Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which centre midfielders and wingers you should buy? Take our suggestions of the best young midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode.


Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 17 Career Mode can be found here


How to choose Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


In this article we will suggest the best young midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your club. Keep in mind that the best players for us may not be for you. It depends of your club, other players, formation, transfer budget, wages budget, play style, preferences, etc…

To select the best players, we have mainly into consideration their stats, potential and age.


In our website we suggest midfielders of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Decent midfielders that you can find at good prices or ending their contracts.
    Best Young
    Young midfielders with great growth. Potential future top players

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Best Young Defensive Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Our Choice: DANILO

Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Valencia CF
Rating: 78
Potential (1): 87
Age: 19

You don’t know who is Danilo? Then you probably don’t know anything about football. He will be the best centre midfield in a couple of years. He is a very aggressive and hard worker player.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: RÚBEN NEVES

Nationality: Portugal
Club (first season): FC Porto
Rating: 74
Potential (1): 86
Age: 18

You probably are not impressed with his stats. But what if we told you that he can reach overall 80 in the end of the first season? Don’t forget that he is only 18.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: JOHANNES GEIS

Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Schalke 04
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 86
Age: 22

Geis is much more than a defensive player. He is the first attacker of any team and is also a free kick specialist. In other words, a full package .

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: France
Club (first season): Inter
Rating: 78
Potential (1): 84
Age: 22

He is already an experienced young player with amazing stats. Don’t believe it? Strenght 87, stamina 85, shot power 86, stading tackles 83, interceptions 80, short pass 80…

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Marseille
Rating: 76
Potential (1): 84
Age: 25

Madrid’s Lucas Silva is on loan to Marseille but he will be back to his club to play regularly. If you buy him, which will not be easy, you will get a top CDM for many seasons.


Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Danilo
2. Rúben Neves
3. Johannes Geis
4. Geoffrey Kondogbia
5. Lucas Silva
6. Jorrit Hendrix
7. Ozan Tufan
8. Camarasa
9. Emre Can
10. Saúl



Best Young Centre Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Paris Saint Germain
Rating: 84
Potential (1): 89
Age: 22

The best young centre midfielder is, obviously, Paul Pogba. However, he already is in our best centre midfielders list. Verratti is the best alternative. He can play right now at a high-level in any club in the world.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: YOURI TIELEMANS

Nationality: Belgium
Club (first season): RSC Anderlecht
Rating: 76
Potential (1): 90
Age: 18

Last year he was our alternative to Pogba and he was only 17! Buy him now because this is a kind of player you can’t miss. He will be one of the best players in the world.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: ANDRÉ GOMES

Nationality: Portugal
Club (first season): Valencia CF
Rating: 80
Potential (1): 87
Age: 22

Gomes is a very versatile player who can play in many different positions. He will grow up a lot in the coming years but he already is pure class on grass.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: England
Club (first season): Everton
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 87
Age: 21

Another player you need to add to your wish list. He is tall, has good vision, dribbling and short passing. Future star of England national team.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): FC Schalke 04
Rating: 78
Potential (1): 88
Age: 20

He´s one of the smoothest dribblers in the world and he is only 20. Meyer is perfect for skillers. His overall may be higher than 90 in a few years.


Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Marco Verratti
2. Youri Tielemans
3. André Gomes
4. Ross Barkley
5. Maximilian Meyer
6. Riechedly Bazoer
7. Mateo Kovačić
8. Corenti Tolisso
9. Óliver Torres
10. Alen Halilović



Best Young Right Midfielders / Wingers for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Italy
Club (first season): Sassuolo
Rating: 80
Potential (1): 85
Age: 21

Juventus identified Domenico Berardi as a star of the future before he ever played a minute in Serie A. Now it is your time to make your part. Buy him!

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: BERNARDO SILVA

Nationality: Portugal
Club (first season): AS Monaco
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 86
Age: 21

This was one of the best buys from Monaco. In one or two seasons he will be one of the most wanted players in Europe. What a beast!

