Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


You are building your squad but you are not sure about which attackers you should buy ? Take our suggestions of the best attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode.


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How to choose the Best Attackers

In this article we will suggest the best attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your low, medium or large budget club. Keep in mind that the best players for us many not be for you. It depends of your other players, formation, budget, play style, preferences, etc…

We will suggest attackers of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Attackers with nice potential rating and that you can find at decent prices.
    Best Young
    Young Attackers with great growth and that will be top players in the future.


Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode (CF and ST)


Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Wales
Rating: 87
Potential: 91
Age: 24

Your money is not unlimited, so Messi is out of the question. If you have a very good budget, Bale and Neymar are really good investments. Aguero is our third choice for this position.

Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: STEVAN JOVETIC

Nationality: Montenegro
Rating: 84
Potential: 90
Age: 25

If you are looking for someone a bit cheaper, Stevan Jovetic and Mario Balotelli are good choices. Both are players with great stats and they will grow a lot. If you want someone for the next seasons and even cheaper, you can try the Brazilians Pato and Leandro Damião.


Best Deals in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: Poland
Rating: 86
Potential: 88
Age: 25

There are lot of old popular players ending their contracts on 2014: Eto’o, Drogba, Berbatov, Diego Milito, Claudio Pizarro, Diego Forlán and Anelka. But if your club is a top team and you want to make the deal of your life, sign Lewandowski on the end of the first season.

Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Rating: 78
Potential: 78
Age: 36

Everyone knows who is Henry. He was an amazing player that is ending his career and he can do it in your club for free. Why not ? If you have a decent team, try to sign him. Don’t expect much more than one good season. Neal Maupay is the only other player that worth trying to hire for free.


Best Young Centre Attackers in FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Rating: 63
Potential: 87
Age: 18

Do you know who is Martial ? You should. He is the best player that you can buy expecting many goals after a couple of seasons in your team. Buy him now. He is worth every pound you pay for him.

Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode

Best Alternative: YASSINE BENZIA

Nationality: France
Rating: 67
Potential: 85
Age: 18

If you want someone to join Martial, Benzia is the right man. Buy him as soon as possible to pay the lower price possible. You can also take a look to other great promises: Victor Andrade (free on 2014), Siebe Schrijvers, Luciano Vietto, Jürgen Locadia, Lazar Marković, Tyler Harvey and Arkadiusz Milik.


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228 thoughts on “Best Attackers for FIFA 14 Career Mode”

  1. Elber – Cruzeiro

    The best CAM after 3-4 seasons in. Plays like messi absolute god. Makes these look like absolute ****

    Have fun 🙂

  2. Sordell
    Striker from Bolton in Championship. Start at 71 at first season but will quickly get 77 whitin the second season. He is quick and strong and has powerfull shoots

  3. Graham Burke.. Has 58 TOT- 21 years old. After 3 seasons he has 87 TOT, and is a absolute BEAST. Position CF.

  4. I have morata he is 86 at the start he was 75 Bergen buy 5.5million scored 45 goals in his first season in the premier league

  5. Dude Benzia was a great sign! First game i used him i was tied 88min and i used him as a sub, and BAM! I scored the game winning goal with him! Thanks for the advice!

  6. Carlos Tevez from Juventes has been playing really well for me lately, 6 goals in 2 matches, maybe take a chance and invest in him!

  7. Just wanted to ask will it affect if i send out bakkali on loan in d first season cos i have first team wingers but he’s the future so dont wana lose him

  8. i choose man. Utd with normal average budget,i think. In 1st season i buy Varane,Shaw,Gundogan,Wilshere,Bruma,Zakkali,and Lukaku…to get them i sell almost all man.utd player except player under 23 age
    After 3 season i have a superstar team

