you try Luis Suárez ? He’s really amazing. He is expensive but the quality has its price.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI

Nationality: Poland
Club (first season): FC Bayern
Rating: 87
Potential: 89
Age: 26

Lewandowski isn’t as good as Messi or Luis Suárez. However, he is a great player for any team, like it happens with Aguero, Falcão and Diego Costa. Where is Ibrahimovic ? Well, he is THE striker but in our opinion he wasn’t made for Career Mode due to his age.


Best Strikers and Forwards Deals in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Ivory Coast
Club (first season): CSKA Moskva
Rating: 82
Potential: 84
Age: 27

Fast players are important in FIFA 15, right ? Free players are always welcome, even when you need to wait a full year, right ? The question is: what are you waiting for ?

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Alternative: ARTEM DZYUBA

Nationality: Russia
Club (first season): Spartak Moskva
Rating: 80
Potential: 83
Age: 26

He isn’t a great player for your top quality team, but he may be useful if your club is not so top, specially if you like strong strikers.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: JAMES WILSON

Nationality: England
Club (first season): Manchester United
Rating: 63
Potential: 81
Age: 19

If you are looking for someone younger and easier to hire, James Wilson and Connor Wickham seem to be good options. However, there are many other good players also in the last year of contract. If you think you can handle with their age look to this huge list: Antonio Di Natale, Didier Drogba, Miroslav Klose, Dimitar Berbatov, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Peter Crouch.


Best Young Strikers and Forwards in FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode


Nationality: Netherlands
Club (first season): Ajax
Rating: 69
Potential: 86
Age: 18

What is an hidden gem ? Oh! Sure. Zivković. He is not ready for your first team yet but buy him in the first season because he will be much more expensive after that.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Best Alternative: ROMELU LUKAKU

Nationality: Belgium
Club (first season): Everton
Rating: 80
Potential: 86
Age: 21

Strong and fast, Lukaku is a very well known striker. If you need someone to play in your first team in your first season, Lukaku is your man.

Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: ALEKSANDAR MITROVIĆ

Nationality: Serbia
Club (first season): RSC Anderlecht
Rating: 74
Potential: 85
Age: 20

Here it is a cheap striker that may be a key player in your team in just two seasons. However, there are many young good attackers as you can see in the list above.


More young stikers and forwards you should try:

– For High Quality Teams

    Michy Batshuayi (Belgium | Marseille)
    Maurco Icardi (Argentina | Inter)
    Luciano Vietto (Argentina | Villarreal CF)
    Paco Alácer (Spain | Valencia)
    Munir (Spain | FC Barcelona)

– For Lower Quality Teams

    Breel Donald Embolo (Cameroon | FC Basel)
    Neal Maupay (France | OGC Nice)
    Enes Ünal (Turkey | Bursaspor)
    Younes Bnou-Marzuk (France | Juventus)
    Sergio Buenacasa (Spain | Juventus)
    Mamadou Tounkara (Spain | Lazio)


If you want to check the best players for other positions, just click over it:


302 thoughts on “Best Strikers and Forwards for FIFA 15 Career Mode”

          1. Ok do you know any fast Central midfielders for example a player like serero from ajax?

  1. What a blunder Mr Lopes, Barca fans will definitely have you on their blacklist- your list says Messi plays for their fiercest rival!

      1. Man u team

        gk de gea 86
        rb carvahaj
        cb jones 85
        cb maquinos 87
        lb shaw 85
        rm sterling 86
        cm pogba 89
        cm veratti 85
        lm hazard 91
        st welbeck 85
        st lukaku 86

        1. Man u team

          GK Neuer 93
          LB Luke Garbutt 88
          LCB Laporte 86
          RCB Javi Martinez 88
          RB De Sciglio 86
          LCM Ronaldo 94
          CAM Rooney 88
          RCM Isco 86
          LW Neymar 92
          ST Messi 95
          RW Bale 92
          Any thoughts on how to improve!