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: ANWAR EL GHAZI

Nationality: Netherlands
Club (first season): Ajax
Rating: 76
Potential (1): 85
Age: 20

This is a product of the famous Ajax school. Excepting in the defence is already is a very balanced and high-quality player.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): SL Benfica
Rating: 73
Potential (1): 85
Age: 19

Compared with Robinho, Victor Andrade is one of the most promising right midfielders in the world. He just needs time to grow up. Do you think you can give him that?

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: England
Club (first season): Arsenal
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 85
Age: 22

This very popular player has to do more to prove all the good things they say about him. He has all the stats he need. It will be you who will give him a chance?


Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Domenico Berardi
2. Bernardo Silva
3. Anwar El Ghazi
4. Victor Andrade
5. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
6. Bruma
7. Lazar Markovic
8. Deulofeu
9. Gelson Martins
10. François Kamano



Best Young Left Midfielders / Wingers for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Netherlands
Club (first season): Manchester United
Rating: 81
Potential (1): 89
Age: 21

Dutch winger Depay emerged as one of the best players in the Eredivisie at an early age. With good physical strength and composure, trickery and ball control are also a big part of his game – as well as powerful shots on goal. The only problem with this player is his price.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Best Alternative: RAHEEM STERLING

Nationality: England
Club (first season): Manchester City
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 88
Age: 20

Manchester City paid Liverpool £49 million for Raheem Sterling. You will not pay less than that for him. If money is not a problem, go ahead.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode

Second Best Alternative: GONÇALO GUEDES

Nationality: Portugal
Club (first season): SL Benfica
Rating: 70
Potential (1): 88
Age: 18

In one single word: wonderkid! He’s only 18 and he already is one of the community favourites. Maybe because he will grow up very fast and become a top-quality left midfielder.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Germany
Club (first season): Bayer 04
Rating: 74
Potential (1): 88
Age: 19

If you love young players with great potentials as we do, you probably will love this one. In a few seasons he may become better than Reus, Sánchez or Ribéry.

Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


Nationality: Brazil
Club (first season): Lazio
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 87
Age: 22

Great winger who grows up very quickly. Good investment to your team or to your bank account.


Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode


1. Memphis Depay
2. Raheem Sterling
3. Gonçalo Guedes
4. Julian Brandt
5. Felipe Anderson
6. Balde Diao Keita
7. Stephan El Shaarawy
8. Daniel Ceballos Fernández
9. Adnan Januzaj
10. Václav Černý


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(1) Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.


205 thoughts on “Best Young Midfielders for FIFA 16 Career Mode”

  1. I’m surprised that Allen Halilovic is not on the list! The boy’s potential is out of this world! He can be rated 91 in a few seasons. Check him out!

    1. But he is. Check the top ten of the best young midfielders.
      What you can ask is why he is not in a better position than André Gomes, for example. That’s because if you buy André Gomes now yoou can play with him in the first team while you have to wait a few seasons until you be able to do it with Halilovic.

      1. Hei bro,

        I use PSG playing 4-3-3 Attack formation. Here are my players.

        GK: Courtois (87) De Gea (86)
        RB: Chambers (85) Aurier (82)
        RCB: Varane (88) de Vrij (84)
        LCB: Sule (84) Laporte (84)
        LB: Alaba (87) Rodriguez (84)
        RCM: Pogba (91) Arnold (84)
        LCM: Gomes (87) Tielemans (85)
        CAM: Eriksen (91) Gotze (90)
        RW: Bale (94) Lucas (83)
        ST: Lacazette (93) Dybala (88)
        LW: Neymar (93) A. Sanchez (89)

        Any position to be improved?

          1. Wow.I might be three years late,lol,and I have FIFA 16 still but FIFA 16 is my favourite one anyways.

            Who do you think is better,Rodrigo Lopes,Domenico Berardi or Quincy Promes?

        1. Unrealistic, thats not good to play in that way…try to sign youth talent from France etc, its much more entertainer, but you need to know about football…..I dont like those guys who just sign the best and thats it. SO EASY and not great

  2. Why not bakkali he plays better if el ghazi and with sterling can’t keep up with a good team brings to little for a full game (i am man city on career)

  3. hey,i just wanted to know how would Julian Brandt,Laporte and Marco Verratti.i think it would be good coz i can play with Varretti while i wait for Brandt to grow but i want your opinion.