  9. After 1 and a half season..
    Oscar cam/rm (pot-87) is at 88 – Growth- 6 (I’d really recommend him. Grows really fast)
    Lucas RM (pot-90) is at 87 – Growth-5
    Eden Hazard lw/rw/cam (pot-90) is at 92- Growth- 6
    C. Eriksen cam (pot-88) is at 88 – Growth- 5
    Mario Gotze cam (pot-92) is at 90 – Growth- 5 (He’s kind of expensive and u can only buy him in the second transfer window. But totally worth it)
    Jack Wilshere cm/cdm/cam (pot-89) is at 88- Growth- 5
    Mattia de Sciglio rb/lb (pot-85) is at 84
    Mats Hummels cb (Pot 88) is at 90 – Growth- 5 (He’s expensive for small clubs, but he’s a beast)
    Raphael Varane cb (Pot 88) is at 86 – Growth- 5
    K. Papadopoulos cb (Pot 85) is at 80 (he’s only grown by 2 , which as compared to everyone else is really bad 🙁 )
    Paul Pogba cm/cdm (Pot 87) is at 84- Growth- 5 (which is really good considering i only bought him in the second season)
    Marko Verratti cdm (Pot 88) is at 86- Growth-9 ( This guy has grown really fast)
    Christian benteke ST (Pot-86) is at 87- Growth- 8
    Mario Balotelli ST (Pot-90) is at 90 – Growth- 6
    Neymar CF/LW (Pot- 91) is at 90- Growth- 6
    Thibaut Courtois GK (Pot- 88) is at 84 (hasnt grown at all ,even though i play him in 90% of all matches ,but they say some goalkeepers only grow after 23 so lets see)
    Nicola leali GK (Pot- 85) is at 75 ( i bought him in the second season after jack butland didnt grow at all, plus i play him in only 10% of all matches)

      1. Im with Arsenal 3rd season ozils injured for the rest the season who should I get? Sneijder or Turan?

  10. Check out WELLINGTON NEM, AND VICARI FOR STRIKER. THEY BEAT THE S**T out of usain bolt 😀 for attacking midfilder Draxler and parades aswell CDm then, Edu Ramos, kovacic and moreno

  11. craig copeland

    young harry kane from spurs very good goal scorer I brought him 1.2 mil hes played 8 games gt 17 goals 5 assist 3 I play him lone striker

  12. Definitely Berbatov! A beast player, bought him in my Eintracht Frankfurt career, scored 25 goals in 14 matches, amazing positioning and headers, just provide him the ball and he’ll make sure it gets into into the back of the net. Bought him for 6 million pounds. Also scored a hattrick against BVB09 and Schalke 04.

  13. I would say invest in Mame Diouf he ends being a beast. He just launches himself over and scores. They made him beastly

  14. Mohamed Salah is a great player in first season he was 74 bUt after 2 seasons he is 84 now and he has amzing speed in the first season 91 after 2 seasons 97

  15. I bought Benzia in my first season with leeds united simmed the first season and he got up to 70 which isnt amazing but when you play with him you would think he is aguero! Scored a perfect hat-trick on his debut! Shout out to the forum or whatever it is. Made my day haha

  16. Swikar Pyakurel

    My Career Experience after a few seasons.
    Jack Butland: Reached 92. (But may not grow at all too). Leali:90 Bonilla:88 Courtois 92
    Mattia De Sciglio: 89
    Kurt Zouma:89
    Luke Shaw:85
    Callum Chambers:85
    Alex Sandro:88
    Leon Goretzka:87
    Marco Van Ginkel:86
    Eden Hazard:92
    Kevin De Bruyne: 88
    Adrian Centurion:91
    Leandro Paredes:90
    Alex Oxlade:89 (comes really cheap bought him for 2.5m pounds)
    Mario Balotelli:90
    Romelu Lukaku:90(Absolute Beast:Will develop into a complete forward and will possess range of specialities like Speedster,Strength,Dribbler,Distance shooter,Aerial Threat,Clinical Finisher and Poacher.)Comes cheap too: about 8m pounds.
    Lazar Markovic: 85
    Jese Rodriguez: 86
    Anthony Martial:89

  17. Hi i have a career mode with Real Madrid and I want to put bale in ST but I’ll need somebody to cover my LM. I have a budget of 57 million USD. Who can I buy?

