Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode


Are you building your squad but you are not sure about which centre backs and full backs you should buy? Take our suggestions of the best young defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode.




How to choose Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode


In this article we will suggest the best young defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your club. Keep in mind that the best players for us may not be for you. It depends of your club, other players, formation, transfer budget, wages budget, play style, preferences, etc…

To select the best players, we have mainly into consideration their stats, potential and age.


In our website we suggest defenders of three categories:

    Best of the Best
    Ideal for unlimited wallets or for who wants the best.
    Best Deals
    Decent defenders that you can find at good prices or ending their contracts.
    Best Young
    Under 23 defenders with great growth. Potential future top players

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Best Young Centre Back for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Ivory Coast 🇨🇮
Club (first season): Manchester United
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 90
Age: 22

Bailly is the best young centre back of FIFA 17 Career Mode. He is so good that we have included him in our best defenders list. You will love his pace, stamina, strength and defensive skills.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: France 🇫🇷
Club (first season): Athletic Bilbao
Rating: 84
Potential (1): 88
Age: 22

Laporte is once again a must-buy for every Career Mode team. He’s ready to play in any top club. He is quick, good at heading, strong and even can score from free kicks.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: France 🇫🇷
Club (first season): Chelsea
Rating: 80
Potential (1): 89
Age: 21

If you love fast centre backs as we do, you will love Zouma. He will grow up fast and become one of the best centre backs in the world.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Uruguay 🇺🇾
Club (first season): Atlético Madrid
Rating: 83
Potential (1): 88
Age: 21

This young player is already better at the defence than many of the most popular centre backs. His defending stats are absolutely insane: standing tackle 86, sliding tackles 87, interceptions 83, strength 86, aggression 89 and jumping…90. And don’t forget that he is only 21!

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Brazil 🇧🇷
Club (first season): Paris Saint-Germain
Rating: 82
Potential (1): 88
Age: 22

Marquinhos is another player who is used to be in our top young defenders list. He’s 22 years old but already has a long experience. Have you checked his stats? Nice, right? Then, imagine when he reaches his maximum potential.


Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode


1. Eric Bailly
2. Aymeric Laporte
3. Kurt Zouma
4. Jose Maria Gimenez
5. Marquinhos
6. Jonathan Tah
7. Samuel Umtiti
8. John Stones
9. Ruben Semedo
10. Jairo Riedewald



Best Young Right Back for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Portugal 🇵🇹
Club (first season): Valencia CF
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 86
Age: 22

Cancelo and Bellerin are by far the two best young right backs of FIFA 17 Career Mode. It’s not easy to choose between them. Cancelo is very fast, but not as fast as the Arsenal’s defender. However, the right back of the Portuguese national team is a more balanced player and for that reason our first choice.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Spain 🇪🇸
Club (first season): Arsenal
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 87
Age: 21

He is one of the community favourites. If pace is really important to you, then you can stop searching. RB…checked.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Croatia 🇭🇷
Club (first season): Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Rating: 75
Potential (1): 85
Age: 20

If your budget is not good enough to buy Cancelo or Bellerin, then you should try Jedvaj. He is younger and cheaper but he’s still a very good choice for your team.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Spain 🇪🇸
Club (first season): Sunderland
Rating: 77
Potential (1): 85
Age: 22

Yes, another Spanish right back. If you play with a top club, maybe you will have to put him in the bench. In a single season he will be ready to assume the right side of the first team’s defence.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Portugal 🇵🇹
Club (first season): SL Benfica
Rating: 76
Potential (1): 84
Age: 22

Nelson Semedo is playing in the Benfica’s first team since the start of the last season. That should mean something. If you are not convinced, give him a try and you will understand what he is doing in this shortlist.


Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode


1. João Cancelo
2. Hector Bellerin
3. Tin Jedvaj
4. Manquillo
5. Nelson Semedo
6. Elseid Hysaj
7. Mitchell Weiser
8. Felix Passlack
9. Lukas Klostermann
10. Rick Karsdorp



Best Young Left Back for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: England 🇬🇧
Club (first season): Manchester United
Rating: 81
Potential (1): 89
Age: 21

He is one of the most popular young players in England and it is easy to understand why. Fast and with a great tackling, one day Shaw may be better than Philipp Lahm.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Spain 🇪🇸
Club (first season): Valencia CF
Rating: 80
Potential (1): 85
Age: 21

Gaya is ready to play in any club. If you want a fast left back with good stats, he may be the right choice.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Spain 🇪🇸
Club (first season): SL Benfica
Rating: 77
Potential (1): 86
Age: 21

Barcelona should be sorry to have let out a talent like Grimaldo. He’s not just a good defender. He’s a very decent attacker and an amazing free-kick taker.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Netherlands 🇳🇱
Club (first season): PSV
Rating: 79
Potential (1): 84
Age: 22

This player is almost perfect, an obvious choices for your club. He is so good that he has 4 star skills and 4 star weak foot, something not usual for a LB.

Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode

Nationality: Ghana 🇬🇭
Club (first season): FC Schalke 04
Rating: 78
Potential (1): 85
Age: 22

What do you expect from a left back? Pace? Good crossing stats? Great tackling? Well, we know a guy who have it all.


Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode


1. Luke Shaw
2. Gayà
3. Grimaldo
4. Jetro Willems
5. Abdul Rahman Baba
6. Rapahel Guerreiro
7. Jordan Amavi
8. Federico Mattiello
9. Andrew Robertson
10. Rafa Soares


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(1) Potential is an average of estimated rating a player can reach. It doesn’t mean that you will reach that overall nor that you won’t overcome it.


88 thoughts on “Best Young Defenders for FIFA 17 Career Mode”

  1. I’m in a Man United career mode. I’ve just sold Phil Jones. Now I’m left with Blind(Who I don’t like as CB),Smalling,Bailly,Tuanzebe. I think I need a new CB. Who should I get? Or are these players enough?

      1. Nah I’m trying to keep it a bit realistic. Only bought Fabinho in the summer. Might get Griezzman next season. Thanks for the reply and great to see you making those articles.

  2. My team for Man U first season

    Gk degea
    Cb bailly
    CB varane
    Lb shaw
    Rb berrelin
    Cm pogba
    Cm Herrera
    Cam Rodriguez
    Lm martial
    Rm mkhitaryan
    St rashford
    I want be realistic but zlatan was just not playing well

    Any more ideas

  3. I’m doing a career mode with Dortmund and I’m trying to be realistic, trying to decide between these three center backs
    Varane 45,000,000
    Toprak 28,500,000
    Süle 24,000,000
    Who should I get?

  4. My team man.united first season is De Gea Shaw Bailly Gimenez Bellerin Pogba Herrera Mhkhitaryan Alli Martial Rashford.Where is better Dembele or Embolo?

  5. What do you think of my MAN UTD?
    ST Dybala
    CAM Alli
    LM Martial
    CM Pogba
    CM Kroos
    RM Mkhitaryan
    LB Alex Sandro
    CB Bailly
    CB Smalling
    RB Aurier
    GK ter Stegen

  6. Tottenham hotspurs career so far

    Gk Lloris 88
    Lb rose 81
    Cb Alderwield 86
    Cb Vertonghen 83
    Rb Walker 82

    Lm Martial 84
    Cm alli 81
    Cam Erikson 86
    Cm dembele 82
    St Kane 86

  7. I Got man United
    I want some younger CM and are there some improvements?

    Gk: donnarumma

    LB: gaya
    CB: bailly
    CB: süle
    RB: bellerin

    Lm: musonda
    Cm: pogba
    Cm: james
    RM: embolo

    St: griezman
    St: andre Silva

  8. Ward Z. Hawamdeh

    I train Palermo ,my team is: Rashford ,Depay, Emre Mor , Odegard, Dembele, Renato sanches , romangioli,Zouma, Jedvaj, Guerrero, is it good?