  4. Juan David Vergara

    Hey, I’m having a bet against a friend, Which squad is Better???

    GK: Diego Lopez

    RB: De Sciglio
    CB: Süle & Varane
    LB: Gaya

    CM: Calhanoglu & Quintero
    CAM: Gotze

    RW: Bale
    ST: Falcao
    LW: Reus

    Or This???

    GK: Anthony Lopez

    RB: Danilo
    CB: Manolas & Koscielny
    LB: Alex Sandro

    CDM: Coquelin
    CM: Pogba
    CAM: Ozil

    RW: Berardi
    ST: Aubameyang
    LW: Alexis

  5. I am Aston Villa on career and I need a young left sided player who has good ball control, pace and skill.

  6. I started a career with HULL CITY. I’m trying to make my way up to the BPL and I bought Embolo, Tielemans, and Rugani. I just wanna know if it a good Choice to start a career with HULL CITY and buying these players?

    1. i started with everton plz try barkey stones jagelka and the young guy martin odegaard from real really good player

  7. I started a CM with Liverpool and I bought: Kolarov, Reus, Griezmann, Matip, Montoya and Marko Grujic
    I sold: Balotelli, Allen, Kolo Toure, Ilori and Alberto
    Do you have any recommendations for a cheap good keeper and left footed left winger Rodrigo

  8. So I need help, I have a Manchester United career with youth through and through except I have no plan for post Mata down the right, I got Douglas Costa who bring pace in but I need a passing guy to truly replace Mata, any ideas?

  9. Hello Mr. Rodrigo

    I started a CM with Arsenal. Here’s my squad:

    GK: Petr Čech

    RB: Bellerín
    CB: Koscielny & Nkolou
    LB: Monreal

    CDM: Coquelin
    CM: Rakitić
    CAM: Özil

    RW: Walcott
    ST: Griezmann
    LW: Alexis



    I have £21 M left. What should I do?

  10. why is grujic and Pierre-Emile Kordt Højbjerg not in the list…………and if they were to be on any of the lists, in which one would they be???

  11. Hi Mr.Rodrigo

    I need help finding the cheapest but greatest RM for my career mode on crystal palace. Who should it be?

  12. Hi Rodrigo, im a benfica fan just like you, and i was surprised for not seeing Renato Sanches in here. Dont you think he is good enough? He must have a huge potential

    1. To me Renato is much better than William Carvalho, for example. And better than Gonçalo Guedes too. So, I believe he will be a beast in FIFA 17.

      1. Marko Grujic is a Serbian central midfielder who has recently joined liverpool from Red Star Belgrade but is still on loan there

  13. Hello Mr Rodrigo

    I would like to know what you think of my Liverpool career mode team and if you can think of any ways to improve it.

    GK: Mignolet

    LB: Moreno/ Wendel
    RB: Clyne
    CB: Varane
    CB Sakho

    CM: Henderson
    CM: Milner
    CAM: Coutinho

    LW: Neymar
    RW: Barardi/ Oxlade-Chamberlin
    ST: Sturridge/ Origi

    I would like to bring some top players in as well as some young players. I have around £30 M left. What do you think?

  14. Hi guys, YOU MUST TRY young croatian player Robert Murić from Ajax.
    Dinamo Zagreb product just like Alen Halilovic, Mateo Kovacic, Luka Modric, Mandzukic and many others.
    Muric is 19yo RW, cost only 1,2m€, he has a great left foot shot and dribbling like Messi!! From 67 to 70 in one season like rotation player.

  15. Hey, here’s my team as I started off with Manchester United.

    GK- de gea

    LB- shaw
    CB- Rojo & Smalling
    RB- Darmian

    CM- Pogba and schwienstieger
    CAM- Rooney

    RW- Mata
    ST- martial
    LW- Depay

    SUBS- Lukaku, Berardi, Herrera, Blind, Schneiderlin, Valdes, Lingard.
    Thoughts on my squad? Any room for improvement?