  18. Manchester City

    Jovetic is the best. His rating is 84 and after 2 seasons, he became 90. He grows very quickly. He is 23 or 24. Very young. He is NOT 21. Please fix that. Aguero is also very good.

  19. I had in my attack (Spurs) Ronaldo Balotelli and Aguero they were really great but than all my data were erased i almost died … Now i am trying my luck in Juventus 😀
    Ps: Anthony Martial is really great Player

  20. My real madrid Line Up start of second season is

    GK – T.Coutois – 84

    Defence –
    Marcelo – 84
    R.Varane – 83
    M.Hummels – 86
    D.Alaba – 82

    Midfield –
    Isco – 86
    G.Bale – 89
    A.Di Maria – 88
    E.Hazard – 89
    Cristiano Ronaldo – 93

    Striker –
    L.Suarez – 91

    Subs –
    L.Shaw – 76
    Pepe – 83
    Fabio coenrao – 80
    S.khedira – 84
    Z.Bakkali – 74
    P.Pogba – 82
    Jese.Rodriguez – 79

    Have Not Lost A Game But I Need Some Replacements Any Good People.

    1. U should buy either buy ceçs fabregeas or David silva…even though u have the best striker u need a good a cam in ur squad…

  21. Ross Sidebottom

    So after the second season can any one name any players ending contracts? Oh I also got nasri on free at the 2nd mid season transfer window if anyone wanted a decent CAM for free!

    1. Ross Sidebottom

      Also Adryan CAM is a beast! Picked him up at the start of the second season at 77 or 79 and by the end of the season he is 81. And he is only 19.

  22. I play with Everton !
    I kept Deuflou ( spelled wrong) and I got him up to a 88. Teamed with lukaku who I have at a 86

  23. what about musa?? he is a nigerian. he played for cska moskva(i think spelled wrong). he is only 19 year old nd his ovr is 76. after 2 season he reached at 90. he is more clinical finisher than messi nd ronaldo. he has amazing attributes. his speed is killer. he is a beast. u should check him.

  24. I got Eden Hazard, Mario Gotze and Lorenzo Insigne all for free and my brother got Gundogan, Shaqiri, Reus and Fabregas for free.

  25. Please tell me a good attacker who has good heading ability and is the below the age of 23.Please tell me leaving these attackers.
    Abdul Majeed Waris
    Michael lassoga
    De Luca

  26. I am playing with Man Utd and this is what I have.

    De Gea

    RB Jones
    RCB Marquihos
    LCB Vidic (Leaving need Replacement)
    LB Evra (Shaw)

    RCM Lucas
    CAM Gotze
    LCM Hazard

    RW Valencia (Bakkali)
    ST Rooney/Hernandez
    LW Rooney/ Hernandez

    I have 100 million dollars in the tranfer budget. I need a replacement for Vidic, two strikers to replace Rooney and Hernandez. I am thinking to get Neymar/Bale and Lukaku. Who should I get as a CB

  27. My Real Madrid CF Team after one and half season

    GK Courtois 84 bought in end of first season
    LB Boateng 83 i like giant throw in
    CB Marquinhos 78 bought in end of first season
    CB Varane 83
    RB Wynne 67 very fast and giant throw in
    CDM Pogba 84
    RM James Rodriguez 85
    LM Griezmann 83
    CAM Bale 90
    ST Balotelli 88
    ST Neymar 90


    GK Lopez 83 he only in necessary
    CB Ramos 88
    LB Coentrao 81
    CM Illarramendi 83
    CM Henderson 80
    ST Jese Rodriguez 78
    ST Morata 78

    I gonna buy Bakkali, Bruma and Alex Sandro

    P.S. Sorry my good english im 11 years old finnish boy

    1. Hi Jage. Nice to meet you.
      You have a very young team. This is great, but sometimes it is good to have someone with more experience next to them. As you can imagine, I don’t have any suggestion because you already have an amazing team. Congratulations!