          1. Make your formation 4-2-3-1.Put Martinez in CM and get a great young centreback like Stones that way Isco and Martinez are your CMs and keep your wingers the same but utilise Ronaldo as a striker and messi behind him.

          2. GK Neuer 94
            LB Marcelo 85
            LCB Jerome Boateng 87
            RCB Javi Martinez
            RB Dani Alves 86
            LCM Kevin de Bruye 89
            CAM Ronaldo
            RCM Gareth bale 91
            LW Neymar 92
            ST Messi 96
            RW Suarez 93

  2. I think Timo Werner 18 year old striker for Stuttgart also deserves a mention 70-85 and he has wonderful sprint stats when you start with him

  3. I think that Rordigo from Benfica is a beast, had him in my team for a couple of seasons and now he is a 87 rated striker yet he is only 26 years old

  4. Every body must have el-shaarawy in their team hes the fastest player in the game and in just two seasons he’s rated 89 now

  5. I got Berahino from west brom using fulham in championship for only £1.7m and only 6000$ sallery. My best buy i would say.

  6. i think jackson martinez should be mentionned, never had a game where he did not grow into a player of 86 or 87 in 2 to 3 seasons.
    plus he is already 27 so not so expensive, sorry voor shitty english

  7. I need a CM who isn’t too old but good at passing. Any recommendations? I already have Herrera, Fernandinho, Rabiot and Loftus-Cheek. Thanks!

  8. trust me get Thiago I’ve got him to a 86 in 2 seasons. kinda like xavi but just quicker and scores a fair amount of goals. I got him for like 16m.

  9. Just wanted to through out prob one person im amazed no one has said, understand you have a limited list, but what about Wijnildum from PSV?? cheap buy at the start and after couple seasons at 87 and seems to always captain my team. can run by anyone with him and been my top scorer at Man UTD from midfield two seasons in a row!!! also Angel Correa disappeared from my game 🙁

  10. harvey vickers

    I need someone with a high workrate and stamina preferably a winger/forward. (under 15 million plz)

  11. Hey Rodrigo, it’s me again… My Man UTD team in my second season
    De Gea 83
    Rafael 77
    Marquinhos 79
    Jones 81
    Shaw 76
    Ander Herrera 81
    Strootman 81
    Rooney 85
    Fischer 79
    Cavani 85
    Di Maria 86
    Lindegaard 77
    De Sciglio 77
    Vlaar 74
    Juan Mata 85
    Blind 79
    Januzaj 78
    J. Hernandez 81

    I sold Van Persie for Cavani and i’m thinking I might swap it around again so I get v. Persie. Also lost players like Valencia and Young. Plus Viktor Fischer is a great young player at the age of 21!!

  12. Pieter Verhoeven

    Look into Benteke as well from Aston Villa, hidden gem, decently fast, great strength, shotpower and finishing! 23 years old first season, I had him for 1 season he is already 83 and I sold him to PSG for $120 million

  13. And can u suggest a good striker partnership like a strong striker with a pacy striker with good high potential?

  14. sold Tim Krul for 56mil and Sofiane Feghouli for 91mil. Feghouli is a must if your looking for an attacking midfielder: quick, young, can dribble, can pass, can shoot, can cross. brilliant young player!

      1. Frank Gardner

        Into my 3rd season I need a CAM, Oscar had to be sold cause he didn’t like the cold weather in England…Lol. Bought Isco in an Exchange deal with Madrid, but he’s not as good as Oscar. Already have Max Meyer & Throgan Hazard. Who do you suggest I buy?

  15. I have the Seatle Sounders first season … 2.5mill, 355,000 for wagers ! Any ideas for a midfielder ?

  16. Started a career with valencia suggest a fast, strong and overpowered striker who can be reliable enough to lead my frontline all by himself!

  17. Plz suggest a reliable striker who is fast, strong and overpowered enough to lead my teams frobtline all by himself

  18. Guys if you have a really los budget team like I do (Accrington Stanley) you should definitely buy AKPOM from Arsenal. You can get him for only $35k ans 2k budget approximately and he really is OP. He is really pacey and has relatively good finishing. Definitely the top striker for low budget teams.