  16. I’ve played with Chelsea and exploited the youth players! and i don’t know why not a single player is mentioned here. Kennedy – 25 – 86* he’s too damn good… he’s agile and fasst! and an excellent finisher.. a complete tricky stricker n strong too.. Loftus Cheek.. develops slowly but then there’s a sudden boost when he is 23 .. currently 24 – 85* his passes can split defenses from deep own half positions and excellent in regaining possession in midfield .. excellent box to box player!

  17. My team Liverpool
    Gk: Leno 84
    Cb: laporte and varane 85 and 83
    Rb: alaba 87
    Lb: gaya 82
    Rcm: tielemans 80
    Lcm: ruben neves 79
    Cam: verrati 89
    Lw: gotze 84
    St: zivkovic 74
    Rw: berardi 83

    I’m in my second season, do you think it is ood enough? I got another 30 mil

  18. Career mode: Newcastle

    GK: Krul – 79
    RB: janmaat- 77
    CB: okore + Mbemba – 77
    LB: shaw -77

    CDM: Anita -74 + colback -75
    CAM: wijnaldum -80
    RM: sissoko – 78
    LM: thauvin- 76
    ST: dybala – 78

    Thoughts? I’ve got 11 million left who should I buy?

  19. Fulham Start of Second Season



    In process of signing bellerin and Bertrand traore from chelsea


  20. guys my real madrid line ups
    LM -ricardo rodriguez,gaya
    CDM -lucas silva,Mccarthy
    CM-kroos,rodrigeuz,youri tilesman,kovacic
    still i got 51million do you think i need more players to buy

  21. West Ham Career :
    GK: Horn
    LB: Willems
    CB: Rugani
    CB: Gimenez
    RB: Fernandes
    LM: Wijnaldum
    CDM: Carvalho
    CDM: Danilo
    CAM: Tielemans
    RM: Berardi
    ST: Embolo

    I want a better left midfielders please, any suggestions (I have 70 Million to spend).

  22. Hi mr.rodrigo
    I have a team


    Cam:De bruyne


    I have a 110mil,,, i must what in the next time?

  23. Ambarish Belani

    Hey Rodrigo, you have a great blog up there. I wanted to buy some players as I am coming to the end of my career mode season 1. I have a 4-1-1-4 formation,here is my squad

    LB:Moreno/Jose Enrique
    RB: Clyne/Flanagan
    CDM: Matic
    CAM: Roberto Firmino
    LW: Coutinho
    ST: Benteke
    RW: Willian
    And other Liverpool players..

    1. Hi. Thank you.
      First of all, don’t forget to take a look to our FIFA 16 CM Free players posts, where you will find top players running out of contract in the end of the first season.
      I don’t know your budget but I believe you can try to buy a few good players like Varane and Krychowiak.

  24. This is my squad with Sassuolo season 17-18 4-3-3

    GK: Sportiello

    LB, RB: Vrsaljko and Robertson
    CB: romagnoli and Riedewald
    CM: Tielemans, Neves and tolisso
    STs: Berardi, Origi and Depay

    The reason i have so many good players is that i used the financial takeover with that i bought Depay and Tielemans any suggestions i could do?

  25. Hi my squad with Manchester United season 1 tactics 4-5-1
    Gk: De Gea
    LB: Shaw
    RB: Darmian
    CB: Jones, Smalling (I have Umiti but is kinda weak atm)
    CM: Schneiderlin , Schweinsteiger
    CAM: Gotze
    LW: Depay
    RM: Mata
    ST: Aguero- he wanted to leave Man City so I help him to achieve that:).

    Should I sell Mata and get another player that playes winger natural ?
    What improvements should I do next seasson ? right now I’m bankrupt 🙂

    1. Hi.
      If you are in the bankrupt, there is not much you can do. If you play in a 451, we agree that you should buy a natural winger like Willian for example.
      In my opinion you should try to buy a top CM for next season.