  28. Jovetic is an 88 now. He will demand many matches. I want someone who will demand less matches.

    Is benteke a good choice? What about higuain?

  29. Real madrid


    De sciglio
    Martins indi

    Ander herrera

    J Rodriguez


    De Vrij

  30. My starting lineup is 4-3-3(4) PSG

    GK Thiabot Courtois overall 92
    RB Mattia De Sciglio overall 85
    RCB Marquinhos overall 92
    LCB Mats Hummels overall 88 (Captain)
    LB David Alaba overall 88
    RCM Arturo Vidal overall 87
    CAM Toni Kroos overall 88
    LCM Paul Pogba overall 96
    RWM Gareth Bale overall 89
    ST Romelu Lukaku overall 90
    LWM Lionel Messi ( free agent bought)overall 91
    GK Mike Maignan overall 71
    CB Thiago Silva overall 85
    LB Lucas Digne overall 86
    RWM Érik Lamela overall 82
    RWM Zakaria Bakkali overall 85
    CM Leon Goretzka overall 85
    LWM Ezequiel Lavezzi overall 79
    CB Alex overall 76
    CDM Thiago Motta overall 78

      1. I had like 100 million US dollar and I wanted bale and then I thought about neymar Ronaldo and Messi I didn’t get neymar cause he wasn’t worth I t then Ronaldo was ridiculous with salary and I tried Messi and he was a free agent and I’m only paying 115,000 US dollar per game

        PS I got Bale for 49 mil and I was running out of money so I got Messi then I had like 50 million and got Lukaku for about 30,000,000

  31. My players……




    J. Tah

    Aby suggestions which statistics I should play how should I play. ..or sth about my first team

  32. AS Monaco 2017-2018 4-2-3-1(1)
    GK Marc ter stegen overall 94 (Captain)
    RB João Cancelo overall 82
    RCB Raphaël Varane overall 87
    LCB Micah Richards overall 84
    LB Luke Shaw overall 88
    LDM Junior Mandala overall 86
    RDM Geoffery Kondogbia overall 89
    RAM Fred overall 87 (shaktar Donetsk before as Monaco )
    CAM Mario Götze overall 96
    LAM Lucas Piazon overall 89
    ST Mario Balotelli overall 88
    GK Andrea Consigli overall 79
    CB Nicholas Isimat Mirin overall 78
    LB Jetro Willems overall 84
    CAM James Rodríguez overall 83
    RM Lucas Ocampos overall 86
    ST Anthony Martial overall 79
    ST Radamel Falcao overall 80
    GK Sébestein Chabbert overall 54
    GK Roma overall 56
    GK Axel Maraval overall 65
    GK Danijel Subašić overall 71
    CB Carvalho overall 61
    CM Obaddi overall 67
    CM Pi overall 72
    CAM Barazite overall 75
    CM João Mouthino overall 82
    ST Rivière overall 77
    Any suggestions for 2017-2018 AS Monaco

  33. am I the only one here that supports patriotism? Real Madrid squad 2020

    De Gea 84
    Carvajal 85
    Varane 87
    Ramos 86
    Azpilicueta 83
    Illarramendi 84
    Mata 86
    Isco 89
    Suso 88
    Rodrigo 89
    Jese 87

      1. yep… 34 years old… he is my captain… and he stills in good form… my subs and reserves are mostly new players created by the system… I have a question, every system creates its own players randomly or we all see the same new players?