  9. My Arsenal teams, I have a first and second team, I’m a few seasons in:
    Team 1:
    GK: donnarumma
    LB: gibbs
    CB: Sule
    CB: Denayer
    RB: Cancelo
    CM: Draxler
    CM: Wilshere
    CAM: KDB
    LW: Walcott
    ST: lacaswette
    RW: Oxlade

    Team 2:
    GK: donnarumma
    LB: Shaw
    CB: giminez
    CB: Mustafi
    RB: Bellerin
    CM: Pogba
    CM: Xhaka
    CAM: Ronaldo (got him on a free)
    RW: Rousett (from yourh scout 83 rated)
    ST: Dybala
    LW: Coman

    Team 2 is my better team. I would have ronaldo on the wings but his pace has dropped to 77 so he is too slow but is wicked at CAM

    1. For your team one, I would find a replacement for Gibbs. Maybe theo Hernandez. I’ve gotten him up to an 83 in the first two seasons with arsenal. Also, I would move draxler to the left wing, he plays better as an attacking midfielder. And get another cm fill the position. Leon goretzka is my personal choice. He has pace, good ball control and dribbling, solid defender, good attacking position and a good passer.

  10. Mike pellicano

    I’m playing a career with juve and obviously with pogba and Roberto pererya leaving the club in interested in who you would recommend to fill pogba role someone young who I can play multiple seasons with who I can get under 40mill

  11. I’m playing a career of man city, I already got Jordi Alba and bellerin, should I also get some youth full backs as a sub? or just use sagna and zabelata?

  12. Hector bellerin should be on 1st position rather than joao cancelo as he has more potential and is younger yhan cancelo

  13. My team is Inter Milan. I play 4..3..3 Attack

    Goalkeeper: Donarumma
    Defenders : Amavi…Koulibaly..Gimenez…..Bellerin
    Midfielders: Medel…Coutinho….koke

    Attackers: Coman….Tevez….Ousmane Dembele

    Reserves: Benega..Iheanacho..Vargas…Otavio…Morillo…Vietto….Yedlin…cardinale….

  14. in my second season with leicester city and my squad is

    gk zieler 81
    rb bellerin 82
    lb fuchs 75
    cb zouma 82
    cb morgan 77
    rm sterling 86
    lm rashford 85
    cm r.sanchez 80
    cm mendy 79
    cam mahrez 85
    st lukakau 87

    first of all where should i make my next change and also tell me if mahrez will be able to play at lm as i want rashford in a more central position and want mahrez to make crosses etc but the only problem is mahrez’s pace……..?
    id appreciate a quick reply..:)

  15. First season with Leverkusen::

    Gk-Donnarumma, Dragowski
    Mid-Tielemans,Cebellos, Calhanoglu, Kovalenko, Havertz
    Lw-Deulafeu, Bergwjin
    St-Volland, Simon,Dolberg

    What do ya think?👌👌

  16. I made a career mode with England 4th division team Colchester United and am 5 seasons in finally in the premier league. Here is my team:

    GK: Courtois (93)
    LB: Theo Hernandez (85)
    CB: Sarr (83)
    CB: Fuentes, YOUTH A. (83)
    RB: Cancelo (86)
    CM: Renato S. (86)
    CM: Ortiz, YOUTH A. (91)
    CAM: Palacios, YOUTH A. (91)
    LW: Martial (90)
    RW: Dembele (90)
    ST: Rivero, YOUTH A. (91)

    This was hard to accomplish, but still needs work on the defense line. What do you think?

  17. Do you know if in FIFA 18 dembele casemiro and Gabriel jesus oh and lottin asensio real faces will be used?

  18. My team as Arsenal 2021/2022
    Donnaruma 87
    Shaw 87
    Varane 92
    Laporte 88
    Bellerin 87
    Pogba 94
    Xhaka 87/ Mahrez 87
    Coutinho 89
    Νeymar 95
    Dybala 91
    Grizi 91

    Anyone i should buy?