  26. that guy u will h8

    i got a offer from juventus for tielemans (86) for 64.5mil, is this a offer i should accept? he’s been a good player since i started in league 2 with portsmouth and im not sure if i should let him go.

  27. Hi Rodrigo I was just wondering what you think of my Liverpool team I built I’m in the 3rd season could you also recommend any signings:
    GK: Horn (82)
    RB: Clyne (83)
    RCB: Rugani (81)
    LCB: Sakho (82)
    LB: Moreno (80)
    CDM: Henderson (82)
    RCM: Tielimens (83)
    LCM: Coutinho (87)
    RF: Sturridge (86)
    LF: Sanchez (87)
    ST: Suarez (90)
    Can (79)
    Otzunali (77)
    Calhanoglu (81)
    Firmino (84)
    Sane (80)
    Origi (80)
    Morata (82)

  28. Hi Mr. Lopes. I am started a career mode as manager in FC Barcelona. Have I good squad?
    GK: De Gea
    RB: Aurier
    CB: Varane & Piqué
    LB: Alba
    CM: Busquets
    CM: Iniesta
    CAM: Pogba
    RW: Messi
    LW: Neymar
    ST: Lewandowski

    BENCH: Bravo, Wilshere, Dani Alves, Dongou Tsafack, Christian Tello, Vermaelen, Munir

  29. Hi I have a CM with Beşiktaş JK what should I change ?
    GK:Dragowski 75
    CB:Süle 81/Juan Jesus 80
    CM:Oğuzhan Özyakup 82 Kondogbia 81
    RM:Gökhan Töre 83
    LM:El Shaarawy 83
    CAM:Meyer 82
    ST:Embolo 83
    Current year is 2020

      1. By the way I forgot the write my RB and LB
        RB:Aurier 82 and LB:Alberto Moreno 81
        And thanks for advice.

  30. I am doing a Sheffield Wednesday career mode and I am in my second season with 14 million reamaing this is my team who do you think I should buy.

    GkHassen 78ovr
    LbChiwell 71ovr
    CbMere 75ovr Vallejo 78ovr Vegas 71ovr
    RbIorfa 72ovr
    CmCook 74ovr Garcia 72ovr Souttar 75ovr
    LwGray 76ovr
    StIseka 71ovr
    RwLaursen 67ovr


  31. Hi there! Im using Man U for my career and my first team is: (First season)
    Gk: de Gea
    Lb: Willems
    Cb: Umtiti &Varane
    Rb: Darmian
    Cm: Schweinsteiger & Schneiderlin
    Cam: Bazoer
    Lw: Memphis
    St: Martial
    Rw: Bale

    Now my second team (Future Stars team) i switch every other game:
    Gk: Dragowski
    Lb: B- Jackson
    Cb: Riedewald & van Beek
    Rb: Karsdorp (Feyenoord: seriously, look him up!!)
    Cm: Hendrix & Tielemans
    Cam: Odegaard
    Lw: Bergwijn
    St: Origi
    Rw: Munir

    And my subs are always:
    Gk: Johnstone
    Def: Mcnair & Ake
    Mid: Carrick & Vilhena
    Wing: Cerni
    St: Zivkovic

    Hows that?? Any tips??

  32. What do you think of my squad with bristol city?
    Arrizabagala – 80
    Bellerin – 80
    Tah – 81
    Laporte – 84
    Shaw – 80
    El ghazi – 80
    Ruben neves – 80
    Depay – 82
    Meyer – 81
    Traore – 84
    Fekir – 81

  33. Hi Mr.Lopes.Two things.Whick is Penaranda’s potential?And second,which mid-table,just good teams can I manage in career mode with some players and big pontential?

  34. I want to buy Dybala in Atletico Madrid,but also I want to sell either Vietto or Correa.Which should I sell?In additon which is Carrasco’s,Vietto’s and Savic’s potentials?

  35. My squad in Atletico:

    CDM:Kranvitter,Saul,Thomas,Danilo(From Valencia)
    CAM:Torres,Unai Lopez

    Which position do you thing I could improve?