      2. this is my man city team after four years 4-3-3

        gk: T.Courtois (84)
        rb: V.Kompany (86)
        rcb: Sergio Ramos (86)
        lcb: G.Chiellini (84)
        lb: Marcelo (83)
        rcm: C.Marchisio (87)
        cm: Iniesta (89)
        lcm: E.Hazard (88)
        rw: Neymar (89)
        st: L.Messi (94)
        lw: M.Balotelli (91)

  34. Hi who do you think i should get in career mode for a striker bale neymar balotelli or jovetic (moneys not a problem)

  35. My career mode with Arsenal: (End of 1st season) formation: 4-2-4

    GK: Sczesny (82)
    RB: De Sciglio (79)
    LB: Luke Shaw (79)
    CB: Koscielny (84)
    CB: Mandala (84)
    CM: Ramsey (83)
    CM: Wilshire (84)
    LM: Oxlade Chamberlain (83)
    RM: Bakkali (82)
    ST: Yesil (79)
    ST: Morata (82)

    I’m about to finish my first season, this is my squad. I sold Ozil for 27m and Giroud for 7m.

    I strongly recommend the pair of Morata and Yesil. It works very well! Both compliment each other and both are goal scoring machines.

  36. Sorry about typo continue of as Monaco

  37. This is my Sunderland team after a month. Money: 7,500,000
    Gk: k.westwood 74
    Rb: c.gardner 73
    Cb: m.diakite 76
    Cb: w. Brown 76
    Lb: j.colback 71
    Rdm: d.vaghan 73
    Ldm: s.sessegnon 78
    Rm: g. Giaccherini 77
    Lm: a.johnson 77
    St: j.altidore 77
    St: r. Lukaku 77

  38. Hi I have 29 million I’m with athletico madrid first season and I just sold costa I need a striker any suggestions

    1. Maybe Jovetic. He will be a great player. You can also take a look to players that are ending their contracts. Eto’o, Drogba, Berbatov, Diego Milito, Claudio Pizarro, Diego Forlán and Anelka may be good options for your back up team.

  39. Hi again rodrigo
    Here is my team after three seasons

    GK: Nicola Leali 77
    LB Luke Shaw 75
    CB Marquinhos 80
    CB Varane 82
    RB Alex Sandro 80
    CDM Pogba 87
    RM James Rodriguez 87
    LM Neymar 91
    CAM Bale 91
    ST Jovetic 90
    ST Balotelli

    GK: Butland 75
    CB Zouma 76
    RB Carvajal 83
    CM Illarramendi 84
    RW Kelvin 80 plays in CAM
    RW Bakkali 85
    ST Jese 82

    GK Rissanen 64 from youth squad
    LB Marcelo 83
    CB Rekik 75
    CB Tah 73
    LB Coentrao 81
    CM Henderson 80
    CM Casemiro 80
    CM De Mesquites 72 from youth squad
    LM Bastos 73 from youth squad
    RM Negrao 70 from youth squad
    RW Azevedo 71 from youth squad
    ST Martial 79

    I know that i have very young team but they all are so good. Bakkali is so BEAST. I played against athletic bilbao and he scored three goals after 90 minutes and i won 3-0. In the next game he scored two goals in the first 10 minutes. And hes acceleration is 98!!!

  40. So my budget is 3.3 million and wage 80 so is there a chance that I could get Landon Donovan or Thierry Henry ? What do you think ?

  41. I’m in second season with crystal palace and their budget is 15.5 m and wage 90 so what are some good young attackers that I could buy with that much budget and wage ?

    1. If you want someone really cheap to the future, try Anthony Martial. You will need to be pacient. Yassine Benzia and Markovic are also good choices. If you don’t mind to pay a bit more, take a look to Leandro Damião.

  42. i am playing my career with southampton.. they have great greay young players but main problem is in defensive areas.. i have my buget 10million euros .. suggest me some beastly defenders and cheap!

    1. You may try Nicolas Nkoulou or Angelo Ogbonna. If it is your first season, try Kaboul or Leo Chambers for free. Luiz Eduardo is a wonderkid that you should look too.