  19. My team on Dortmund is donnaruma Luis sule varane Bellerin koziello mahrez Ali martial Kane and dybala

  20. My Spurs Team

    Butland 88
    Bellerin 87
    Varane 91
    Laporte 88
    Bailey 90
    Pogba 94
    Rodriguez 91
    De Brune 91
    Coutinho 89
    Dybala 92
    Mahrez 88

  21. hi i just want to ask that i m tryiong to buy sergio ramous the team accept but he is not accepting i give him 320million wage but he is rejecting what to do

  22. Varun Maheshwari

    My team
    Gk:- oblak










  23. I’m in the 3rd season with Fortuna Dusseldorf (2nd Bundesliga) and i just won the championship in the 1st Bundesliga. I have about 40M now because of all the rewards and im in need of a better CM and CB
    Lafont 85
    Bellerin 86
    Oxford 81
    Diop 80
    Grimaldo 85
    Fosu-Mensah 85
    Gladames 82
    Onomah 82
    Dembele 87
    Mammeri 81 (youth academy 94 potential)
    Mosunda 88

    Im not sure if i should sell Musonda and/or Dembele to buy better players or buy a low rated CM/CB with high potential because Galdames and Diop wont grow for some reason. Any suggestions that are possible with my budget?

    1. If Diop is not growing as expected, maybe you could try Tah or Ruben Semedo.
      You probably play very well becaus it’s not easy to win the Bundesliga with your team.

  24. Mathéo DE CARVALHO

    I am in my second season with Dortmund:
    ……………………………..Lafont 88………………………………….
    Bellerin 82……..Sokratis 85……..van Dijk 84……..Kurzawa 83
    …………………………..Xhaka 83…………………………………….
    ………………………..A. Herrera 84………………………………….
    ..Dembélé 86….Lacazette 87…….Mbappé 86……..Reus 88……
    Almost won the league last year but I drew on points, goal difference, and Bayern won on goals scored :'(
    This year I signed Xhaka since I was looking for a CDM that can last 90 mins. Unfortunately, I just can’t use
    him well, so do you have a good and young, alternative? I already tried playing Ander Herrera there, as well as Julian Weigl. They were both good, but not enough. Do you have a tip for me?

  25. Everton team: Gk – Pepe Reina
    Defenders – baines, jagelkia, Williams, Coleman

    Mid – delefeou, gueye, barkley, mirallas

    Cam – Pedro

    St – lukaku

    Subs – manduzic, ineacho, rieanweld, bolasie, sketlenberg, schenderlin, holgate

  26. So I’m now in year 2020, my team is:
    Arsenal (4-1-3-2)
    GK: Butland 88
    RB: Bellerin
    CB: Brooks 87
    CB: Zouma 87
    LB: Hernandez
    CDM: Xhaka
    LAM: Dembélé
    CAM: Asensio
    RAM: Iwobi
    ST: Lacazette
    ST: Welbeck

    My 2nd team is mostly American just for shits and giggles: (4-4-2 attacking)
    GK: Rogerson (youth) 79
    RB: Yedlin 78
    CB: Carter-Vickers 79
    CB: Holding 78
    LB: D. Acosta 77
    CDM: K. Acosta 79
    CDM: T. Adams 75
    RM: Pulisic 85
    LM: Parke (youth) 78
    ST: B. Wood 80
    ST: J. Morris 80

    Working on getting one of my youth CB over 70, he’s almost there and then I’ll sell holding. What you guys think?

  27. Can i just say idk why im still playing fifa 17 but just for fun i got messi, ronaldo, neymar,lewondoski, bale,renato sanches(93) alaba, hummels varane bellerin neurer in 5 transfer windows.

  28. my teams
    dele alli
    marco asensio
    james rodriguez
    my team is stacked up but i need a 90+ overall defender or 2 defenders overall i dont need them right now i can wait for potential just has to be 90+

  29. My Arsenal Team –
    GK – Sommer/Ospina
    LB – R.Henry/Gibbs
    RB – Bellerin/Chambers
    CB – Tah/Holding
    CB – Kimpembe/Gabriel Paulista
    LCM – Wilshere/Ramsey
    RCM – R.Sanches/Coquelin
    RW – Gnabry/Chamberlain
    LW – A.Sanchez
    AM – Ozil/Cazorla
    ST – A.Correa/A.Plea

    I find Defense and Midfield are unstable. Need alternative for Plea. Please suggest

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