  36. In 2023 this is my team for Sheffield Wed

    Gk Dragoski 83
    Lb Chiwell 81
    Cb Rugani 87
    Cb Varane 89
    Rb Fabinho 87
    Cdm Pogba 92
    Cdm Neves 84
    Cam Brandt 85
    Cam Verati 91
    Cam Halliovic 90
    St Embolo 88

    Rm Passalak 82
    Rw Puddy 89 Player from the academy
    Gk Dromel 81
    Cb Tah 86
    Cb Gunter 81
    Lm Laursen 82

    Who should I buy I have 45 milion left

  37. My first year career mode team with Liverpool. Formation 4-3-3 attack:-
    Mignolet (79)
    Clyne (82)
    Varane (84)
    Laporte (84)
    Gaya (82)
    Messi (95)
    Verratti (87)
    Ramsey (84)
    Ronaldo (94)
    Ibrahimovic (90)
    Planning to buy Griezmann, Depay, Marquinhos and De Gea in summmer.

  38. Hey there this here is my team
    Gk: Cech
    LB: gaya, Williem
    RB: bellerin, aurier
    Cb: marquinhos, stones, Valeoja
    Cm: tielsman, Ramsey, Danilo
    Lw: Felipe anderson, ox chamberlain
    Rw: lucas, berardi
    Cam: ozil, pererya
    St: neymar, dybala, correa

    I actually sold guedes accidentally (please don’t ask)
    Should I try to get him back? Or spend money on anether cm and CB? Anyone to recommend? Thanks!

  39. Hi, mr Rodrigo,
    In my Everton Career Mode this is my Squad:
    GK: Muslera
    RB: Coleman
    CB: Stones, Jagielka/Funes Mori
    LB: Baines

    CM: Renato Sanches, Kanté
    CAM: Barkley

    LW: Mirallas
    ST: Lukaku
    RW: Deulofeu

    What do you think I should by next? Got around 30 million to spend.

  40. Hi I am in my Liverpool career mode second season
    Here is my squad :
    GK: ter stegen (86) , mingolet (78)
    RB: Clyne (82)
    CB: marquinhos (83) , bartra (83) , rugani (78) ,
    skertl (81) , Lovren (79)
    LB: moreno (80) , grimaldo (74) , Flanagan (75)
    CM:Pjanic (85) , gundogan (82) ,tolisso (78), milner (80)
    RM/RW: mkhitaryan (84) , iturbe (80)
    LM/LW : Neymar (91) , ibe (72)
    CAM:isco (86) , lallana (80)
    ST/CF:Benteke (85), Luis Alberto (80) , origi (80),
    ings (77)
    Any suggestions

    1. Hi.
      Very balanced team. Do you have a good budget? Is Laporte too expensive ? He could be a great addition. Besides a top CB you also need another ST if you play in a xx2 formation. Embolo may be a good choice…

  41. Comment: a good player if you are using mid to low teams is Daniel agger. he starts at 30 yrs old and 80ovr. i had him for 4 seasons and he peaked at 84ovr at 34.

  42. My Real Madrid team
    Gk: De Gea
    LB: Marcelo
    CB: Rugnai & Ramos
    RB: Carvahal
    CM: Kroos & Pogba
    CAM: J.Rodriguez
    LW: Ronaldo
    ST: Dybala

    Leroy Sane
    Julian Brant
    Leon Georatiz (spelling error) Age : 22
    Marco Asceno
    Aleksandar Mitrovic
    Odegard (spelling error)
    Lucas silva ( on loan temporarily )

    Any suggestions of buying or selling any player ?

  43. Javier Avila

    Hi! I have a totally changed PSG team, take a look. Formation: 3-4-3
    Starting 11:
    GK: Courtois (88)
    CB: Zouma (87), Varane (89), & Sule (85)
    CM: James Rodriguez (93) & Pogba (92)
    LM: Hazard (89)
    RM: Mkhitaryan (86)
    LW: Neymar (93)
    ST: Dybala (85)
    RW: Messi (99)

    Any suggestions for machups for my LM, RM, & CM?