  43. My team at the start of the first year for PSG…

    GK: Sirigu
    RB: Jallet
    CB: Hummels
    CB: Thiago Silva
    LB: Fabio Coentrao
    CDM: Motta
    RCM: Lucas
    LCM: Pastore
    CAM: Honda
    ST: Imhrahimovic
    ST: Cavani

    Who do you think I could get that could back up Sirigu. And do you think I should get De Scigio? I was also thinking of getting Thomas Muller, Cristian Eriksen and Diego. What that be good.

    1. De Sciglio should be a priority if you buy him by a good price.
      You don’t need much more players since you already have a top team. Vidal instead of Motta could be a good move.
      Akinfeev or Jack Butland (if you plan to play several seasons) can be good acquisitions as back up of Sirigu.

      1. Hey Rodrigo. A couple more questions…
        1. Is Pastore a good enough player?
        2. How much euros would you suggest for Arturo Vidal?

      1. My fifa 14 career mode 1st season Man U Gk Neur and Adler Def abate, hummels , subotic, howedes, babstuber, benatia alba, coantroa Mid fabrigas ,vidal, hernanes, cabaye, khedira St suarez, lewandoski. What do u think Rodrigo

  44. Real Madrid CF Career

    Thibaut Courtois 88
    David De Gea 85
    Jack Butland 84
    Nicola Leali 82
    Iikka Rissanen 65

    Kurt Zouma 78
    Jonathan Tah 81
    Marquinhos 83
    Timo Klement 70
    Karim Rekik 78
    Stefano Denswil 79
    Raphael Varane 84
    Luke Shaw 74
    Jetro Willems 81
    Chris Edwards 79
    Torsten Trapp 64
    Daniel Carvajal 82
    Hector Bellerin 77
    Rober 84

    Mario Götze 90
    Adryan 85
    Jorge Jardim 63
    Pedro De Mesquites 75
    Illarramendi 85
    Paul Pogba 87
    Fransisco Conceicao 67
    Anthony Limbombe 79
    Samu Castillejo 82
    Dani Bastos 82
    Bruma 76
    Gerard Deulofeu 83
    Vadillo 77
    Sebastian Schwolow 69
    Kelvin 84
    Zakaria Bakkali 86

    Gareth Bale 91
    Anthony Martial 85
    Samed Yesil 77
    Jese Rodriguez 83
    Neymar 92
    Johan Lundgren 81
    Stevan Jovetic 91

  45. Hey rodrigo i want to build a young team for manchester united. was wondering if u could help me with some players. Money is not a broblem.

  46. Ster tegen leno deciglio , varane, mangala, alaba, luke shaw, alberto moreno, inogo martinez, phil jones, chris smalling, lucas, gundogan, pogba, koke, verrati, griezman, munain, draxler, depay, el shawary, shaqiri, bolatteli, neymar, james rodriques, gotze. What do u think about that list rodrigo.

  47. Gerard Deulofeu is Amazing! Hes 19 with 90+ pace and 85 dribbling already. in my career hes already at 91 and only 24

  48. PSG career

    GK: S.Sirigu 85
    RB: M.Ginter 88
    CB: Marquinhos 91
    CB: T. Silva 88
    LB: L. Shaw 87
    CDM: G. Kondogbia 89
    RM: Z. Bakkali 86
    LM: Lucas 90
    CAM: Jame Rodriguez 88
    ST: Irahimovic 91
    ST: Cavani 93

    Trying to buy Anthony Martial, but need one more young attacker, do you have any recommend for young attacker?

  49. 4th season with LFC
    El Shaarawy


    Ryan – GK

  50. Sign zakaria bakkali from PSV.His rating is just 73 but he has a potential of 90.The boy is only 17 but player fantastic.

  51. Who would a good buy be for Southampton for a striker with an average budget? Had lukaku on loan but now I need a replacement. Anyone under 24 will do, and I need a bit of pace.

  52. GK:
    de Gea-84
    ter Stergen-82


    di Maria-87

    van Persie-82

    Third Season
    Budget:144 million euros
    Any suggestion?