  19. I have a career with Newcastle, does anyone know a good striker (80+) that is younger than 27 that I can get for 14mil with 100k wage?

  20. Hi, im trying to clean up newcastle, strikers i currently have riviere, cisse, perez and purchased paulo dybala who has been awesome to play with! all are young and pretty good strikers though i feel like i feel like im missing someone pacey, big and strong whos good with crosses like maybe lukaku or benteke? which do you think i should give up for lukaku or benteke?

  21. I bought Varane in 14 million from Real Madrid and sold him in 60 million to Manchester City at the 1st season January transfer window.

  22. sandro from Barcelona b is a good signing as well, he is on 77 at age 22 in my 4th season. I have him at hull and am in Europa league. my team is. GK vagner DEF chambers, jonny evans, hernandez, abner MID ruben neves, Livermore, jeff Louis (another hidden gem) gnabry, ince ATT either sandro or harry kane.

  23. I have Messi, Aguero,Lewndowski, and Suarez; Who should i sell i want to keep 1. (I’m in my 2nd season with Chicago fire since I’m from chicago and i used the team editor to get moneyyy$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

  24. What about Rodrigo vs. Diego Costa?

    Who is the best buy for the money? And what is the biggest difference between them?

  25. You should get Hakan Çalhanoglu, beast CAM reached 90 from 77 in three seasons. Amazing player!!

  26. Which is the best striker for Liverpool, worth around 30-35 million or less under 25 years of age (First Season) except all Barclays Premire League Strikers.

    And who is the best Right Back for Liverpool.

    1. Lewandowski is great but 35 millions may not be enough to convince Bayern. Mitrovic is much cheaper but he is much younger too.
      For RB you can try Carvajal, Dani Alves for free or De Sciglio.

  27. Anthony Chiaurro

    Rodrigo what about the st from Barcelona B dongou Tasfack he’s a outstanding player and who I think is one of the biggest steals in fifa he’s young fast and has high potential

  28. I got ronaldo for man united by offering 475k a week and 55m and kevin prince boateng
    I got messi for man united by offering 900k a week and 60m and juan mata
    I got bale for man united by offering 250k a week and 11m and falcao
    I got neymar and isco on a pre contract. neymar wages is 230k isco’s 150k

    1. AlbalooshiGamer

      I tried to sign Messi on a pre contract…. I requested him a 2mill wage but yet he rejected..
      I even tried To sign Ronaldo on a pre contract… I requested him a 500k wage and he accepted…
      What shld I do fr Messi?

  29. ARSENAL TEAM 2019 3-5-2
    Neur 92
    Danilo 83
    Varane 85
    Alaba 85
    James R. 88
    Pogba 87
    Gotze 89
    Neymar 92
    Robben 89
    Benteke 85
    Lukaku 83

  30. Alexandre Lacazette is a great striker. He has a good profile he is young and he comes from a small club so he is not too expensive. He is a very good investment for top clubs. Trust me he is one of the hottest strikers in fifa 15.

  31. I made a career mode with Manu.i tried to buy different players that i used to buy.
    Gk de gea and valdes
    Defenders are same i like manus defence i didnt buy or sell Anybody.
    Midfielders are thiago herrera blind götze dimaria mkhitaryan
    Strikers are muller and muriel
    I also have valencia and i have nani and januzaj on the loan so i didnt buy more rm or lm. This is my first season but in the second season i try to buy a good st and one more cm i think khedira and sturridge are good options

  32. Hey this is a little bit off topic, but could someone gift me all the career mode pro player boosts?

  33. You should really go for Luis Muriel! After three years, he now is a 83. Fast, good dribbling, good shot, excellent finishing! You won’t regret

  34. My career mode team:-
    [Formation is 4-4-2]
    And I am planning to bring James Rodriguez from Real Madrid for 90 million as Gerrard will be retiring.
    Any thoughts on improving it??
    Thank You

  35. I’ve just started a career with Aston villa and sold benteke for 30mill, I have agbohnlahor for pace but I need a strike partner for him who’s tall and good in the air, have you got any suggestions?