  44. I’m playing 41212 and already have tielemans and neves but should I get alli and sell neves

  45. this is my team:man city

    cb: varane,otamendi

    cm:tielemans,renato sanches
    rm:de bruyne


    any suggestions please to the team

  46. Hi Rodrigo i am in a cm with Manchester Utd.this is my squad first season
    GK De Gea
    Center back Jones 81 rugani niklas sule
    Mids Neymar tielimans Ruben neves schneiderlin/schweinsteiger and depay/chamberlain/ Carrillo
    Strikers Griezmann and mortata
    Subs shaw wilson any suggestions I have 18 million left should I get Carrillo or chamberlain or another right mid?

    1. Hi. Nice name.
      You already have Depay. Only get Carrillo or Chamberlain if you have the chance to sign them in a free transfer.
      Maybe you should focus in your defence.

  47. I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve got some questions. I’m playing Hull City and now starting my second season. I made the BPL and was at the top of the league. I’m trying out a 4-3-3 setup now. Snodgrass is 78 and Elmohamady is 77 for me. Both are playing strong ball. Hernandez is still my striker and is 76 but is now a promising player. I’ve got Tielemens at CM and Diame (top league scorer) in center. The other CM I rotate but I still have the original CM’s. I want to lose Maloney, and Powell seems to to stalled at a 73. Robertson and Odubajo have leveled up nicely and Robertson is 78. My backline is solid for the moment.

    Anyways I’m looking into buying wingers, but not sure if it’s worth it while Elmohamady and Snodgrass are in good form? But I feel I need an explosive offense to help me contend against top-tier BPL teams.

    Please let me know what you suggest.

  48. Marcelo Viegas

    Hi Men. I’m from Brazil. This it’s my Ol. Marseille:

    Nkoulou & Juste

    Lass Diarra


    What do you think?

  49. Hi. I am in my 4th season with chelsea after two seasons with dortmund and then 1 season with chelsea. My objective was to win the league and i did it in the last match with 4 goal difference. My team:
    Gk- courtois 87
    Rb- aurier 85
    Cb- javi martinez
    Cb- Gary cahill 82
    Lb- azpilicueta 84
    Cm – Fabregas 88
    Cm-?? ( matic left after getting homesick)
    Cam- James rodriguez 91 (bought last season for 120m usd)
    Lw- neymar (brought freely in contact expiry)
    St- aguero 90 ( last season top scorer with 27 goals)
    Rw – bale 90
    And talents like rugani, baba, others
    I got 69 milion and pedro to sell. I need a great cm. Veratti is 87 but market price is 89m. Pogba is not available. Pjanic is 86 but 72m. Kroos is 87 and 53m.Whom should i get? And anymore improvements?

    1. Matic homesick, Neymar for free… what else will happen to you? 😉
      You can take a look to see how Tielemans and Meyer are going. André Gomes is also a good option.

  50. Hi, i using Inter,
    Gk : bardi (75)
    Cb: juan jesus (81)& murillo (79)
    Rb : cancello (77)
    Lb : jedvaj (77)
    Cdm : kondogbia (80)
    Rcm : calhanoglu (81)
    Lcm : xhaka (83)
    Cam : gabbiadini (82)
    St : berrardi (81) & icardi (82)

    Need advise for Cb and Gk

  51. I started barcelona career mode and i won’t buy superstars rather i will train young players (especially barcelona youth players like denis suarez etc.) my team:
    Gk- farhmann 85
    Lb – alaba 86
    Cb- pique 87
    CB- boateng 87
    Rb- dani alves 86
    Cdm- Marco verratti 87
    Lcm- Iniesta 90
    Rcm- pogba 87
    Lw- neymar 91
    St – L.Suarez 91
    Rw- messi 95
    And talents like
    Denis suarez- 80
    Batra- 80
    Gk- cilessen 81
    Tielemans 79
    Halilovic 81
    Luke shaw 79
    Bellerin 79
    Roberto 81
    Rafinha 80
    Stones- 80
    Varane – 84
    Pato 81
    Samper 78
    Turan 85
    Any more improvements? Should i buy young players like mastour, odegaard? No superstars please