  53. Hello Rodrigo! I have a few questions . I am playing fifa 14 career but I get Bored very quickly. What can I do? Sorry for my English because I am Turkish 🙂

  54. Marcus Phillvis

    Well this is my team. Arsenal. ( Second season)
    GK- W. Szczesny 83
    RB- Carjaval 81
    RCB- Matts Hummels 88
    LCB- Juan Jesus 85
    LB- Daley Blind 81
    RWM- Alexis Sanchez 83
    CM- Joao Moutinho 84
    CM- Cesc Fabregas 86
    LWM- Z. Bakkali 84
    ST- N. Lopez 82
    ST- Alexandre Pato 84

    GK- M.Parin 81
    RB- A. Matthews 82
    LB- Martins Indi 81
    CB- P. Mertesacker 84
    CB- J. Gimenez 81
    LWM- T. Walcott 80
    RMW- Oxlade Chamberlain 83
    LWM- L. Ocampos
    CM- Emre Can 86
    CM- Leon Goretzka 83
    CM- Miralem Pjanic 84
    CM- C. Aranguiz 82
    CAM- Oliver Torres 81
    ST- Raul Jimenez 83
    CF- Kevin Volland 85

    This is my new team. I won the basically everything including CL and Copa Europa(Before I sold my favourite Santi Cazorla)I pick 442 formation. I prefer Pato over Volland for his pace,agility,finishing and dribbling. ( Still wondering why he is rated lower than Volland despite being the best goal scorer of the team and a tremendous scoring ability and stats.) Look a bit more like a boring team,but actually beasts. I had few hundred million budget but not looking forward to sign the likes of Ronaldo,Messi and co. Still lack of few squad members though. Need suggestions.

  55. I started a new career mode case I got sacked, I don’t know why..
    Now in Real Madrid. My squad in second season
    Courtois 86
    Ramos(rb) 87
    Boateng 88
    Varane 85
    Marcelo 84
    Kroos 87
    Sahin 83
    Bale 88
    Hazard 88
    James 88
    Jovetić 88
    Ronaldo hanes in a transfer request, sold him to Chelsea

  56. wich is better … bale and suaras or ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI and suares or bale and ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI ..;. plzzz answer :}

      1. I think Lewandowski is better option. He is good with his heading too. Strenght as well. Suarez seems a bit creepy.

  57. Barcelona

    Courtious 87
    Alaba 90
    Hummels 90
    Varane 85
    Moreno 85
    Luke shaw 88
    Isco 90
    Gotze 90
    Pogba 90
    Lucas 90
    Wilshere 88
    Messi 96
    El sharawy 89
    Neymar 91
    Martial 88
    Benzia 85

  58. check out for samu castillejo abd mitchel weiser these two guys are superb pot 92 for both
    i swear i use them both but castillsejo is still at 88 (2021 season age 26) and weiser is 91+2 (age 27 2021 season)

  59. I have recently started a career with chelsea……I bought benzema and sold juan mata ……please tell me some young and cheap players …..which I can buy I have 8 million dollars budget

  60. Arsenal 4-3-3 formation:
    Have 7 strikers,
    Rooney jong
    Want a good young striker who can compete with my
    Team’s current strikers.Please help me out

  61. Comment:my playing Xl
    ter stegan (gk)
    l Shaw (lb)
    varne (cb)
    marquiones (cb)
    pogba (cdm)
    wilsher (cdm)
    el sarawawy(lw)
    falco (st)
    bakali (rw)
    james Rodriguez (cam)
    My team ac monaco…
    any comments . …
    any player for reccomdation…..