  36. currently playing CM vfl Wolfsburg (3-5-2)

    Depay—–de Bruyne——Villalba-
    ——–Pogba—–Luiz Gustavo—–

    Breel donald Embolo
    Sammed Yessil

    guilavogui (loanee)


    kasteels (on loan)

    now going in second season, Got any suggestions?

    1. Hey I’m doing a real madrid career mode this is my team:

      ronaldo93 bale87
      modric 87 james 89
      pogba 85
      marcelo/gaya 82/80 ramos87 silva88 danilo 80
      bench:depay,pepe,varane,munier,kroos,isco,de gea,carvihal

      sorry bout the spelling but anyway i got 133 million budget any realistic suggestions please ?

  37. Hey .this my team EVERTON
    ST-Icardi 87
    RB-De sciglio84
    Now transfer offer for icardi from PSG 158million….should i sell. Him?.He is still young he can go upto 90 i think…if yes then who should i buy to replace him? ….i already got. Morata(81) ,berardi (84),batshuayi(79)

  38. Comment:need a replacement for Kevin prince boateng also need a strike… first season with schalke. btw great article

  39. get the= TEAM OF YEAR RONALDO best player 99 rated search him up wow I bought him for 42 million. cheap, he worths 99 million or 100! buy him so many pace every thing pace and shoot all of them are over 90 but his dribblings 89

  40. Im in my second season with liverpool and steven gerrard is now about to retire so i need a good replacement for him ps i already have pobga as cam

  41. My squad
    Sergio Ramos
    De amo
    Di Maria
    Sergio Busquets
    Giovanni dos santos

  42. I bought dybala in my first season and I keep getting big offers from big clubs.Should I sell him ang get somebody better or do I keep him ?

  43. 1. Arturo Vidal won’t fit in Chelsea would he?
    2. Players from the youth academy. Do they really grow to their potential stats? And does loaning them out seem to help?

  44. Cristiano Ronaldo should be There, Ge is the perfect strikers,although he isn’t striker he can act like one, he is fast, has a good shooting, good passing, is tall and is good jumping, 5 star skill moves and 5 star week foot, he is the perfect striker!

  45. Courtois 87
    David alaba 86
    Laporte 86
    Hummels 90
    aurier 84
    Gotze 89
    Pogba 88
    Depay 89
    Muller 90
    Bale 92
    Lacazette 90

    My team how can I improve this

  46. Comment: Should i buy bellerin for real madrid , in my 3rd season, is he good enough any other options for RB

  47. Blake R. Oliver

    I bought Lacazette for £18m. Scored 42 goals in the league (1st season). Already on 36 goals in the league (2nd season) NB: Legendary Difficulty

  48. I started with bristol city so I could go from league 1 to premier and I signed Luis Muriel to my league 1 side. In 4 seasons he’s now 86 or with 98 spd complete foward and 98 dribble. He’s nasty. I also signed Adam Campbell from Newcastle as a back up striker with spd.

  49. I had Mitrovic & Zivkovic as Strikers with Tielemans just behind them and it was so good!
    Zivkovic scored 37 goals and got 7 assists
    Mitrovic scored 15 goals and got 11 assists
    Tielemans scored 7 goals and got 17 assists

    The main problem is my midfield. Can you suggest a young CM that can play near Tielemans?

    Thanks in advance!

  50. I’m using Juventus on my career, I changed formation to 4-4-2 and as a result can no longer find position for Pirlo. Because of my style of play I find him too slow when my team attacks. I Could use him as a CM but i got Pogba and Vidal and Marchisio. Any suggestion how I can use Pirlo? i know hes good with long passes, penalty and FK but I don’t really need those to win my games.

  51. Any good young cm and I am talking younger than 20 who I could use for Southampton academy so that he can grow in a few seasons before I use him in my squad.I need players with high potential.