  52. bournemouth 3-5-2 19/20

    gk: Joel robles

    R.Yanez,St.juste,Ainsley Maitland,Asensio,Gradel,M.Alonso,Kenedy

    what should i do? with £60,000,000

  53. Stambouli (77) first season 25 not a great rating but is an absolute beast in the air! Every cross he gets on ends up in the back of the net

  54. Also any squad suggestions 4-3-3
    Gk Kevin trapp (82)
    Defence umtiti (80) bartra (80) Laporte (83) aurier (80)
    Midfield pogba (86) coutinho (84) di Maria (85) stambouli (77) pastore (83) matuidi (83)
    Attack Lucas (82) lacazette (85) Gabriel barbosa(gabigol) (75) kamano (73) Jesé (79)

    Trying to get Alaba and courtois any other suggestions

  55. Iqbal Afkar Azam

    this is my team: Real Madrid. Season 17/18. Fomation: 4-1-4-1
    gk: Courtois

    rb: Danilo/bellerin
    cb: (Right) Varane/Rugani (left) Ramos/ Hummels

    cm: Pogba/Modric
    cam: Ronaldo
    cam: Tielemans/Kroos
    rm: Bale


    GK: Casilla
    CB: Vallejo
    LB/RB: Hermoso
    CM: Lucas Silva
    Cam: Mastour
    Rm/Lm: Shaqiri
    St: Andre Silva

    any suggestions please to the team? Where is the weakness position in my team? Thanks Mr. Rodrigo

  56. Hei Mr. lopes
    Now, I was managed Sevilla Fc

    I need some improvements for my team
    And now its 2017/2018

    Gk : Horn(80),Sergio Rico(75)
    CB: Maksimovic (84), Gimenez (80), Engels (83), Mbemba (83)
    LB: Bernat (83), Robertson from Hull (80), Alaba (87)
    Rb: Ivan Lopez from Levante (81), Bruno Peres (81)

    CDM : Camarasa from Levante (82)
    CM : Sergio Oliveira from Fc Porto (84) , he is young and overrate, Tolisso (82)
    LM/LW : Kiyotake (80), Konoplaynka (84), Neymar (89)
    RM/RW : Only Andre Carrillo (82)
    CAM : Marco Asensio (81), Dennis Praet (82)
    ST : Dybala (84), Vietto (81)

    Which Player that Should to be sell?
    And Who is the best Player with High Potential to Buy?

  57. hi i have man city team
    GK:Joe Hart and Perin
    RB:Zableta ang Sanga
    CB:Kompany and Mangala
    LB:Kolarov and Clitchy
    CM:De Brune and David Silva
    LM:Sterling and Nasri
    ST:Aubameyang and Morata
    Got 56mils any suggestions

  58. Hi bro,

    I use Wolves playing 4-3-3 Attack formation in CM 2017-18.
    Here are my players.
    GK : Mattia Perin ( 81 )
    RB : Dominic Iorfa ( 72 )
    RCB : Danny Bath ( 72 )
    LCB : Jairo Riedewald ( 77 )
    LB : Alberto Moreno ( 79 )
    RCM : Donny Van De Beek ( 73 )
    LCM : Mauricio ( 74 )
    CAM : Bernardo Silva ( 80 )
    RW : Andre Carrillo ( 80 )
    ST : Kelechi Iheanacho ( 77 )
    LW : Viktor Fischer ( 79 )

    What should I buy?

  59. Muhtasim Alvi

    I wonder why no Iturbe or Carrilo here.Even Akpoguma and Bojang these two are incredibly great.Btw I have a question.I basically play with 4 2 3 (1 CAM 1 CF 1 lw] 1,so not sure how to use the most of Carrilo (88) or Iturbe (85) [ they are RM] since I already have Bale,Hulk,Akpoguma and Muller for RF and Delay,Neymar,Cerny,Felipe Anderson for LW.Please don’t tell me to sell these two they r incredible at this age and yet to reach potential!

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