  62. Comment: Chelsea fc
    Formation: 4 1 3 2
    Gk: ter stegen(94)
    suaras collado(90) scouted
    Lb:spencer (91) scouted
    Hetch(83) scouted
    Rb; Ake(90)
    Tyson(85) scouted
    Mid fielders;
    CDM: Crowley(88) scouted
    Victor fernandez o pino (86) scouted
    CM: Pogba(96)
    Reuben loftus cheek (82)
    urdaneta(83) scouted
    Marco van ginkel(90)
    RM: Gotze(96)
    lucas moura(91)
    LM: januzaj(94)
    r. sterling(91)
    Martial (90)
    will muirhead(89) scouted

  63. Comment:That my friend is an impossible squad.
    Now my Bor.Monchengladbach team in 2021
    Ter Stegen – 89
    Martinez – 83
    Bellerin – 85
    Mbaye -82
    Ake – 86
    Tah – 90!!
    Xhaka – 87
    Paredes – 91
    Cartabia – 90
    Benzia – 87 (Goal Machine)
    Martial – 90
    Destroying Barcelona in Champions League on World Class
    That is Class!!

  64. sushobhan ghosh

    My Ac Milan Line Up start of second season is–
    1.andrea consigli
    3.ely sciglio

  65. Curtois- 94
    De sciglio -88
    Nastastic- 91
    Alaba- 91

    wilshire – 90

    El Shaarawy-94
    Martial-90 (70 goals in one EPL season Legendary)


    chamberlin – 88
    barkley- 90

    Thats without all my scouted players…

  66. My Team ~ ARSENAL

    GK-Courtois , Navas (Backup)
    CAM-De Bruyne

    Formation- 4-2-3-1

    Subs/Backup Players-

    Pogba , Clichy , De jong , Lacazette , Bartra,Alderweireld, Bellerin, Beto , Ramsey , Delph,Depay, Benzia , Miyaychi.

    *Need Feedback. Hows my team ?
    Any Suggesstions appreciated.

  67. Hey Rodrigo, I manage Arsenal and won the treble in my first season, second season was a little chaotic as i could win only two trophies, lost by 4-0 to Dortmund in the semifinals of the UEFA equivalent tournament. I got pissed and changed my team.
    Now, i have:

    GK: Igor Akinfeev

    Def: Debuchy, Koscielny, Boateng, Clichy

    Mid: Song, Arteta, Mkhitaryan, Griezmann, Podolski

    Att: Jese Rodriguez

    Subs: GK: K.Trapp

    Def: Howedes, Clyne, Alaba, Tah

    Mid: Adryan, Mikel, Lucas Silva, Oliver Torres, Wilshere, Charra

    Att: Odelusi and Dybala

    Dybala got benched since Jese scores better and has better positioning.

    But this team still gets pushed around by top teams especially Chelsea and Tottenham, what do u think i need?

    And players on the bench grumble alot. Alaba has asked for a transfer while some regulars want a massive pay rise. What do i do?

    1. Hi. I think you should focus on having a good 11 and young prospects on the bench. Alaba, for example, must to play. You can not relegate him to the bench. In other hand, if you don’t use Dybala sell him for a good amount of money and buy better players for your starting eleven, like James if possible or Renato Sanches.

  68. My team: ARSENAL
    GK-Victor Valdés(83)recently bought
    Oxlade Chamberlain(81)
    CAM-Santi Cazorla(85)
    Paul Pogba(86)
    Jack Wilshere(87)
    Mikel Arteta(82)
    RB-Mario Gaspar(81)
    CB-Luiz Eduardo(82)
    Gustavo Cabral(78)

  69. if you starting new carrer with small club try buy haris vučkič he is in roterham utd and is paid only 750eur so club accepts the offer betwen 3 500 000- 4 500 000eur and player accepts paying around 7 000 eur he starts with around 68 overal and than he raising about 5 ovr per season i bought him with 4 clubs and statistic is like that with barcelona i raisd him to 81ovr with pescara i raisd him to 84 then sell it to chealsa for 36 000 000 with fc rostov i raised him to 87 and with RB Salzburg i raised him to 82ovr he is really good not very fast player but have amazing and very powerful shot

  70. Himanshu Wadhavankar

    Who Should I buy?In every Positin
    I have 70m+ budget
    And Im in season where Bale, Neymar and a these guys have retired
    Even Bakkali is 28
    Please Help!

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