    1. Of course Ronaldo is better but older too and much much expensive.
      “If Messi is too expensive to you and you still want the best of the best, why don’t you try Luis Suárez ?”

  52. Hector villalba
    I bought him in first season an now he is 90
    He is so good and his sprğnt speed is 99 now

  53. Can’t think of a team to do a career mode with need ideas for teams I would like teams with budget region with 8.5 mill and 13 mill

  54. Hey Rodrigo, Ive got a arsenal career. My first season. My last career mode till FIFA 16.
    This is my best team: 4-2-2-2
    Szczesny 79
    Chambers 72
    Koscienly 81
    Mertersacker 83
    Monreal 76
    Santi Cazorla 85
    Ramsey 82
    Ozil 86
    Walcott 81
    Welbeck 78
    Giroud 79/ Berahino 73

    Can you help me?? What do I need?? Looking forward to FIFA 16.

  55. Comment:my man u team
    courtoius 86 76
    rojo 81
    jones 80
    rafael 79
    kroos 85
    bale 87
    harrera 81
    gotze 85
    depay 81
    robben 91
    for 1st season ,is my team good

  56. I don’t know about you but I usually have a very good experience with Paco Alcacer, a striker for Valencia. 79-83 in first year, reached 87/88 multiple times later.

  57. Which is a striker as a backup for Suarez in barcelona first season which can come at low price and is pacey and good finisher?

  58. Good day! To all , really I don’t know from where this list appeared: Lukaku, zivkovic , Benteke,Mitrovic )))) it funny they never be a best sign , believe me, I spend a lot of time in this game, and can’t image for how long need to wait until they grow and start scoring , same as depay or iturbe ( winger) the price is really amazing, for what! I suggest don’t buy them and after 5 years u will see they not grow but still high prices, unbelievable! Best solution is Lacassete & Gameiro each of them is 18ml but after 2-3 years u will be more than happy , definitely better than spend a 30ml for Lukaku, which is even not a dribbler!! Other good solution is edit teams, and move from barca , baern and real all players to other teams, each to different team, the gave will more interesting, other players growing, I’ve buy Mkhitaryan from borusia now he is 86 but I spend only 18 ml, also for center is will be good solution Pogba, Mata( is really amazing) Oscar( January u can buy him cheap) , but don’t buy Gotze he is on peak level and not improve and slow! Winger of course Neymaer and Sterling make fantastic game with Benzema or Lacassete! Enjoy the game

  59. Dear Mr.Rodrigo , I get one question , why the game , sometimes have such problems: one off stricker with rank more then 88 suffer that he is not sure that can score a goal , every season twise , and simply score only 10 goals per season, hence why his price is 50-60 million, I mean that engine in this game have a problem, because if someone spend such big money for players, it’s mean that he should scores, otherwise he should be not so expensive! Other problem , team limit is 42 and if u want to make exchange between teams, it’s impossible)))) also on friendly matches only three changes! I think makers should check the rules and pay more attention for this! Best regards

      1. messi 94
        neymar 91
        suarez 92
        bale 90
        this my line up others are also 80+ and it is my 2nd season

  60. I know I’m late but Clinton N’jile is straight beast mode and know one knows about him, fastest player I’ve ever played with, blows by defenders every time, too easy almost. I have him at age 26 now with 98 acceleration 96 sprint 95 shoot power 94 dribbling 93 ball control 93 agility, and he was cheap when I got him, like 10 million.

    1. Parvinder Singh Saini

      I purchased him easily bro. The only player who doesn’t leave his Club for me is Gerard Pique. All others come happily. You just have to offer them huge amounts of wages and crucial first team player role.

  61. Parvinder Singh Saini

    GK – Neuer – 94
    LB – Alaba – 90
    RB – Sciglio – 86
    CB – Ramos – 90
    CB – Varane – 90
    CAM – Rodriguez – 93
    CM – Kroos – 90
    CM – Modric – 90
    LW – Ronaldo – 97
    CF – Messi – 96
    RM – Bale – 94

    #7th Season

    Can it be improved?

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